Luka Birsa: Building A Buttonless Web Kit Thinclient Device Thingyyy


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Luka Birsa: Building A Buttonless Web Kit Thinclient Device Thingyyy

  1. Building a buttonless WebKit thinclient device thingyyy Luka Birsa,, @lukabirsa Founder, Visionect d.o.o.
  2. Agenda •  BrowserOS. •  WebKit. •  Building your own handheld device. •  Demo + Q&A
  3. Why browser OS? •  Lots of existing solutions. •  Lots of new web 3.14 stuff. •  Lots of people developers. •  Fastttttt development with cool tools. …
  4. Other reasons. •  Layout engine. •  Yet another thing to learn. •  Why compile? •  Single point of failure.
  5. Existing stuff. •  Palm WebOS
  6. Existing stuff. •  Google ChromeOS
  7. Don‘t reinvent the wheel, use existing stuff!
  8. Use WebKit! Pick your reason: •  Apple uses it, it has to be cool! •  Google uses it, it has to be cool! •  Try other solutions, see how badly they suck.
  9. WebKit FTW. Seriously.
  10. A handheld eInk device??? WTF? Why? (what about android, embedded linux, ebook readers)
  11. A handheld eInk device??? WTF? •  Long autonomy. (y) •  Cheappppppppppppp. (not so much) •  Robust. (y) •  Universal. (y)
  12. Wireless thin client. •  Upgradeability. •  Processing power. •  Without WiFi, ZigBee, …? (Are you mad?)
  13. Building yourself a device. It‘s simple! (not really)
  14. Building yourself a device. Design hardware. (cheap, easy, fast)
  15. Building yourself a device. Build hardware. (getting things, internals, externals)
  16. Building yourself a device. Create software. (reuse, reuse, reuse)
  17. Building yourself a device. PROFIT!!!!!! (if you‘re not too late)
  18. Device demo. It‘s working after 6 12 18 months.
  19. Questions & Extra. 1. How to include your WebKit. (@Napsy (Luka Napotnik) @webcamplj.) 2. Looking for UX UI WD (call me ;) 3. Find me if you‘re thinking about your custom hardware.