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Week 1 assignment for EDU 352

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  • This site is great because it breaks down math for each grade ranging from Pre-K to Geometry. Educational outcomes should be better math comprehension for students.
  • This site has thousands of free tutorials, and teachers can even create their own tutorials! Expected outcome is to gain knowledge in how to teach math in the classroom more effectively.
  • This site is a good choice because it assists students, teachers and parents. Fun activities such as board games to teach math are included. The outcome from this site is for students to learn, and teachers and parents to have help in teaching students how to learn math.
  • I selected this site because it has so much information, and it even breaks down how to teach counting money, telling time and so much more. Desired outcome is making math time fun.
  • Now we are moving on to reading educational websites, and this site is great because there are posts that cover many topics such as how to motivate a struggling reader. This is a great site to assist teachers and parents to get students on track with reading.
  • I chose this site because it is interesting. There are booklists of great reads for kids, articles on strategies to use when teaching reading. Not to mention, there are even resources for librarians. Expected outcomes would be gaining a lot of insight on the strategy of teaching kids to read, and books that kids will enjoy reading.
  • This site was chosen because many students have some type of learning disablility. From this site a teacher will become more informed on how to teach students with ADHD how to read by differentiating lessons to accommodate students with special needs.
  • Next we explore educational history websites. is a great choice because it emcompasses many topics, including history. Students can learn about the history of the states, facts about the presidents and more. A great site for teachers to let kids explore, with an outcome of making history fun.
  • This site was chosen because it has so much information including blogs, ideas about lesson plans and more. Outcome is to learn from the history educators that contributed to this site.
  • This site is a top choice because national geographic is well known and respected. The picutes and articles are great, and there is a special section for kids. The outcome is for kids to learn about the history of animals, environment, travel and more, and have fun while doing so.
  • The curriculum and resources from this site have been used in seven states, so that is why I chose to include it. The outcome is for teachers to receive grade specific curriculum for history lessons.
  • Although it has been cut from many schools, art is an intergral part of education. Naea helps art educators with lessons, news and events, grants and so much more. The desired outcome is for the art educator to tap into resources that will assist in implementing an exceptional art program.
  • Kinder art is a great site to get ideas to teach kids art for every season. The outcome of using Kinder Art is to give art teachers new ideas to keep class interesting.
  • Ask almost any person who grew up within thirty minutes of Chicago about the Art Institute, and they will recall a class fieldtrip or two. This site has resources for teachers, and keeps you updated on the latest exhibits. Desired outcome is to plan a class trip if you have not already done so.
  • Art is being cut from schools nationwide, and that is why this site is important. With art only being offered once a month here at Sycamore Elementary, we need to apply for grants to bring art back to our weekly curriculum. The outcome of this site is to do something about bringing art back.
  • Next we have music, another program being cut from many schools. This site offers products for purchase to help make music time fun in the classroom. The outcome should be learning about instruments that make music class fun for kids, such as the glockenspiel.
  • This site even has info on music apps that can be used in the classroom, which is great to keep kids actively learning. The desired outcome is to learn new techniques to teach art with technology from elementary music educator Amy Burns.
  • The reason I chose this site is that it has smart board lessons to teach music class and apps also. The outcome is to learn more technology and interate in into music education.
  • Now on to physical fitness, and more and more kids today are obese and developing childhood diabetes. This site educates us on why kids need gym, and gives tips to get our kids fit, along with access to materials.
  • This site is great because it offers fitness test for kids, in odrer to access their current fitnes level. There are tools and challenges, and the outcome of this site is to equip physical fitness educators with the resources to get students active.
  • Fitkids website was included because it is colorful, and educators can purchase items for the students such as water bottles. The expected outcome is to learn new information on getting kids healthy, because this site offers tips, news more.
  • Healthy kids equal students ready to learn. Research shows a poor diet can lead to failure and fatigue in the classroom. This site should help equip teachers with ideas to serve a healthy snack in the classroom. Also, recipes can be sent home with students. As educators we can help fight childhood obesity in the classroom.
  • This site gives teachers all sorts of info on chldrens health from the American Academy of Pediatrics. As educators we should be aware of illnesses and delays in growth both mentally physically with our students. Most problems can be handled if detected earlier. Outcome is to be educated on what is and isn’t healthy development in children.
  • Great for health class, this site offer the basics in meal planning, recipes and more. The outcome that is most desired is for kids to learn how to break up their plate properly, fruit, vegetables, protein and more. Great site to have students use to do a healthy weekly meal plan assignment.
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