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Corporate history and description of services

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  1. 1. Quality Assured. A.A.R. Testing Laboratory, Inc.
  2. 2. General Notes Founded in 1989 by Kimberle Anderson Location: Redmond Fully licensed and accredited by WABO and A2LA 24 Employees including 19 inspectors and laboratory technicians
  3. 3. Capabilities Special Inspection Reinforced Concrete Post-Tensioned Concrete Shotcrete Structural Masonry Structural Steel: High Strength Bolting, Welding and Non Destructive Testing Spray Applied Fire Resistive Materials Lateral Framing: Wood and Cold Formed Steel Epoxy & Proprietary Anchors Piling, Soil Nailing, Compaction and other limited geotechnical
  4. 4. Capabilities Laboratory Concrete strength testing: compressive and flexural, including high strength Masonry Soil & Aggregate Proctors Sieve Analysis L.A. Abrasion Specific Gravity Atterberg Limits Concrete Mix Design
  5. 5. Our People Make the Difference Key Staff & Management Kimberle Anderson, President: 23 years in construction; 21 in special inspection Jerry Anderson, Technical Director: 25 years in concrete construction, including 15 years with A.A.R. Testing Mike Blackwell, Supervising Laboratory Technician, 15 years total experience including work for testing laboratories and concrete suppliers
  6. 6. Our People Make the Difference Senior Inspectors Personnel with multiple years experience and licenses in multiple disciplines Diverse project experience from minor tenant improvements to high-rises provides the opportunity to grow individual capabilities and experience quickly A cooperative environment between senior personnel and newer staff members ensures that knowledge is transmitted allowing everyone to benefit from each-other’s experience
  7. 7. Training Program Licensing requirements, pre-requisite knowledge and experience factor Bring new inspectors into work quickly, work with senior inspectors and provide as much support as possible to ensure they have the tools, ability and confidence to be great inspectors
  8. 8. Training Program Coursework and Testing Inspectors, regardless of experience level are encouraged to attend courses to sharpen their skills as well as to give them the ability to earn additional licenses A.A.R. regularly supplies personnel and class space for instruction and testing, including Northwest Council of Engineering Laboratories courses for Concrete Placement and Batch Plant Inspection, Reinforced Concrete, Shotcrete, and Structural Masonry as well as Proprietary Anchors
  9. 9. Projects High Rise Mixed Use & Residential Commercial / Office Public Works Tilt-Up Master Planned Communities
  10. 10. High Rise Cristalla Description: 23 floors, 197 unit condominium, 8 levels above and below grade parking Construction: Post-Tension Decks, High Strength Core Walls & Columns Client: Murray Franklyn
  11. 11. High Rise Hotel 1000 Description: 26 level luxury hotel and condominium Construction: Post-tension decks with high strength core walls and columns Client: Murray Franklyn
  12. 12. High Rise 8th & Madison Description: 12 floor condominium with ground level retail Construction: Post-Tension Decks, High Strength Core Walls & Columns Client: Opus Northwest
  13. 13. Master-Planned Communities Common Features & Requirements Multiple structures, most often on large tracts of land and with multiple uses Scope of these projects effect dramatic change in their respective communities by more than simply altering the landscape
  14. 14. Harbor Square Location: Bainbridge Island Description: 9 structures, including five wood- framed residential structures over a large, segmented PT Deck and parking, as well as 4 retail structures Client: Opus Northwest
  15. 15. Harbor Square
  16. 16. Point Edwards Location: Edmonds Description: Point Edwards currently consists of 8 luxury condominium structures, each of which featuring underground parking. There is additional recreational space planned. What makes this project special is that the land on which it sits is the former site of a huge tank- farm. Client: Triad Development
  17. 17. Point Edwards
  18. 18. Commercial / Office Common Features: Post-tension concrete decks Concrete core-wall construction, often with significant amounts of structural steel Common requirements: Shoring and shotcrete in underground levels Fast-paced schedule and scope of project makes continuous inspection a necessity
  19. 19. Commercial / Office 505 Union Station Description: 300,000 square feet of office space over 1100 stall parking garage Construction: post- tensioned concrete with significant structural steel and masonry Client: Opus Northwest
  20. 20. Commercial / Office 7th & Madison 9 Level Class A Office building over 3 levels below grade parking Post-tensioned concrete slabs, high strength concrete vertical elements Client: Opus Northwest
  21. 21. Commercial / Office Alley 24 Description: Office space over 3 levels of parking on East Block, apartments on West Block Construction: two-way structural slabs and post-tension decks (office) Cold-form steel on concrete podium deck (residential) Client: Vulcan Inc.
  22. 22. Commercial / Office Sammamish Park Place Description: 3 office structures totaling 565,000 square feet over a larking structure Construction: post- tension concrete decks over significant auger cast pile foundation Client: Opus Northwest
  23. 23. Mixed Use & Residential Common Features: Post-tension concrete parking decks Wood or cold-formed steel framed residential spaces Retail or office space at ground level Common requirements: Shoring and shotcrete in underground levels Masonry and structural steel supplements wood and cold form framing
  24. 24. Mixed Use
  25. 25. Public Works Federal Way Transit Center Description: 1200 stall, five level parking structure Client: Harris & Associates
  26. 26. Issaquah Highlands Park & Ride Description: provided inspection and testing for soils and concrete paving portions of this multi-level parking structure Client: King County Metro / URS Engineering
  27. 27. Well #5 Description: Structural masonry building housing well equipment. Provided inspection of concrete, masonry, structural steel and soils compaction Client: City of Redmond
  28. 28. West Seattle High School Description: Complete renovation of an existing high school, requiring inspection of reinforced concrete, shotcrete, structural masonry for existing structures and five new structures Client: Heery International
  29. 29. Tilt-Up Common Features and Requirements Wide open space, most often with high ceiling clearances Cost effectiveness Reinforced concrete precast wall panels, footings and slabs Welded panel connections, steel columns and steel joists sheathed with wood or steel decking
  30. 30. Tilt-Up
  31. 31. Selected Clients & Contractors Boeing Aircraft Company Otak, Inc. Donovan Brothers, Inc. City of Redmond The Evans Company Schnitzer West Foushée Associates SGA Corporation Harris & Associates Sound Transit King County Triad Development Mastro Properties University of Washington Murray Franklyn URS Corporation Opus Northwest
  32. 32. Conclusion The special inspector is the last line of defense in ensuring that your project is built as designed, and complies with applicable building code Well-trained inspectors working with experienced managers results in the best possible outcomes on projects
  33. 33. Conclusions A.A.R. Testing Laboratory with its comprehensive accreditation, enviable professional development environment, impressive project history and diverse client list represents the clear choice for your project. Quality Assured.