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Women can or cant balance work life


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This presentation is created by myself and Ms. Ezhil Nandhini to be presented at a closed group. - not for commercial
The intention is to ONLY discuss the Pros and Cons of the topic.
It is uploaded to to emphasize on my presentation and research skills

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Women can or cant balance work life

  1. 1. Women’s Career Choiceand ba ancing it with Personal life - in Indian Context by, Ezhi l Nandhi ni Vasant han Manohar an
  2. 2. Women Balance
  3. 3. Men Balance But we comfortably choose to not look closely
  4. 4. Women Muriel "Mickey" Siebert – In 1977 she was named New York State banking superintendent Mary Kay Ash – Founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics Marjorie Scardino – was a CEO of Pearson Shelly Lazarus – first women CEO of O&M Meg Whitman – former CEO of e-bay Anne Mulcahy – former CEO of XEROX Julia Gillard – First Women Prime Minister of Australia So what?
  5. 5. Then Child Marriage No Education for women - only home makers Education but Early Marriage Education and Employment Employment but restricted to sectors Partners/ Parents influenced women in choosing their career Women chose their career  Partners’ work place  Work timings (always 9-5 jobs)  Travel Timings (in and around where they lived)  Jobs with less responsibilities (office assistant)  Work Loads and leave benefits (Teaching)  Temporary jobs – to suit their family situation
  6. 6. Now Equal Education and Equal employment opportunities Organizations also have brought in a lot of women friendly policies Women are in  BPOs and IT industry  Banking and Financial  Advertising, Media and journalism  Engineering and Rocket Science  Truck Driving and Mine works Leena Nair, Executive Director, HUL said its unacceptable to say women aren’t given opportunity in corporate ladder – as quoted in Economic Times, 3rd November 2011. An AVTAR research project reveals women expect Flexibility, Mentorship, Skills Trainings for them to re-consider the decision to quit – according to Economic Times, 13th April 2012 Is the business ready to afford the time and money? But why on first place did the question come on Women reconsidering their decision to quit jobs? Because the corporates need Women on-board.
  7. 7. Hails Unlike 20 years before, career options for women are enormous with equal opportunities now. Gone all those days to see women just being a Personal Assistant or a glam doll at the front desk Now exposure and education possibilities for women are limited to SKY like for men. Women are getting equal opportunities for education and are doing better than men. In an open competition like School Board Exams, its girls that score high marks. Organizations are welcoming women and making provisions for women to score in their career. Women have risen to the challenge by negotiating flexible work options, extended maternity benefits, in-house creeche facilities grievance handling, Personal Consultants and Mentors, et all.
  8. 8. Hails  Women are working in Mines and petroleum tube lines, Oil wells.  One might not have heard much of a woman who manages a Coal Mine with male labours for Rio Tinto based in MP.  From Victorias Secret factory floor to Pepsi’s Strategic Business Decision  But, most of the time women go with a knife for the gun fight unlike men - but it took less than 2 decades for Indian women to soar and be here fighting Society and Employers.
  9. 9. Hurdles The most attractive IT sector is occupied by 25% women and now it has lost its perishability among women nowadays that they choose Banking and insurance – according to a TOI report, 9th May 2012. While these industries accept the factor that women could take break up to FIVE years, the lucrative and pressurized IT sector doesn’t give that privilege for women. But we shouldn’t forget that neither men are given the privilege to take a 5years break in any industry; not a even a year. The Hindu, March 2010 quotes that the most discussed topic by women in and off the work place is “Work-Life Balance”. The society comprising of women and men is still expecting a woman to be a home maker at one stage. Undue pressure on a woman from her family when she reaches a certain age. Lack of support from family members when it comes to choosing between family and career.
  10. 10. Hurdles IT Parks have gone to another level to bring EVERYTHING under one roof – Creches, Shopping, groceries, hospitals, entertainment, schools and what not in one place – yet we see working woman chooses turning to home makers in the same IT parks So the only thing that could possibly stop a woman from achieving in her career is herself and a combination of personal decisions she makes Personal decisions such as deferring marriage and children are understandably few hard choices that a woman ought to make But at the end its her will that determines where and how she wants to go in her career
  11. 11. Truth Its easy for Women to make a career choice like Men do. A Woman can never balance her work life and Personal life. Neither can Men. Period. The debate can never be who is better, Men or Women? It could be; Can she overcome the hurdles or not? Yes she can. But she has to live with the choice she makes like all men do.
  12. 12.  Myth – Women can never do Men’s job Truth – Men can never be a Home Maker
  13. 13. Thank you