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HTML 101


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HTML 101

  1. 1. H  Basic language of the World Wide Web  English rootsT  Invented in 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee, Swiss  Uses embedded code tags to describe elementsM  Simple ASCII text files  Scripting and NOT PROGRAMMINGL Versions - HTML 2.0, HTML 3.0, and HTML 3.5 1
  2. 2. Basic Tools to setup a Web SiteText editor - Page Spinner for Macintosh - NotePad for WindowsWeb Browser - Google Chrome - Internet Explorer - Mozilla FirefoxA graphic program - Graphic Animator - Photo Editor Photoshop 2
  3. 3. HTML Document Template <HTML> - tells the web browser on the type of document <HEAD> - technical information about the document is stated. <TITLE> - gives the document a name. <BODY> - where the actual document contents are placed 3
  4. 4. HTML Document Example<HTML><HEAD><TITLE> A BASIC HTML FILE </TITLE></HEAD><BODY>This is a very basic HTML file showing the useof document template tags. It’s very easy!</BODY></HTML> 4
  5. 5. HTML Tag - Any Object or Element enclosed in < > angle brackets <tag attribute=“value“> Webpage Property Value Element or Format assigned or Object to attribute
  6. 6. Items enclosed by this tag is the<BODY> actual document content. BACKGROUND = “image file” - the image file to be used as page background - this will be tiled if it is smaller than the viewing screen BGCOLOR = “color or Hexa Decimal” - defines the background color of the page TEXT = “color or Hexa Decimal” - defines the color of the normal body text LINK = “color string” - defines the text color of the hypertext link VLINK = “color string” - defines the text color of the visited links ALINK = “color string” - defines the text color of the active link (it’s the color that briefly flashes when the link text is clicked) 6
  7. 7. formats the texts of the<Font>...</Font> web page • Size = n (n = 1 to 7) normal size is 3 Attributes : • Color = “#rrggbb” or “color name” • Face = “font name”Other Text Control Tags <Small>...</Small>  makes text smaller <Big>...</Big>  makes text bigger <SUB>...</SUB>  makes text subscript <SUP>...</SUP>  makes text superscript <I>...</I>  makes text italic <B>...</B>  makes text bold <U>...</U>  makes text underlined  7 <STRIKE>...</STRIKE> makes text strike
  8. 8. &nbsp; - syntax for declaring single space<br> - bring object to the next line (line break) PARAGRAPHS<P>  defines the paragraph element  </P> is optional since a new <P> : implies the end of the preceding : paragraph</P> <P align = left / center / right > 8
  9. 9. HEADING TAGS<H1>….</H1><H2>….</H2>  heading tag marks<H3>….</H3> texts as heads  it has 6 level H1 to H6<H4>….</H4>  H1 has the largest font<H5>….</H5> size while H6 the smallest<H6>….</H6><H4 ALIGN = left / center / right >…. </H4> 9
  10. 10. HORIZONTAL RULED LINE  used to separate different areas<HR> of a web page  it does not have a closing tagAttributes : color = “#ffffff” defines the color of the line width = n (pixel width) = n% (certain percent of screen width) size = n (line thickness in pixel) NOSHADE ---- to turn off line shading align = left / center / rightExample: <HR width=80% size=4 align=right NOSHADE> 10
  11. 11. ListOrdered List (Numbered)Syntax: <ol>… </ol>Unordered List (Bulleted) Syntax: <ul>… </ul>
  12. 12. <ol > <li> ..list items </li> <li> ..list items </li> <li> ..list items </li></ol>
  13. 13. ANCHORED LINKS <A>  indicates an anchor for a piece of : text or image that serves as the </A> origin of the hyperlink<A href = “URL”>linking text and/or image</A> •This URL can be another HTML document, a program, an image, an audio, or video file. 13
  14. 14. <A>…</A> attributes :HREF = “link destination” • specifies the hyperlink reference : the file to be accessed, in the form of a filename or URL.NAME = “bookmark” • gives a name to the link destination marker. It is used to identify a bookmark destination within an HTML file.TARGET = “frame label” • Indicates the name of a specific frame into which you load the linked document.Special TARGETS :“_BLANK”  link is loaded into a new blank window“_SELF”  link is loaded into the current browser window“_TOP”  link is loaded into the frame where link was clicked on“_PARENT”  link is loaded into in the immediate frameset parent 14