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Walking the tightrope between mediocracy and bankruptcy


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@WeArePrimate presentation from Fronteers Conference 2015. Given by Espen Brunborg, Bart Oleszczyk and Gordon McLachlan.

Primate are an award winning digital agency based in Edinburgh. Fronteers 2015, Amsterdam .

Published in: Design
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Walking the tightrope between mediocracy and bankruptcy

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  38. Home 0urBeers OurPeople Ourhlstory Blog STUART CAlL A‘‘lY COCKBURV Ian Mcnally A lifelong home brewer. ‘Hairy' lan got his first brew kit when he was only 5 and is our resident R 'n‘ D rnan. He's often found pensively stroking his moustache - rurnours are he keeps his brewing secrets in there. He once confessed to drinking some Stella. .. We removed him from the brewery whilst we launched an internal investigation, but we've since forgiven him and are trying to forget about the whole sorry episode. FIVUUWTE BAND Creedence Beerwater Revival l-355-$7”-9“ Sleeping through train announcements PROWR3TlJNG NAME Rab Noolas HWUWWMRWBWUN 3551 Bitter and Twisted
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