My strategy for optimizing the site


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My strategy for optimizing the site

  1. 1. MY STRATEGY FOR OPTIMIZING THE SITE. <br />OVERVIEW: - <br />These steps are generally categorized into three phases. They are: - <br /><ul><li>Pre-Launch
  2. 2. Launch
  3. 3. Post launch.</li></ul>Pre-Launch:- These are the activities during prior to the main launch of the website. They include but not limited to: - <br /><ul><li>Keywords choice (selection of keywords in relation to high ranking for the Expatholidays website).
  4. 4. On-and-off Page optimization.
  5. 5. Welcome page on FB buzzing about the new Expatholidays.
  6. 6. Validating links, hyperlinks and “ALT” tags
  7. 7. SEO Tweaks (Head tags, url format, page naming and keyword density).
  8. 8. FB Ads highlighting new Expatholidays, Launch and goodies.</li></ul>Launch: - <br /><ul><li> Directory submission (aim is to make it available over the web for faster crawling and indexing by search engines). Example is DMOZ directory and JAYDE directory
  9. 9. Search Engine submission (Google, Yahoo and Bing).
  10. 10. Google / Microsoft ADS (Google Adwords and Microsoft AD Network for Yahoo and Bing).
  11. 11. FB Ads to grow fans and boost FB referrals as this forms SNM which in turn transforms to SEM and increases SEO.
  12. 12. SEO Cross checks (At this stage, we would be able to get reports on SE refusals, suggestions or rejection).
  13. 13. Analytics Impact Check (Check the effect [should be positive] on traffic) via Google Analytics, Google Ad Planner, FB Insight, Hoot suite and Websitetrafficspy.</li></ul>Post-Launch: - <br /><ul><li>Site popularity and Integrity building (Posting on Stumble Upon, Digg and Hotklix). Hotklix often accounted for the 6th highest source of traffic for Masala.
  14. 14. Feeding social media from website. This means that posts from the website would be fed directly and automatically to the Expatholidays FB and Twitter page to reduce the workload on the editors while the time they spend in posting such would be used to interact with the fans and answer questions / post “branded comments”.
  15. 15. Link exchange and building (this stage is currently yet to be completed as the festive period shut down a lot of communication and as such, talks would be resumed with top bloggers, twitter users and forums to have our comments and link on their site).N.B: -would brief you properly.
  16. 16. Generating Buzz / Link popularity 2 (this comes in form of answering questions posted on forums and “Q/A sites” like Yahoo Answers, LinkedIn etc with link backs to Expatholidays. Category would be fashion and Lifestyle, Celebrity and any other suggested).
  17. 17. These steps would often be repeated and as for the tracking and progress / reporting, would communicate across to you after our discussion how the reports would be generated as I am currently setting up automated reporting system (if approved) and enable easy viewing.
  18. 18. DETAILED BRIEFING</li></ul>Based on the sitemap and prior understanding of Expatholidayslive and also considering the company’s objective and policy, I have underlined the following steps as optimization guidelines and actions.<br />For the purpose of proper accountability and progress monitoring, I have broken the entire process into 5 steps: - <br /><ul><li>PREPARATION.Preparing the website for search engines which is actually the crucial and critical phase. The site would be prepared and optimized to ensure it is SE compliant when indexed by search engines and directories which in turn gives us high and favorable rankings. This begins with keywords choice, selection and utilization from the provided sitemap.PROCEDURE:-[a]. Writing a keyword-rich page title while removing “filler” words such as “the”,” and” , etc. while still making it readable. [b]. Using descriptive keywords alongside the business name (Expatholidayslive) and using “keyword prominence” which means allowing searchable words to come first before the company name.[c]. The keywords would be in “H2 and H3” tags for proper indexing and search engine ranking while the page title would be in “H1”.[d]. keywords would be positioned in the first paragraph of the body text. Expected keyword density should be about 1.5% to 2% for a word that should rank high.[e]. “ALT” attribute of every image would contain descriptive keywords to ensure the images are also indexed and ranked.[f]. I would include keywords in hyperlinks.[g]. I would also ensure the navigation system is SE friendly by doing link validation and submitting the sitemap to Google and yahoo directory. (SITEMAP would have been created).[h]. Fine tuning the website to eliminate non SE compliant items. (Analysis).[i]. Ensuring that the webpages are focused on the keywords and they both tally.
  19. 19. POPULARITY.This would basically involve developing quality and relevant links (inbound) to Expatholidayslive. This would involve approaching websites (vendors, suppliers and directory owners) requesting them to link back to contents relating to them and in most conditions, requesting link exchange.PROCEDURE: -[a]. Promotion of video, images and audio contents. This is in line with Google’s mode of displaying search results. It displays not only content but videos, images and audio clips. In this effect, a “YOUTUBE” account for all Expatholidayslive videos would be created with proper naming convention (would be explained later) likewise Flickr account for Images.[b]. Submitting it to the basic and free directories online like (DMOZ,) Axandra and a host of others.[c]. Requesting reciprocal links from websites within Expatholidays scope of business especially to our free stuff, developing a page for links only so that we can have link exchange while keeping the relevance and integrity of Expatholidays website and scope of business.[d]. Prepare articles for other websites to use (comes in form of question and answer on yahoo answers, LinkedIn and forums with link back to Expatholidays).[e]. Regular News release and ensuring the RSS feeds are working properly.
  20. 20. BROADCASTING.This would now involve allowing the SE to know Expatholidayslive as we have optimized and developed web integrity and link popularity. Here the major choice for paid submission would be the “Yahoo Directory”, “Microsoft AD center” and Google Directory.PROCEDURE: - [a]. Website submission to Google, Yahoo and Bing. We would be doing manual, automatic, unpaid and paid submissions.[b]. monitoring it till all our pages are indexed while avoiding duplicate pages to ensure Expatholidayslive is not penalized or termed a spam website.
  21. 21. ADVERTISING.This step involves PPC campaigns, Newsletter ADS, website ADS. PROCEDURE: - [a]. Google Adwords would be introduced here likewise Adsense.[b]. Purchasing of targeted visitors across the web. (Email blasts and marketing via rented databases) this involves in advertising in 3rd party newsletters targeted at audience who are interested in Expatholidays line of business and also sending Solo email to targeted list of subscribers as they often get good response.[c]. Having banners and leader board Ads across existing ITP websites showing off “Freebies” on Expatholidayslive.
  22. 22. SOCIAL MEDIA.This is where our viral marketing would be taking place as the “QUALITY” products and services on Expatholidayslive would encourage our Fans and followers to spread the word about us willingly.PROCEDURES: -[a]. Becoming part of social media communities (we already are) and strengthening our stand in communities we already are present in by doubling our post quality and quantity while creating “GIVE AWAYS” through competitions, including “GUESS WHAT” in our posts and creating interactive / debatable posts.[b]. Strong participation in Social bookmarking communities where members share News, articles etc (these include Digg, Delicious, Stumble upon).[c]. Ensuring that in these communities and bookmarking sites, we don’t spam people or talk incessantly about our business. I would make sure we listen and respond appropriately and develop a proper and timely response plan.[d]. I would also be promoting Expatholidayslive in online forums, “MEET UP groups”, blogs and communities where serious discussions and real people participate. This includes but not limited to Google groups, MEET UP, Social circles, Socialize etc. Aggressive marketing is often frowned upon by these places so the “Email signature” would do the marketing.[e]. Developing free services (plans undergoing fine tuning) and giveaways which come with registration as requirement.[f]. Ensuring we adjust and move along with social media trends as they are often revolving and changing (waiting for 2011 newbies as followed and announced on Mashable).[g]. Identifying influential twitter users and most followed bloggers on the web (twitter, facebook) in this region (I happen to fall into NO 93 most followed twitter user and NO 1128 most influential TWITTER USER in the Dubai, UAE) so I could use members ranked above me to spread the word.
  23. 23. MONITORING.This is where all above activities are tracked via analytics and monitoring tools (HOOTSUITE, Google Analytics, Google Ad planner, We Follow, Woo rank, Effective measures, Alexa) to see progress and lapses.</li></ul>Finally, these are the mandatory steps briefly explained as more would be put in place should any of the above need further action or newer and more effective options spring up (they are regularly springing up). They are a must for proper online marketing, web promotion and proper SEO ranking. For the email options, Newsletter Ads and PR news and stories, options are still being tested so no specific choice for now. <br />