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Self Promotion


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Tips and ideas to help market and promote yourself.

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Self Promotion

  1. 1. How to Market andPromote Yourself
  2. 2. We Are All Marketers  Whether you recognize it or not you are marketing yourself everyday If you want to help as many people as you can, marketing is key If you want your clinic to be known as a CENTRE of EXCELLENCE, marketing will have to play a big role
  3. 3. Find Your Purpose Why are you in your profession? What motivates and drives you to work in your field? Why you do something is just as important as how you do it?
  4. 4. Do You HaveWritten Career Goals?
  5. 5. Change In Mindset Stop thinking of yourself as an EMPLOYEE Instead, think of yourself as a BUSINESS that you want to market – Shift to Entrepreneurial Attitude
  6. 6. Change In Mindset Talent and education will no longer guarantee success - lots of people with talent and education Key to success - ability to market & promote yourself
  7. 7. Change In Mindset Not suggesting that talent and education is not important If no one is AWARE of your education and talent how will you help people and earn a living? This is why MARKETING YOURSELF is so IMPORTANT
  8. 8. What’s Your Value? How are you going to make yourself more valuable to your patients & to the clinic? What makes you different/unique from other people in your field? What BENEFITS do you offer to make yourself standout? ADDED VALUE to patients lives
  9. 9. Professional Image Think of yourself as a PRODUCT How will you package yourself? (dress, talk, act, expertise)  What do you want to be known for, how do you want to be perceived by your piers and the public?
  10. 10. 7 Things You Can Do to Market Yourself
  11. 11. #1 Become An Expert
  12. 12. Experts Attract Attention Pick a subject area and study it to become an expert Market and Promote your expert knowledge Provide informative, educational information
  13. 13. #2 Public Speaking
  14. 14. Great Way To Get Noticed Showcase your knowledge and expertise Effective at building your credibility & professional image Talk to High school teams, community groups, organizations, business assoc.
  15. 15. #3 Networking
  16. 16. Join Groups/Organizations Research & make a list of groups you can join Focus on groups whose members you want to offer your services to or showcase your expertise
  17. 17. #4 Community Involvement
  18. 18. Volunteering Charity events, community clubs, local teams, board member Seek out opportunities to volunteer
  19. 19. #5 Social Media
  20. 20. #6 Ask for Referrals
  21. 21. Referral Sources Friends, family, past patients Centre of Influence (i.e. Doctors, Dentists, other medical professionals
  22. 22. #7 Build a Database
  23. 23. Collect Contact Info Name, phone #, email address, birthdays, occupation, sports/hobbies ACT, OUTLOOK,, EXCEL, ACCESS
  24. 24. Conclusion Practice “LIFE –LONG LEARNING” Make a commitment to continually improve your skills and knowledge Adapt a Marketing Mindset
  25. 25. ResourcesBooks1. Secrets of Power Marketing2. Think and Grow Rich3. Duct Tape
  26. 26. Thank You!