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Learning Analytics Dashboard for Twitter


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This poster presents a prototype Learning Analytics (LA) dashboard to help educators who use Twitter in their teaching. The system summarizes and visualizes information how online learners contribute to Twitter-based discussions by asking questions, sharing resources, and engaging with others.

Suggested citation:
Gruzd, A. & Conroy, N. (2018). Learning Analytics Dashboard for Twitter. Poster presented at the BayLan Learning Analytics Conference, February 24, 2018, San Francisco, CA, USA.

Published in: Education
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Learning Analytics Dashboard for Twitter

  1. 1. Learning Analytics Dashboard for Twitter Anatoliy Gruzd | Associate Professor | Nadia Conroy | Postdoctoral Fellow | Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada PURPOSE The Learning Analytics dashboard is a tool for instructors to monitor and analyze Twitter activities generated by their students in real time. FUNCTION It collects, processes, and visualizes class-related tweets to support instructors’ use of social media as a pedagogical tool and develop strategic interventions. PostingFrequency DESIGN PROCESS Informed by an online survey of instructors who teach with Twitter, we used an iterative design approach with elements of speculative design, FUTURE WORK • Gather additional evaluation feedback from instructors • Improve interactivity and indicator graphs • Adjustable timeframes for visualizations • Exportable reports Sentiment&NLPUserDataContentTypesRecentTweets Try it: PROJECT FUNDED BY