The NS Provincial SPCA Animal Library


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About: This project aims to work with a novel library subject involving unique and challenging forms of metadata: the animals at the Provincial SPCA in Dartmouth, NS.

Team: Melissa Anez, Sarah Dereumetz, Ashley Levy

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The NS Provincial SPCA Animal Library

  1. 1. By Melissa Anez, Sarah Dereumetz and Ashley Levy
  2. 2. Agenda Group Roles The SPCA Why an Animal Digital Library? Metadata Creation Digital Library Design Navigation Beta Testing Conclusions
  3. 3. Group Roles Metadata Creator: Ashley Levy Digital Library Designer: Melissa Anez Beta Tester: Sarah Dereumetz Content Generators: Melissa Anez, Sarah Dereumetz and Ashley Levy Host Organization: Metro SPCA
  4. 4. The SPCA Nova Scotia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals Prevent abuse, neglect and cruelty to animals Improve the welfare of all animals, care and rehabilitation Rely primarily on volunteers and donations 1933 animal intakes, 1502 adopted in 2010 Currently using a proprietary program to maintain information on animals  Pet Point-Application service provider  Access to program is based on certain criteria
  5. 5. Justification Work with unusual metadata fields Work with animals Allows us to examine assumptions about metadata and the way it is gathered and stored by the SPCA Secure digital library based on SPCA computers and rented server space  Currently hosted by proprietary software and based on certain caveats Implement design for a strong, specific brand name  Aesthetic and technical Greenstone challenges
  6. 6. Metadata Creation Gathered from multiple locations Many, many possible metadata fields to choose from Pruning metadata Deciding how to display metadata on digital library
  7. 7. Digital Library Design Aesthetic aspects Technical aspects Display of metadata Search fields
  8. 8. Aesthetic Design
  9. 9. Navbar
  10. 10. Browsing Classifiers
  11. 11. Animals by Name: CL1Vlist
  12. 12. Bookshelf Icon
  13. 13. Metadata Display
  14. 14. Metadata Link
  15. 15. MetadataCSVPlugin
  16. 16. Search Indexes Text (default) Animal Name Breed Size Date of Arrival Species* Location** For Metadata links
  17. 17. Navigation How do you navigate through the digital library?  Open Greenstone  Choose library  Search for animal based on certain aspects  Click on animal  View metadata  View picture
  18. 18. Beta Testing “Can you break it?” model Perform searches for an animal based on specific search terms  Ie: grey haired cat  Success based on search returns
  19. 19. Conclusions Presented a challenge for us  Metadata creation  Library look, feel and technical design Our digital library presents an alternative to an already existing application service provider More information on Pet Point 