The retired kid


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The retired kid

  1. 1. The Retired Kid The Retired Kid By Jon Agee By Jon Agee
  2. 2. I t’s hard work being a kid. First of all, there’s school.
  3. 3. Then, there is soccer practice,
  4. 4. violin class,
  5. 5. voice lessons,
  6. 6. walking Sparky,
  7. 7. babysitting your little sister,
  8. 8. not to mention having to eat your vegetables!
  9. 9. So, one day, Brian decided to retire. “ It’s been a wonderful eight years,” he said, “ but I need a break.”
  10. 10. His parents thought he was joking, So they threw him a retirement party.
  11. 11. But Brian was serious. The next day, he flew to Florida, to the Happy Sunset Retirement Community.
  12. 12. Happy Sunset was a lovely place. There was a swimming pool, Tennis courts, and a snack bar. “ Wow!” thought Brian, “ I should have retired years ago.” Happy Sunset was a lovely place. There was a swimming pool, Tennis courts, and a snack bar. “ Wow!” thought Brian, “ I should have retired years ago.”
  13. 13. Happy Sunset was full of interesting people. There were… Ethel Wally Tex Myrtle and Phyllis.
  14. 14. And there was Harvey, a retired plumber. “ So, what did you used to do? He asked Brian. “ Uh, I was a kid.” “ A kid?” said Harvey. “ That’s hard work!”
  15. 15. Being retired was not hard work. There were card games.
  16. 16. There was golf.
  17. 17. There were long afternoon naps.
  18. 18. Or watching long documentaries on TV.
  19. 19. Or to the movies. “ So, what do you think, kid?” “ Isn’t retirement a blast?”
  20. 20. But Brian wasn’t sure. Being retired meant having to listen to Tex go on and on About his hip replacement,
  21. 21. looking at hundreds of snapshots of Myrtle’s grandchildren,
  22. 22. There were other things, too, like morning yoga,
  23. 23. knitting classes,
  24. 24. weekly checkups (when Brian wasn’t even feeling sick!),
  25. 25. Friday-night swing dancing,
  26. 26. Wally’s prune juice smoothies,
  27. 27. not to mention sitting on Ethel’s false teeth!
  28. 28. After three weeks of retirement, Brian was fed up. “ It’s no use,” he said. “I don’t fit in.”
  29. 29. “ Listen, kid,” said Harvey, “ when retirement gets you down, you have to think back to the good old days.” “ The good old days?” “ Never fails,” said Harvey.
  30. 30. So, Brian found a quiet spot under a palm tree and thought back to the good old days.
  31. 31. Very soon he started remembering things. Good things – like the time he scored a goal for the soccer team,
  32. 32. the time he aced his maths test,
  33. 33. the time he hit the perfect note on his violin!
  34. 34. He remembered singing in the school musical,
  35. 35. making his sister laugh,
  36. 36. throwing Sparky the ball!
  37. 37. He even remembered that broccoli wasn’t so bad If you covered it with cheddar cheese.
  38. 38. Brian made up his mind. “ Hey, Harvey,” he said, “ I’ve decided to come out of retirement.” Harvey wasn’t surprised. “ Well, I’ll miss you, kid.”
  39. 39. The next morning, Brian packed his things and wished everybody at Happy Sunset the best. Then caught the first flight back home.
  40. 40. His parents were happy to see him.
  41. 41. So were his teachers and all of his pals. “ It’s hard work being a kid,” said Brian, “but guess what?”