Media Plans for Becks Bier - for UK market


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Media Plans for Becks Bier - for UK market
Presented by LSBU students for academic purpose

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Media Plans for Becks Bier - for UK market

  1. 1. Pitching - Creative and media plan for BECKS BIER • Elizangela Campos • Kazi Roomel Ahmed • Vasanthan Manoharan
  2. 2. Agenda• Introduction• Brief Summary• Key facts – Becks Bier• Problems that Advertising must solve• Mandatories• Competitors• Communication objectives• Key promise• SWOT• Target• Tone of voice• Media Planning• Conclusion• References
  3. 3. Key facts of Becks Bier• Beck’s bier is originated from Germany since 1873 and It was launched in 1984 in UK. Offering 13 types of beer globally and 3 of them are available in UK.• Becks own 2.8% market share in UK (Euromonitor Beer Brand Share 2009)• Becks association with contemporary art – working with leading artist Tracey Emin, Gilbert and George, Rachel White Read and Damien Hirst
  4. 4. Problem the Advertising must solve• Create brand awareness• Increase market share.• Increase sales• It must attract a wider audience.
  5. 5. Competitors 12%4% 3% -10%Stella Artois Foster Carlsberg £524mn £389mn £227mn Carling £345mn
  6. 6. Tone of voice/ Mandatories• Tone of voice:Casual, catchy, Passionate• Mandatories: – Becks Logo and key promise “Quality, originality and enjoyment comes together”. – The ABV information e.g. 5% alcohol. Which it makes becks a premium lager.
  7. 7. SWOT S W Being in the market for more than Internal 120 years. ӿ Not much promotional activities Only beer being brewed originally for Beck’s Bier. from German and imported to the UK. Value of Beer market in the UK is more than 36,000mn$. External The beer category led the beer, cider and ӿ Wine consumption is increasing FABs market in the UK, accounting for a share of 85% gradually. To sell in off license shops and in super markets – as more people prefer drinking in home. O T Positive Negative
  8. 8. Advertising objectives•To encourage trial in order to increase sales by 25% inLondon.• To increase brand awareness up to 50% bycommunicating to non-users by the end of June 2011•to increase market share in London by 5% by the endof summer 2011.
  9. 9. Key Promise• Quality• Originality come together• EnjoymentSupport message:The unique recipe, unlimited enjoyment withfull-flavoured and premium taste.
  10. 10. Target MarketLondoners between the age of 18 to 35 males and females,who enjoys a good time out with their friends and family, whoafter a long day or during the weekend like to socialise, or juststay home with a nice quality lager. People who areresponsible both socially and personally. Who do not sacrificethe quality and originality when comes to consume premiumbeer and have not strong relationship with any other premiumbeer. Yet, they think Becks bier is boring and money waste.• We want to reach them because we need to change their brand perception and convince them that we are the only quality and original beer in the market so we can increase sales.
  11. 11. Creative and Media plan * Costs quoted in the coming slides are NOT accurate.
  12. 12. Washroom Ads• Washroom panel – 1000 panels over – 3 months – £40 a week in 50 different pubs – £120,000 – £10,000 for the production. – change panel design every monthTie up - CPA Limited
  13. 13. Becks waits Its BIG. for you Its Becks.
  14. 14. Fully Wrapped Taxis• Taxi Ads – 100 Taxis – £1800 per taxi per 3 months – £180000 including production cost
  15. 15. Flash Ads in Cash Machines• Cash machine outside Tesco, Asda and Morrison.• 100 Cash machines• £300 for 3 moths• Budget: £30,000
  16. 16. Underground ticket Barriers ads• Underground ticket barriers• £104K• 50 underground stations• £312000 for 3 months including production
  17. 17. Outdoor - Bus shelter• 6sheets Panels• 500 panels• £399 each for 2 weeks• 12 weeks• £1200000• Key Locations - oxford circus, Picadilly, waterloo,
  18. 18. Outdoor - Billboards• 48 sheets panel• £621 per fort night• 75 billboard in key London areas• Period - 3 months• Budget - £300,000 including production.
  19. 19. Press Ads Metro (London) • half page ad colour • £14,400 • Schedule - 12 Mondays • Budget - £150000 after negotiation.ES Magazine – Weekly Magazine (Supplement of London Evening Standard)• £16800 per day – Full page – Colour• Schedule - First Friday on every month• 3 months• Budget - £50400
  20. 20. Press AdsEvening Standard - daily• full page colour ads• Budget - £ 500,000• Once every week for 3 months (12 days)• Schedule – • first Thursday of every months (3months) • 9 Fridays (2nd, 3rd and 4th Friday of every month)
  21. 21. Radio Ads• Capital FM – 15secs - 10 times a day.• Period - 12 weeks• £1000 per week• Period – 3 months• Budget - £ 12,000• Slot - early mornings and late afternoons.• Same for KISS FM - £12,000• Final Budget – 24,000
  22. 22. Internet• Create a forum – BecksBay ( – Games – Discussions – Pubs and clubs NEWS• Ads in Pubs’ and Clubs’ website• Create pages in - Facebook, Mysapace, Twitter• Ads in Facebook
  23. 23. Conclusion• We believe that, with these effective creative and media solution we have provided, Becks Biers’s awareness and trial campaign will be fruitful. In our work we have shown our expertise and efficiency in the field. We are very proud that we have been given the opportunity to pitch for Becks bier. We look forward to work with Becks. thanks