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Iguazu fallspdf

  1. 1. Iguazu Falls areconsiderates as one ofthe seven modernwonders.
  2. 2. Located onsemitropical rainforeston the border betweenBrazil, Argentina andParaguay.
  3. 3. Iguazu Falls consistsof 275 rapids andcataracts during thedrier times of the year.It is taller thanNiagara Falls at 269feet, and it’ssemicircular rim,almost 2 miles inlength, is four timeswider than NiagaraFalls.
  4. 4. Where should you stay?tay in the Sheraton Hotel in theArgentinian Iguazu Falls Park orHotel Das Cataratas in the BrazilianIguacu FallsBoth of these hotels are extremelypricey, but they have one majoradvantage over all the other hotels inthe region, because every one ofthem has a national park in theirrespective countries.When should you go?Its a good idea to visitIguazu falls on Octoberbecause in summer isintensely tropically hotand humid, and in winterthe water level isconsiderably lower.
  5. 5. How will you spend your time in Iguazu Falls?
  6. 6. You should take a Safari in the forest- A tour thatopens up the secrets of the forest in an vehicle.You go along luxuriant Iguazu National Parkparticipating in an enriching experience.It´s a good idea take a Helicopter Tour- Being upclose to Iguazu Falls is amazing, however, takingone of the helicopter tours available will offer youa spectacular experience. You will be able to seeaerial views of the waterfalls and get a completeperspective of how large they are. The helicoptertours are only permitted from Brazil, making it aneven better reason to explore from this side ofthe waterfalls.
  7. 7. Maybe if you know swimming you couldpractice Rafting and River Trip MacucoSafari can also arrange a 30-minute raftingtrip which starts with a transfer from theboat ride to the raft.The adventurous may enjoy the zipline/canopy walk through the Brazilian subtropicalrainforest which ends up with a 40m abseil offa rockface facing the Iguacu Falls.
  8. 8. WHAT TO CARRY?In order to ensure a relatively safe trip, here are a few things you might want to considerpacking for your trip in addition to your basic toiletries and clothes.You could to pack a comfortable Shoes -like athletic or hiking shoes. You never know if youwalk into a trail of stinging ants or a mosquito carrying Dengue Fever. Also, you dont want tohave to contend with blisters or twisted ankles.You need to wear Hat - given the intense tropical heat and sun, this will at least keep yourscalp from getting severely burned. If youre wearing a broad-rimmed hiking hat, it could alsohelp protect your neck, ears, and face.If you go in the winter (July-Sept), it can get surprisingly chilly in theevening, so pack raincoat.
  9. 9. WHAT TO CARRY?Sunglasses - prevents cataracts or other harmful effects of prolonged exposure to the sunsultraviolet rays on your eyes.Some other things worth bringing to enhance your experience at the Iguazu falls includeLots of Memory in your camera or Portable Hard Drive - you will find many amazing thingsthat you will want recorded .Maybe you should to buy a Wide Angle Lens - useful forexpansive landscape photos, especially for a waterfall aswide as Iguazu FallsIf you can afford buying a telephoto Lens - You will have a greatopportunity to take a photos of all wildlife (parrots, toucans,coaties, monkeys, and even snakes or jaguars) without gettingdangerously close to them.
  10. 10. RESPECT THE PARK RULES• Stay on pre-established trails, do not useshortcuts.• Throw garbage in appropriate places or finda way to repackage it and bring it back.• Do not feed the animals. Observe them froma distance.• Walk in silence to preserve the sensation oftranquility and harmony that nature has to offer.• Animals, plants, rocks, fruits and seeds found at the site are part of the environment andshould remain there.