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Project presentation

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Project presentation

  1. 1. ECO-EDU BEYOND RHETORICComenius REGIO Partnership
  2. 2. Partners in RomaniaRomania Coordinator:Consiliul Local al Primariei CatuneleRomania Local Partners:1-Scoala Generala « Mazilu Vipie Gheorghe »2-Scoala Primara ,Invatator Nicolae Caranda3-Organizatia Nationala Cercetasii Romaniei – Filiala Ecaterina Teodoroiu
  3. 3. Partners in TurkeyTurkey Coordinator:Mus Provincial Directorate of EducationTurkey Local Partners:1-Muş Agriculture Directoreship2-Fatih Primary School3-TEMA Foundation
  4. 4. ACTIVITIES DONE29.11.2010-03.12.2011: First Project Meeting. Romania project group came to Muş. We presented Turkey, and Mus Provincial Directorate of Education and our activities. Each country explained their education system. Each partner introduced their organisations and their projects they have made by then.
  5. 5. We discussed activities to be done in the context of the project in the future. We discussed monitoring and evolution of project and to revise the project if needed.We clarified the project activities and to shared responsibilities. We clarified new dates for project meetings and working calendar for activities. We discussed and gave tasks and responsibilities to all partners and project participants.
  6. 6. ACTIVITIES DONE09.12.2010-11.02.2011: We gave a Linguistic Preparation Course to 20 staffs involved in the project from Mus Provincial Directorate of Education, Fatih Primary School, TEMA and Muş Provincial Directorate of Agriculture. The course was totally 128 hours.
  7. 7. ACTIVITIES DONE13.12.2010-17.12.2010: A workshop about “How to increase public awareness” and about Working Procedure of the Campaign “The earth live and breath” campaign.
  8. 8. ACTIVITIES DONEWe discussed about our problems and solutions about envoirenment in Mus. We identified three title. One: Water pollution. Second: weather pollution third: soil pollution. First two days we wrote down all problems. TEMA and Muş Provincial Directorate of Agriculture brought some reports about problems and solutions that they had identified by then.
  9. 9. ACTIVITIES DONE16.02.2011-19.02.2011. We went to Romania with 9 people. Their local partners presented their organisations. We visited our all partners in Romania and they presented theirselves.
  10. 10. ACTIVITIES DONEThe City Hall of Catunele presented us local authority of relation with schools.We discussed the campaign about environment in Primary School Nicolae Caranda. We elaborated of the materials for the campaign. We talked about our workshop about campaign.
  11. 11. ACTIVITIES DONE21.02.2011-30.05.2011: We took some decisions on workshop about campaign and give some tasks to our local partners. They did some activities about campaign in different times.
  12. 12. ACTIVITIES DONETEMA: Director of TEMA met people about our environment problems and solutions. They identified some slogans. “no soil, no bred” They published their report about pollution in Muş on some local newspapers and on internet.
  13. 13. ACTIVITIES DONEMuş Provincial Directorate of Agriculture: They made a settling plan for villages not to use areas for agriculture. They made some news on local press about this subject to make an awareness in Muş. This is relate to protect the soil. They gave some information in local press.
  14. 14. ACTIVITIES DONEMuş Provincial Directorate of Education and Fatih Primary School : These two organisation pressed 2000 flyers about “The earth live and breath” campaign. We distributed flyers to schools to give students, Provincial Directorate of Health, Muş Provincial Directorate of Agriculture, TEMA, Genç Birikim Derneği.Our campaign last 5 months. From January to at the end of May 2011.
  15. 15. ACTIVITIES DONE15.03.2011: We met with all local partners to discussed about project, about activities that we have done in Muş Provincial Directorate of Agriculture. We discussed the seminar that TEMA would do in may about pollution and healthy environment.
  16. 16. ACTIVITIES DONE02.05.2011-13.05.2011: We prepared our project web site.
  17. 17. ACTIVITIES DONE15.04.2011-30.05.2011: We made a program “Skills for Work” and Experimental learning activities with pupils “Making the most of the rural landscape”. This included rural skills such as fencing, tree planting, hedge planting, path work and field drain repairs in one year. All students and teachers in Fatih Primary school, some staff from Mus Provincial Directorate of Education and some people from TEMA participated these activities. They planted trees, repaired drains, repaired fences around the school. Except this the students cleaned the school garden first. Then they planted pine, apple, willow, and plane-trees in the garden. They germinated around of the School.
  18. 18. ACTIVITIES DONE30.05.2011-10.06.2011: Experimental outdoor learning: “Planting trees” in school garden and other places needed. We printed a banner about our project and about planting. We did this activity with TEMA. All student in Fatih Primary School students participated this activity. This activity took two weeks. Our students planted 700 walnut seed.
  19. 19. ACTIVITIES DONE30.05.2011-03.06.2011: Mus Provincial Directorate of Education gave a actif learning seminar to 24 teachers from some schools in Muş. Bedrettin Can was our facilitator. It took 5 days totally 30 hours. Our participants were from Fatih Primary School and from different primary schools in Muş.
  20. 20. ACTIVITIES DONE25-30 July 2011: We made a camp in Muş. 12 young from Romania and 9 students from some high schools from Muş joined this camp. We made this camp to teach some outdoor activities to the young people. The camp last 5 days.
  21. 21. ACTIVITIES DONENovember 2012: We prepared a bilingual booklet about flora and fauna of Muş. İt is 60 pages. (30 pages in Turkish and + 30 pages in English)
  22. 22. ACTIVITIES DONE12-15 March 2012: We went “The Best projects in Turkey” exhibition in Ankara and Van to disseminate our project activities to the other cities. We exhibited some photos and some document belong to our project activities.
  23. 23. ACTIVITIES DONE19-22 October 2012: We went to Romania for our second meeting. We discussed the booklet about The flora and Fauna of Muş.We discussed about all activities to be done.Qe discussed the content of the booklet about outhdoorlearning.
  24. 24. ACTIVITIES DONE11-15 March 2012: We went to Romania for our last meting with 8 people. We discussed the booklet about outdoor education. We gave the last shape of the booklet.