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Primendi Pilveseminar - Pilveteenuste valdkonna uudised / MS uudised


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Sel suvel on pilveteenuste valdkonnas palju muutunud. Microsoftilt on hulgaliselt uusi teenuseid mis kõik on suuremal või vähemal määral seotud Windows 10 platvormiga.
Esineja: Tõnis Tikerpäe

Published in: Business
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Primendi Pilveseminar - Pilveteenuste valdkonna uudised / MS uudised

  1. 1. Pilveteenuste valdkonna uudised / Microsofti uudised Tõnis Tikerpäe Service Manager Primend
  2. 2. Cloud, big data, and mobility Revolutionary shifts in technology 2003 2015
  3. 3. Quincy Cheyenne Chicago Des Moines San Antonio Boynton Brazil Dublin Amsterdam Shanghai Hong Kong Japan Singapore Australia Global scale Worldwide reach and hyperscale required to bring cloud economic benefits to every business 100+ datacenters in more than 40 countries 1M+ servers
  4. 4. Linux Oracle IBM Informatica Cloudera Hortonworks DataStax SAP …
  5. 5. 250% 1.8billion More sophisticated $3trillion mobile architecture Nearly 80% 2018: By 2016, global consumers 1.4 billion
  6. 6. Microsoft Cloud Platform • Global scale • Enterprise-grade • Comprehensive • Hybrid cloud • People-centered experiences CUSTOMER DATACENTER SERVICE PROVIDER MICROSOFT AZURE CONSISTENT PLATFORM
  7. 7. Aitäh!