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One hen


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Technology
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One hen

  1. 1. Sparking a Generation of Social Entrepreneurs One Hen
  2. 2. It all started with a book about microfinance and a vision to inspire kids to global citizenship Teach Entrepreneurship via Microfinance, to Harness Kids as a Force of Hope in the World The Vision
  3. 3. …and a website so kids could learn through participation Through interactive games and lessons plans, kids are able to discover, first-hand how they can be agents of change with no more than their lemonade-stand earnings
  4. 4. A teacher and volunteer movement grew quickly around these resources
  5. 5. Our intended impact… Financial responsibility Personal initiative Youth Philanthropy Global Awareness Success Giving back To help kids become global citizens who marry success to giving back
  6. 6. ….and theory of change Financial responsibility Personal initiative Youth Philanthropy Global Awareness Website creates interactive online community for teachers and students Curriculum offers resources for innovative activities aligned to core subjects Trainings equip volunteers & educators to adopt & adapt learnings One Hen equips educators with stories and interactive media to help kids learn, play and make a difference for others and for themselves Financial responsibility Youth Philanthropy
  7. 7. 7 Let’s look at a one of the modules - How Business Works: What was Kojo’s Business?
  8. 8. Chicken Farmer: Dr. Kwabena Darko (Kojo)
  9. 9. How Did Kojo’s Business Work? Got a Loan Bought a Hen Paid Back Loan Sold Eggs Bought More Hens/ Started Loan Fund Saved Money Cared for Hen
  10. 10. What Are Business Terms for This? - Costs - Interest = Profit + Revenue
  11. 11. Questions: How should you set your price? How does your revenue connect to GDP? How can you estimate revenue?
  12. 12. What Can You Do With Profit ? - Spend/Invest -|+ Give + Save
  13. 13. What Will You Do With Your Profit? Picture of Concord Academy kids?
  14. 14. Businesses With Social Purpose Address World Issues Food/Nutrition Child Health Microfinance Low cost infant warmer to help at-risk newborns Low cost irrigation to help farmers Microloans to help working poor grow businesses
  15. 15. This is the pocket money market of kids 4-12 in North America. What could .5% of this do for good?
  16. 16. 16 What One Hen Classrooms Funded Hazel’s shop in Philippines Estefani’s laundry biz in Colombia Athumani’s kiosk in Tanzania Local Needs: Food banks Homeless shelters School foundations Health centers Animal protection
  17. 17. Phase 1 Kids learn the story and key lessons Phase 2 : Kids learn how business works, form a Company and explore the needs in their community One Hen Academy Today
  18. 18. Phase 3: Kids produce, market and sell One Hen Academy Today Phase 4: Tally profits, repay loans, & give to a good cause
  19. 19. Wants v. Needs
  20. 20. Wants v. Needs
  21. 21. Spend, Save, Give How did Alba spend, save, and give her profits? How did Kojo spend, save, and give his profits?  Whose Pain Do You Feel?  Explore the online profiles and videos of real-life micro entrepreneurs from around the world. Click on “Meet Real People” on
  22. 22. The broader movement Impact of One Hen Academy Programs 2009 2012 5,00+ • Doubling of Business Math Comprehension • 80%+ of Students Feel Confident About Starting a Business After Program Participation • Up to 5 fold rise in plan to give profits away • Average donation per class = $350!
  23. 23. Scaling via Technology How are we increasing our impact? Scaling via Networks of Educators Network- to - Network School-to- School Teacher-to- Teacher Student-to- Student …Around the globe Scaling via Networks of Volunteers Peninsula Bridge
  24. 24. In action at home… Students at Dever McCormack School in Dorchester fill out their business plans with E&Y professionals
  25. 25. …and abroad Students at Concordia International School of Shanghai marketing their products
  26. 26. CREATING
  27. 27. PRESENTING
  28. 28. PRESENTING
  29. 29. SELLING
  30. 30. Good Luck! Growing Good!