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NAVEL’s preliminary findings on GRAND members’ patterns of interaction…then and now


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Poster presented at GRAND 2013

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NAVEL’s preliminary findings on GRAND members’ patterns of interaction…then and now

  1. 1. TEMPLATE DESIGN © 2008www.PosterPresentations.comNAVEL Project Overview Changes in GRAND social and communication networks from 2010 to 2013GRAND Network Overview7 provinces , 26 universities60 industry, government, and nonprofit partners38 projects, 208 membersNetwork Assessment and Validity for EffectiveLeadership (NAVEL)GRAND’s performance depends on how well collaborativeresearch is managed. A fundamental shift in innovation andknowledge transfer builds on informal professional tiesbetween loosely connected academics, government, andindustry. Networked organizations are particularly suitable forscientific research, but collaboration is not easy.Researchers in different disciplines have different training,publication channels, and scientific forums. In NAVEL,surveys and field studies are used to identify disconnects anduntapped opportunities to target communication andknowledge transfer interventions using a social networkanalysis perspective. The effect on social bonds of workingacross institutions, the influence of bureaucratic institutionalculture that discourages information sharing, and differencesin procedures that impede shared understanding andcommon practice are the focus of this project.0500100015002000250030003500Friend - 30%increaseKnow - 49%increaseGave advice -41% increaseReceivedadvice - 49%increase#oftiesType of Relation20102013…a network better acquainted with itself…more ties between provincesThomas Robbins(a), Kellogg Booth(b), Dimitrina Dimitrova(c), Abby Goodrum(d), Anatoliy Gruzd(a), Zack Hayat(c), Kelly Lyons(c), Guang Ying Mo(c), Diana Mok(e), Eleni Stroulia(d), Barry Wellman(c)(a)Dalhousie University, (b)University of British Columbia, (c)University of Toronto, (d)Wilfrid Laurier University, (e)University of Western Ontario, (d)University of AlbertaNodes colored by province, Received Advice Networks2010 2013Additional,diversifiedclusters ofinter-provincialcollaboration(Based on higher average E-I values)…same people, different relationsFriend Network In-person NetworkGave advice NetworkEmail NetworkMembers are relating with the same people in more ways.(Based onhigher QAPcorrelationvalues b/wnetworks)…practice meets beliefAgree,89.34%Disagree,2.46%Neutral,8.2 %From the NAVEL survey“Collaborators who canefficiently share theirknowledge are strategicallyimportant for a project’ssuccess”GRAND members’ overwhelming belief in thebenefits of knowledge networking may help toexplain growth and increases in activityacross social and communication networks.