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Lodge at Primland - Media Greatest Hits


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Published in: Travel, News & Politics
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Lodge at Primland - Media Greatest Hits

  1. 1. from the Media Greatest Hits The Gardiner Consultancy
  2. 3. Excerpts from story… The Lodge at Primland was officially opened Saturday with state and local dignitaries in attendance, along with members of the family of Didier Primat, the Frenchman who bought the land 32 years ago. Guests and family members paid homage to Primat, as rain fell on the ceremony on the front steps of the 72,000 square-foot-lodge. Then the sun came out, and a rainbow delivered a good-luck omen. Berengere Serval, president of PrimWest Holdings Inc. and daughter of Didier Primat, christened the lodge. "I am delighted to see my father's vision of this phase of the property become a reality," Berengere said. "He would be proud that his retreat is rapidly becoming a major attraction, not just for the people of Virginia, but for those throughout the United States who seek an unparalleled wilderness experience in an extremely refined setting."
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