Tips to Get Your Store Black Friday Ready


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As we prepare for Black Friday, there are a number of ways that online and brick and mortar stores can entice customers. By utilizing social media as well as other traditional marketing methods, companies can see their traffic increase dramatically on Black Friday. Black Friday is fast becoming one of the highest grossing retail days of the entire year, so it is important that retailers do everything that they can to roll out the red carpet for customers on this special day!

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Tips to Get Your Store Black Friday Ready

  1. 1. Tips to Get Your Store Black Friday Ready Primetime Clothing
  2. 2. Provide Additional Service    Customers are looking for low prices AND to be valued and appreciated. Implement a nohassle refund policy. Hire temporary workers to handle the increased demand.
  3. 3. Gift Certificates    Have gift certificates/cards available to purchase near the register. 8 out of 10 holiday shoppers had gift cards on their list last year. Gift certificates allow customers to purchase for those that are hard to buy for.
  4. 4. Exclusive Deals for Exclusive Customers    Let customers know of the exclusive coupons they are receiving. Take every opportunity to make your customers feel special. Use a variety of marketing methods to reach your customers.
  5. 5. Social Media Ads    More people are viewing social media near the holidays. Keep your brand in the front of their minds by having ads on social media sites. Look into social media advertising to increase exposure.
  6. 6. Use Hashtags    Whenever you promote deals on social media, use #BlackFriday. This will make your promotions more discoverable. If your offer becomes viral, you can expect a large number of sales. #
  7. 7. Bundle Goods    Bundle your in-store goods with online goods. For example, if an item requires set up, consider offering an eBook that shows the setup process. These offerings can help you differentiate yourself from your competitors.
  8. 8. Pound the Pavement    Have an employee or two pass out coupons to people walking around the outside of the store. Try to bring in new customers. Print a variety of marketing materials to distribute to potential customers in your community.
  9. 9. Give Customers a Breather    Black Friday shopping is exhausting. Offer some treats or some hot chocolate and a place to sit. Customers will thank you for this extra bit of hospitality.
  10. 10. Black Friday Eve    You and your staff have just been preparing for one of the busiest days of the shopping year. Make sure your inventory is well stocked with everything you need from Primetime Clothing. Call them at 1(888) 323-5173 and they’ll make sure you’ll be more than ready on the big day or visit:!