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Prime Essay Writings Sample Leadership essay

  1. 1. Leadership 1LEADERSHIP Name:Grade Course:Tutor’s Name: (Date)
  2. 2. Leadership 2 Leadership Getting used to the same job everyday can make one bored at work but an everdemanding boss creates tension and low motivation and this affects the productivity of theemployee (Manning & Curtis, 2002). Patricia faced with such as situation has several options totake. Firstly developing a positive attitude towards the job, this will be possible if sherestructures her work plan in other ways the enable her change her normal schedule. Given thather boss is very demanding she should work on ensuring that she gives herself higher goalswhich do not come from the boss. This will enable a psychological thinking that the high goalscome from her and is her personal initiative. This is the technique known as job crafting whereshe must restructure her working system, tasks, relationships, and attitude. Secondly she can involve the members of the company to get the motivation. Team workwill make Patricia learn new ways in which other are undertaking tasks. She will be able tocompare herself to others and their performance as compared to hers. Other members of themarketing department will make her change her attitude towards work and the boss, in view ofthe fact that she will understand why the boss is demanding. The teams members will encourageher and make her understand the principles of the job and new tricks of the trade which will notonly help in motivating her again but contribute to increased performance. A leader has theability to adapt all situations and come out successful (Zapke-Schauer, 2005). Other options she may have would be to shift from one unit of the marketing team andmove away from the manager. This will make her work under a new boss even if the managermay be demanding the change may work the miracle. This will also make her understand thedemands of other unit managers as opposed to her immediate boss. If worse comes to worst shestill has the option of job hunting for other companies. She already has the experience and
  3. 3. Leadership 3finding other employment elsewhere will be easier for starters. The job place is a sensitive andwhen one is not comfortable then performance is negatively affected.
  4. 4. Leadership 4 ReferenceManning, G., & Curtis, K. (2002). The Art of Leadership. New York: McGraw-Hill InternationalZapke-Schauer, G. (2005). The Art of Leadership: Ideas and Inspiration for Effective Leadership. Germany: Gabler Verlag.