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Group project</li></ul>Individual Project: - the individual project involved writing a 2000 word essay on specific areas o...
Bertrand reflective log
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Bertrand reflective log


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Bertrand reflective log

  1. 1. CMT 3342<br />COMPUTING PROJECT MANAGEMENT<br />INDIVIDUAL REFLECTIVE LOG.<br />BERTRAND IROEGBU<br />M00272549<br /><br />CMT 3342 which is the computing project module is a module I have really enjoyed as it provided me with a lot of knowledge required for project management as a whole and the individual activities and processes involved in project management.<br />I benefited immensely from the module not only academic wise but also “moral wise” and also developed a good team spirit as I was availed the opportunity to work as an individual then as a group. Having covered these knowledge areas, I think I am really interested in not only being an ordinary project manager but a “strategic project manager” which I intend being after my degree and certification.<br />In the module, we were taught so many topics but my areas of keen interest includes but not limited to: -<br />A standard approach to project management where all analysis such as going through software development life cycle approach for software projects which is actually what we used for our group project, cost estimation, risk analysis and response and then time management.<br />I found the case study seminars to be of important use even though i realised the importance very late as I took them less serious at the initial stage but when I started glancing through past exam questions, I then knew that these case studies in the seminar are also very important as the main lectures itself so I buckled up and started following them with keen interest.<br />The module had two different projects. They are: -<br /><ul><li>Individual project
  2. 2. Group project</li></ul>Individual Project: - the individual project involved writing a 2000 word essay on specific areas of our choice though it had to be with the consent and approval of the seminar tutor.<br />I chose “PROJECT RISK MANAGEMENT” which afforded me to carry out proper research on risk management as a whole and its application, benefit and what negligence of risk management could do to a project.<br />I benefited immensely from this project because it not only developed my knowledge of risk management; it also helped me develop my essay and structural writing skills. It further helped me to acquire knowledge which I found useful and beneficial to me and my group members for the project where we had to do a risk analysis and response plan.<br />Finally, the individual project was of great benefit to my risk management knowledge and further increased my knowledge and zeal towards being a project manager.<br />Group Project: - the group project which involved working as a team and developing an E-Learning software to teach final year IT students and junior managers scientific decision making was a herculean task initially for me and my group members because we initially saw it as a difficult task but after applying some principles we acquired in the module such as preparing a “WORK BREAKDOWN STRUCTURE”, we were able to reduce the project to its minimal level and tackle it’s individual constituents to achieve the desired and required result.<br />In the group project, I was assigned the task of designing and structuring the lectures into modules and other minor tasks such as the risk analysis and then the risk response plan which I had to do with another group member in person of Oworu Gbemisola.<br />I worked with every other group member in various forms such as an initial brain storming session where we all had to on several occasions challenge each other so as to achieve a meaningful result.<br />The group project made me develop various skills and most importantly, team spirit which is actually one of the goals of the group project. This wasn’t an easy task to achieve as we had to hold various meetings, have several arguments, dialogue and often times, and extend our meetings beyond stipulated time just to reach a beneficial conclusion.<br />Finally, I would say I encountered some difficulties in the project and this was due to the fact that this is my first time of being tasked with developing e-learning software. Also, being my the first project I am partaking in where the task had to be carried out like a real project, I also encountered some other problems such as determining the risks and its effects, what is to be costed and what quality management looked like. These problems later became knowledge for me as further explanation from the module tutor and further research by me and my group made them seem like an everyday activity that needs to be carried out. This finally made the group project move smoothly like my individual report and I can proudly say I understood the module properly and can handle and partake in minor projects for now and even manage the project as long as it requires and involves a small team then with further knowledge and experience, i can handle bigger projects.<br />