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Social Media and Learning
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Media Multiplexity in Connectivist MOOCs


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In this poster, we present work on exploring use of multiple social media platforms for learning in two connectivist MOOCs (or cMOOCs) to develop and evaluate methods for learning analytics to detect and study collaborative learning processes.

The poster is presented at the The 5th International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge "Scaling Up: Big Data to Big Impact" (Marist College, Poughkeepsie, New York, USA, March 16, 2015).

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Media Multiplexity in Connectivist MOOCs

  1. 1. TEMPLATE DESIGN © 2008 Social Media and Learning Funding provided by Rafa Absar (@rafaabsar), Anatoliy Gruzd (@gruzd), Caroline Haythornthwaite (@hthwaite), Drew Paulin (@drewpaulin) Introduction  We explore the use of multiple social media platforms for learning in two cMOOCs to develop and evaluate methods for learning analytics  Contemporary learners can leverage multiple media platforms  to create and sustain social relationships and  discover, share, and co-construct knowledge. Research question  What are the challenges associated with the collection and processing of social media data across multiple platforms?  What work do these media do in support of learning and contribute to the whole of learning? Goals  Data collection and processing leading to the automated analysis of social media texts and networks  Be able to examine who talks to whom about what and via which (social) media platform?  What forms of social connections – conversational structures of communication between people in a network – reveal learning, learning practices, learning roles, etc. ResultsMulti-platform MOOCs Data Cleaning #CCK11 Class Tweets (Node size=“In-degree”) Datasets Athabasca University Courses  Change11: Change 2011  CCK11: Connectivism & Connective Knowledge Not restricted to any one platform “Throughout this ‘course’ participants will use a variety of technologies, for example, blogs, Second Life, RSS Readers, UStream, etc.” Data Structure & Overview Daily Newsletters Blog posts Comments Discussion threads Twitter posts Retweets/ Replies Change11 CCK11 #Blog posts 2486 812 #Blog comments 134 306 #Discussion threads 87 68 #Twitter posts 5665 1722 Manual Approach to Identity Resolution Match usernames across platforms, cross-reference with usernames from other platforms, and group together any matching usernames. Faster, more reliable and real-time identity resolution methods are desired and are the subject of future work. Number of unique users who posted on each platform: Number of users who posted in more than 1 platform: Conclusions • Although we expected that we would need to identify and resolve online identities across multiple platforms; but in reality, both classes primarily relied only on Twitter for user-to-user interaction. • This is despite the fact that class participants were encouraged to use a wide range of social media platforms. Therefore, we conclude that for the two classes in question, the need for identity resolution is very low. Change11 CCK11 4 platforms 3 2 3 platforms 5 10 2 platforms 103 32 Data collection Challenges Some posts contain mostly images, videos or are live seminars, no text to be extracted Unreachable links, e.g. expired blog links Some domains have disappeared or now require a login password Participant comments are partly on the MOOC site, partly on blog pages hosted elsewhere Non-standard HTML tag formats Missing course newsletter pages in archives Some posts are not in English Identity Resolution Two tasks Coreference resolution: resolving single identities across multiple platforms Alias resolution: identifying two or more people with the same name or alias across platforms Issues Some accounts are anonymous => not enough information to match users automatically Change11 CCK11 Twitter users 794 145 Blog users 278 105 Blog commenters 27 56 Discussion posters 17 18 Sample Communication Network on Twitter plasma.