The SIM Lecture Series digital library


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About: This library contains digital records of lectures from the SIM Lecture Series dating back to 2009. Library users can view detailed metadata for each record, and can also download MP3 audio recordings of the lectures.

Team: Laura Dukowski, Jason Harris, Doug Seaman

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The SIM Lecture Series digital library

  1. 1. Justification for our collection Critical Success factors for this project  Collection to meet a real-world need  Collection small enough to focus on design, metadata scheme, navigation, and organization  Complete a well-designed library that allows for future collection development
  2. 2. Justification for our collection  Items have both historical and present-day value  Presently only organized by file naming conventions and year folders  Currently inaccessible to general SIM faculty and students  High potential for future expansion  Expert opinions and interesting topics  Potentially useful to help track IM research trends
  3. 3. Description of contents
  4. 4. Description of contents Audio recordings of SIM Public Lecture Series sessions and corresponding promotional posters Date ranges: 2009-09-17 to 2011-03-25 (most items are from 2009 and 2010) File formats: Audio recordings in MP3 format Poster images in PDF format Subjects: SIM Lecture Series session topics are all IM related, ranging from career development in the IM field to connecting with patrons
  5. 5. Navigation and Organization Metadata Scheme used: Modified Dublin Core  DC metadata scheme already built into Greenstone  DC can handle description of different file formats  Allows more than one value per element Example: Sub-elements of Contributor were created to allow search and retrieval by specific role
  6. 6. Navigation and Organization Best practices as stated on the DC Metadata Initiative website  Dates expressed according to W3C standard format (YYYY-MM-DD)  LC headings used for DC element Subject (BP = use a controlled vocabulary)  File names used as unique identifiers  Potential to allow dynamic linking of related items
  7. 7. Navigation and Organization Search Index Used: Lucene was selected  “Sort results by” is very useful for our format field  Wildcards  Incremental collection building
  8. 8. Navigation and Organization Browsing Classifiers  Mostly using List and Hierarchy  We had AZ Lists and Bookshelves  Opening Bookshelves with two records seems redundant  Testing still in progress exploring which classifiers make our collection easier to browse
  9. 9. Problemsencountered
  10. 10. Problems encountered  Determining efficient workflow processes  Originally planned to set up GS on a server, but too difficult (time consuming) to set up with teams limited experience in this field  Importing specific PDF files to Greenstone  PDF plug in did not like “&” file renamed to read “…and…”  12 PDFs had to be “reprinted” for plugin to read them  Controlled vocabulary terms for DC element coverage
  11. 11. Problems encountered  Determining copyrights  In progress: Waiting on response from Michael Moosberger  Insufficient information on some lectures Greenstone Formatting Fun  Classifiers – Creator and Speaker dilemma  “If statements” to display posters or tape as needed  “Customizing” the home / about page
  12. 12. Role of each member Team All: Overall goals and collection polices as a group Individual team member duties Laura Dukowski: Metadata assignment and structure Presentation preparation Doug Seaman: Format CSS Format features (HTML) Jason Harris: Graphic Design and visual layout Greenstone wrangler, macros, CSS, HTML Presentation Creation