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Pinas presentation


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Published in: Technology, Business
  • MVT Pilipinas Business Plan...for more details please send email to or just visit my website for more details.If interested to earn extra income thru internet based business.
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Pinas presentation

  1. 1. FRIENDS and GUESTS Please be seated The presentation will begin shortly.Kindly switch off or keep all your mobiles on silent mode
  3. 3. Income vs. Expenditure 2-4 YearsPositive GuaranteeZone (+) 0.1% INCOME > EXPENSESNeutralZone (=) 2.9% INCOME = EXPENSES To support expenses we rely on CreditNegative cards, Loans, e tc..Zone (-) 97% INCOME < EXPENSES
  4. 4. Bringing the World Closer Together
  5. 5. Multi-National US based Company Founded in October 2002 PARENT COMPANY Global Offices (40+countries) Headquartered in California,USA North and South India, Dubai, UAE Debt free and Solid infrastructure Proven Management By Mr and Mrs. Mel & Amie Gill successful entrepreneurs with 20 years full-time experience in the network marketing industry TEI is engage business like, Franchising, Stocks/Bon ds, Corporate Accounts, Real 3000 Danville Blvd, Ste 186 Alamo, State and Direct Selling. California 94507 Google Earth Coordinates37°519.39"N 122° 20.90"W Bringing the World Closer TogetherSource:
  6. 6. NOW AT 40+ COUNTRIES USA Founded 2002 EUROPE on 2005 INDIA on 2006 SINGAPORE on 2008 MALAYSIA on 2008 HONGKONG on 2008QATAR on 2010 UAE on 2009BAHRAIN on 2010 KUWAIT on 2010 PHILIPPINES, April 1, 2010 Bringing the World Closer Together
  7. 7. Bringing the World Closer Together
  8. 8. MY VIDEO DESIGNER This is a new trend of sending emails today. Revolutionizes email-the ultimate Personal touch. Not just a text mail but its video email where you can record yourself up to 5 minutes or paste a video you like to showcase yourself, talent, skills and etc. First in the market today and truly world class where only a few of the people today have enjoyed this technology so far. • customizable banner, logos and colors as you like •Personalized for your own design where you can use for personal, professional and or business invitations and etc. •Can help you save time, travels and effort and most especially saves you money a lot.NOT JUST A BORING •Its easy to use no need for web designer or IT TEXT EMAIL experts because its just as easy as record ,save ITS VIDEO EMAIL and send. •Delivers right into your inbox, no downloading of attachment, just click the video link to watch
  9. 9. Bringing the World Closer Together
  10. 10. YOUR OWN PERSONAL WEBSITE. THEULTIMATE HI – IMPACT GLOBAL VIDEOCOMMUNICATIONS, FULLYBRANDED, CUSTOMIZABLE ANDPERSONALIZED.•Most effective way to share and expresscreative endeavours and opinions.•Create your own personal website with sixvideo feeds and text where you can type.•You can have add on as you like, make ithow you want it. Ease to use, no need forexpert to design your website•Share the videos you want it with no popup or third party advertisements.•No related videos where you end – upsending your prospects, customer tocompetition. Bringing the World Closer Together•Full HD quality video where you canupload any videos or even a movie as you
  11. 11. FOR YOUR BUSINESS ….Promote your Car Sales Business (customized/personalized your website) The Car of your Dream
  12. 12. This Triple “A”ConstructionCompanyWebsite is poweredByMyVideoTalkVideo Channel
  13. 13. Food Supplement Products(Networking)Website) No third parties/ adverstisements! Showcase your Company Profile & Products by this Powerful VideoChannel
  14. 14. Local Government(BarangayDalandanan)Website! Hi-Tech & Model barangay! Daily Barangay Activities & Community Projects !& Can be posted can be seen Worldwide!!!
  15. 15. COMPANY’S FLAGSHIP AND NEWEST PRODUCT IN LINE Offers a high definition live internet video communication in today’s technology where you can hold meetings/conferencing with 9 people to join as guests which doesn’t need them to have the product. It is powerful which lets you record up to two hours or more. Can accommodate up to 500 people as audience during live presentations around the globe. To invite, just simply send them the link thru email or to any website or social networking sites as well. Other features such as; •Carry out power point presentations •You can draw thru white board availability •Desktop/or file sharing on the spot such as images or videos for your topic •You can take on –spot opinion via a chat box •Can take your poll and surveys during virtual seminar • Full control while on live broadcasting as a host.
  16. 16. WEBCASTING is a form of media file distributed overthe internet using live or on demand streamingtechnology.•FEATURES: •Webcast live up to 50 viewers globally 24/7 services • Desktop sharing capability •Audience polling •Text / Chatting box webcasting. •Presenters full control •Can save your time , money and travel expenses when doing seminars or conference abroad.
  17. 17. My Video Web Cast Bringing the World Closer Together
  18. 18. Cisco WebEx Web Meetings CISCO Unified Meeting Place Release 8.0 *One Year - 10 users $80 x 5 (as MVT 50 persons)Source:www.webex.comCUCS Subscription Ordering Guide Bringing the World Closer TogetherMarch 10, 2007
  19. 19. Includes the Four Fantastic ProductsRegistration, Web Hosting, Debit/Payroll cardYEARLY Renewal Maintenance Fee $50 Bringing the World Closer Together
  20. 20. Bringing the World Closer Together
  21. 21. Bringing the World Closer Together
  22. 22. Bringing the World Closer Together
  23. 23. Bringing the World Closer Together
  24. 24. Bringing the World Closer Together
  25. 25. 250USD BIG question ???? Who is there to support you? Your UplineMVT Global MVT Team Support You Bringing the World Closer Together
  26. 26. MVT MARKETING BUSINESS THUMB RULE $250 Two True andTrusted friends Business Capital to start the business B & C direct referral to A BENEFITS $15 $15 (IR) Independent User ID/password A Representative D,E,F,G indirect B C Team Builder $15 + $15 = $30referral to A $10 $10$10 $10 + D E F G Executive $10+ $10+ $10+ $10 = $40 + Plus Exec bonus $125 = $125 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Total Earning Executive Level $195 FOUNDER LEVEL Note: 1 . Direct Referral will get $15 each 2 . In-direct Referral will get $16 each Continue….
  27. 27. MVT MARKETINGTHUMB RULE: “2 Friends” $250 Business FOUNDER LEVEL Capital Commission Cycle Virtual Left Virtual Right A BENEFITS B C Team Builder $15 + $15 = $30 + D E F G Executive $10+ $10+ $10+ $10 = $40 + Additional Exec bonus $125 = $125 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Executive Level $195 + 1st Cycle $150 = $150 6 3 + 2nd Cycle $150 = $150 3 6 RATIO Founder level $495will carry over TOTAL EARNINGS for the next week cycle No flush out
  28. 28. Commission Cycle per Week Reward People/Week REWARDS $2,100 + Presidential Club Member + Photo 42 : 84 will be posted in MVT website 102 : 204 $5,100 + FREE 2 Way Return Tickets for two to CA, USA .Hotel accommodation for 7days 198 : 396 $10,050 + FREE 2 Way Return Tickets for two to Australia , cruise accommodation for 7days 501 : 1002 $25000 + $25000Limitation of Reward $5000US PER DAY
  29. 29. Time People Calculatio 1 2 n 2 4 8190 X $16 = $131,040.00 3 8 Convert to 4 16 Peso USD131,040 X 45 Php 5 32 6 64 6,000,000 MILLION PESOS 7 128 8 256 50% = Php 3,000,000 Million 9 512 10 1024 25% = Php 1,500,000 Million 11 2048 12 4096 01% = Php 60,000 8190 Bringing the World Closer Together
  30. 30. WAYS TO JOIN… $750 $250 SMART SMARTER 1 1 2 3 Maximum Potential Commissions (if $1= Php 44) $5,000/day $5,000/day X 3 = $15,000/day OR OR$5K/day x 30 days = $150K/month $15K/day X 30 days = $450K/month Php 6.6Million/month Php 19.8Million/month
  31. 31. RISKS in Business• NOT JOIN• CAUSE OF DELAY (COD) Love Ones Consequences? All effort of B will Join Immediately come FREE to A Friends Relatives A B will not gainfrom the left team B Join Later onof A EFFORT
  32. 32. RISKS IN THE BUSINESS  NOT JOINING  CAUSE OF DELAY (COD) Discouragements  Love Ones Invited  Friends Join Together A Quickly! A B ObstaclesConsequences Undecided  Fears  Doubts All effort of Join Later B  WorriesB, A will get forFree! B will not gainfrom the left teamof A EFFORT Bringing the World Closer Together
  33. 33. MARATHON OF LIFE – RELAY OF LIFE – 3% 97% GO TO WORK - COME BACK POWER OF HOME DUPLICATION 1 Cycle Salary after a Month Pass to Next CommissionAfter 40 Years 1 Cycle Salary after a Month Pass to Next After 40 Years Commission 1 Cycle Salary after a Month Pass to NextAfter how many years from Commissionnow?! 1 Cycle
  34. 34. GLOBAL CASH CARDMust have at least one (1) direct referral before applying for the Global Cash CardCommission can be withdrawn anywhere in the world, ATM with Plus Sign.Withdraw in local currency$500 per transaction, $1000 per day Bringing the World Closer Together
  35. 35. Bringing the World Closer TogetherWe are ready to answer your Bringing the World Closer Together
  36. 36. "Failure Will Never Be YourOption When Buried UnderThe Mountain CalledVision" – Kevin Abdulrahman