Twitter strategy for ahlanlive


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Twitter strategy for ahlanlive

  1. 1. TWITTER STRATEGY FOR AHLANLIVETWITTER: - For the twitter strategy, 80% lies inside the “TWEETS’ posted and as suchmajority of the strategy revolves around empowering the tweets. 1. Boosting Twitter profile page rank. (a). This step and stage, we would optimize the Twitter meta-description. This comes inform of the “TWITTER BIO”. We have to ensure that it contains Ahlanlive keywords. (b). Also, the page description would be optimized using keywords on profile page and keywords in tweets as well. (c). we would create inbound links. This involves creating articles with anchor text link to our twitter profile on article syndication sites. This strategy helps in boosting the page’s profile rank. (d). Direct relationship between followers and profile page rank involves having lots of followers which hereby makes us popular in our niche and among twitter users. This eventually boosts page rank of our profile page. 2. Following related theme profiles only. Search engines increase twitter profile link juices when we are able to get followers from good PR twitter profiles. We have to follow people in our niche and related to our line of business and share tweets similar to us. The benefit is that it would increase number of retweets which in turn increases traffic. 3. Using 301 permanent re-direct while shortening URL’s. Using link shortening services like, etc redirects users to our real url and therefore provide backlinks our content. Search engines do not index this URL shortening sites rather they index and pass page rank to our actual URL. 4. We would be using keywords in tweet content. Twitter doesn’t allow us to tweet more than 140 characters. The above step would actually ensure our long url which would often contain a lot of characters is shortened thereby giving us room for more targeted keywords to be added to the twitter content. 5. SEO Optimize Title of Tweets in Twitter. It has been discovered that the most important part of our post for SEO / Keyword consideration is the first 27 characters. It is this part that becomes part of the <TITLE> on our twitter static pages. TWITTER uses the following <TITLE>Format: Twitter / Our username: 27 characters……
  2. 2. The same SEO rules that we have applied to write optimized titles for the post must be used for twitter tweets as well. The only difference is that you have a restriction of 27 characters as compared to 65 characters in blog posts. For optimized tweets, we need to use keyword rich titles within the first 27 characters.6. Use Hash tags {#} in tweets. Hash tags are similar to keyword meta-data. Basically, these are tags that help people who are searching for similar content discover out tweets. The strategy helps visitors to view our tweets around a particular topic.7. Retweets strategy. An indexed tweet provides 27 characters for title post excluding “Twitter/ Username”. We need to ensure that our twitter character limit allows for optimal tweets. It is important to keep the tweets under 125 characters, allowing our followers to add “RT@ourname” in front of the tweet. If we retweet a retweeted tweet it would result in a link like this: - RT@Ourusername RT@username @Username. The original <title> of the tweet is truncated, with no keywords in place. To show link love, people often delete all the “RT@Username” text before retweeting into Twitter. This is not advisable as the strategy would have adverse impact on our twitter profile page rank. It is advisable to add the “Rt@Username” at the end of the retweeted content.8. Tweet in order to get our articles retweeted. This is a very important step to get huge traffic and is also efficient when considering the previous strategy. In order to get more traffic and relevance to our tweet, we need to make sure we retweet other blog and website related articles and encourage other twitter users (our followers mostly) to retweet our twitter content. Please we need to keep in mind the retweet strategy mentioned in strategy 7.9. Tweet and retweet relevant content timely. We need to ensure that when tweeting or retweeting, we need to keep our followers and blog content in mind. If we are in the fashion and lifestyle niche, we need concentrate our tweets and not divert or tweet other contents not relevant to our niche because this makes Google search engine not to love our twitter profile. This also causes a decrease in followers. We should also only share links and tweets when we think it should be necessary. To this point, I totally disapprove and disagree to “AUTOMATIC FEEDS AND TWEETS”.
  3. 3. 10. Ranking with our profile. This is also another point of concern. WHAT DO WE RANK FOR? In twitter, we cannot rank easily for different keywords. This is because it is interest based and as such if we want to have other keywords rank, we need to get a second profile so combining our line of action with other niche topics could make us rank high for the less desired or required keyword.11. Ranking organically with tweets. This strategy largely depends on the keyword usage and what comes first in our tweet. This goes back to retweeting and tweeting. When retweeting, we should add the keywords first and add the users last in a blog like format (via@Masala) etc. Also when using Hashtags (#Fashion) it is better to use nore meaningful words like “#HollywoodFashion” or “#MiddleEastFashion” because this makes it more findable and more accurate.12. Making tweets spread virally. This is one of the most important disciplines of TWITTER SEO and strategy. The other stuffs are basic. We would need to be adding popular terms and keywords to our tweets to make people retweet. Words like “TIPS”, “FREE”, “GUIDE” and brands like “GUCCI”, “LV” etc everybody (a vast majority) cares for and some stuff that makes a tweet stand out like “OMG”, “WTF” or a number. Humor is also a good key and strategy.13. Lastly when our tweets begin to have considerable value, the rest is done by the followers and regular users. Having tweets always with retweeted sources that are common (like FB, twitterfeed) etc are considered as bots by a vast number of users.