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Developed brand identity and creative strategy for Champions education programs that would relate to any child. An illustrated, generic Champ icon was created along with any interactive accessory the child could imagine; from skateboarders to safari searchers.

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Champions Brand Guide

  1. 1. CHAMPIONS Brand Identity We utilize a “keep it simple” system in which CHAMPIONS paves the way for all programs. This new identity is an Kindergarten Extended Day another step in KLC School Partnershipʼs dedication to the success of educational programs. The strategy is to communicate in the simplest form. To create solid bold image - an icon that stands out among the mass-color-mixed-visuals that compete at school. The companyʼs design uses a combination of icon, name and program logos across all communications. Its simple visuals, style and strategy will better ensure that all marketing messages are well understood by all customers. Our success depends on consistent use of the brand identity standards. This means we avoid new graphics or changes (colors, shapes, etc.) that detract from customers focusing on the CHAMPIONS brand. This goes a long way in projecting a unified image. By speaking to all audiences as one CHAMPIONS, we can ensure that all of our marketing investment is building equity into positioning CHAMPIONS programs are in alignment with our business transformation. Always use approved reproducible artwork which is available from KLC School Partnership Marketing: 303.526.3289 or In its simplest form At Sc Identity ................................ Logo .................................... Colors .................................. Tagline .................................. Letterset ............................... Fonts ..................................... Champ ................................. Smallest Size ......................... Space ................................... Don’ts ...................................
  2. 2. IDENTITY LOGO There are three acceptable logos. 1) ICON 2) LOGO 3) PROGRAM The CHAMPIONS logo is made up of three elements: 1. CHAMP symbol = Icon 2. Custom-drawn font: Champions 3. Background color association for program. (PC/MAC) Together these form the brand identity. ICON LOGO ay At School PROGRAM Black and White Logo Best if used for Print, Embossing Engraving, Stamps and Faxing. Only on black and white logos does the drop shadow on Champ become a black outline. 11
  3. 3. COLOR* Each one of the CHAMPIONS service offerings is designated by its own color, the overall CHAMPIONS brand uses all five program colors and PMS280, dark blue. Correct use of this combination of colors helps to differentiate the CHAMPIONS brand from the competition. Keep in mind color change when printing 4 COLOR. Spot color (PMS) printing is best for exact color brightness. Activity Signage Name BRAND Stamp TM PMS 280 C:100 | M:72 | Y:0 | K:18.5 R:0 PMS 290 | G:38 | B:127 TM Preschool / Pre-K PMS 290 C:25 | M:6 | Y:0 | K:0 R:204 | G:204 | B: 255 TM PROGRAMS Kindergarten Extended Day PMS 129 C:0 | M:15 | Y:76 | K:0 R:255 | G:204 | B:51 TM Before and After School PMS 375 C:43 | M:0 | Y:79 | K:0 R:153 | G:204 | B:0 TM Summer Camp PMS 101 C:0 | M:0 | Y:79 | K:0 R:255 | G:255 | B:54 TM Tutoring PMS 2995 C:100 | M:8.5 | Y:0 | K:0 R:0| G:153 | B:204
  4. 4. TA G L I N E “...go one better!” As Champions we don’t settle for status quo nor are we satisfied with the norm, striving to achieve is in our nature we ...go one better! Only use approved logo with tagline. Tagline uses Century Gothic Font. LETTERSET Cheryl Bailey, Marketing Director 573 Park Point Drive Golden, CO 80401 c 303.555.1212 p 303.526.3289 f 303.526.7552 573 Park Point Drive Golden CO 80401 p 303.526.3289 f 303.526.7552 For Corporate, Sales and Education use only. Cheryl Bailey, Marketing Director 573 Park Point Drive p 303.526.3289 573 Park Point Drive Golden, CO 80401 c 303.555.1212 Golden CO 80401 p 303.526.3289 f 303.526.7552 573 Park Point Drive Golden CO 80401 p 303.526.3289 f 303.526.7552 f 303.526.7552 Field Management use. FONTS Call outs: Champions Programs, Tagline and Subheads: Century Gothic We here at KLC School... Consistent use of fonts enhances the impact of the visual style. Copy: Futura Medium 13
  5. 5. CHAMP CHAMP is our icon and our brandʼs representative. CHAMP brings our brand to life as a happy and interactive entity. CHAMP has the ability to achieve and succeed in anything. We accessorize CHAMP to communicate our enthusiasm about our program and activities to the children we value. Champ guides with the confidence of a peer. His tone is spirited, fun and smart - keeping a simple approach! He delivers a consitant message of encouragment. Illustration Examples: The 5 activity areas Take the Challenge Homework Imagine That Art, Music, Drama Sports Zone Recreation The Nature of It. Science Snack Attack Nutrtion ©Julie Prilling Design All sylized adaptations to the CHAMP icon will come from KLC School Partnerships Marketing. If there is a particular need or idea you would like to see implemented, please contact Marketing. ONLY USE APPROVED ILLUSTRATIONS.
  6. 6. SIZE 1.5” WIDTH Icon Logo cannot appear at a size less than 1.5” square. Name Logo can be shown no less than 1.5” wide. Tagline: 40% on Logo. 1.5” WIDTH Go One Better... 40% WIDTH Kindergarten Extended Day At School S PA C E 1/4” Clear space around ANY of the CHAMPIONS logo, icon or illustration are 1/4” on every* communication. 2X *When used on large format/banners/signage, all elements used in proximity to the icon should be placed no closer than twice (2X) the width of the ICON to create visibility. The CHAMPIONS logos are valued assets and the equity in the CHAMPIONS brand must NOT change in any way. At School DO NOT lock up the CHAMPIONS logo with other elements Keep it Simple!!! Avoid crowding the layout with type and images. change the color rearrange elements condense, stretch or distort change the proportions of Adhering to these guidelines helps to ensure proper usage of the CHAMPIONS Logos. se Plea k! c che change the design remove any words, artwork, or trademark to any of the CHAMPIONS logo elements. 15
  7. 7. Marketing & Advertising All marketing and advertising for both KLC School Partnerships and the CHAMPIONS programs are managed at different levels, but all are planned and guided by KLC School Partnerships Marketing. To ensure a consistent brand message, all marketing must follow the brand plan and guidelines. National and Companywide Level We develop an annual plan that falls within an approved budget for a marketing spend. The annual plan focuses on business growth and opportunities to achieve that growth. Several campaigns will be launched throughout the year in all markets; these campaigns will include supportive collateral and specific instructions on how to execute the campaign, all contained within a new campaign guide. The Customer Service Manager (CSM) in your market will release all campaigns with specific instructions; these will be shared via email, intranet, MAT calls and other team calls. Simple as a symbol. Interactive with elements of cur Simple as a symbol. Interactive with elements of curriculum Grassroots Level Each employee is responsible for marketing and the growth of the business. Our business and program offerings have many variables, so many, that often one type of marketing or advertising doesnʼt work in all markets. Simple as a symbol. Interactive with elements of curriculum Word-of-mouth is the most effective marketing technique we have, so delivering the promise of our brand quality is our most valuable marketing tool. Building solid client relationships, continuous two-way communication and effectively solving issues are a few ways to get people praising us, and are key to building a strong word-of-mouth campaign. KLC School Partnerships Marketing facilitates directions, suggestions and assistance on building a successful grassroots marketing campaign. It is mandatory that each PA develop quarterly marketing plans to assist in reaching goals for new business growth. Your regional CSM is responsible for assisting and reviewing those marketing plans by offering suggestions, ideas and guidance on how to best develop your market. Here are some of the ways your CSM can help: • Assist in planning events and ordering promotional materials • Direct you on how to advertise in local papers and or industry publications • Advise on media such as radio, TV, Internet or outdoor advertising EDITABLE TEMPLATES are available for all types of collateral designed for each and every program offering in both English and Spanish. Templates, and instructions for their use are on the company intranet or ask your CSM. Reminder that printing of grassroots marketing materials is paid from your field level marketing budgets. Questions? Please contact your Regional CSM or email Marketing at
  8. 8. Public Relations To give a clear definition: public relations practice is the planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between an organization and its public. Public relations (PR) within KLC School Partnerships is managed at different levels and is everyoneʼs responsibility. PR has a reactive segment which attracts media attention to an incident or event. Whether the event is good or bad, always refer to your DM for direction on how best to handle the situation. PR also has a proactive segment during which we make a conscious effort to build strong community relationships through media announcements. Please consult the KLC School Partnershipsʼ Public Relations, Press Release and Corporate Communications Guide. There, you can also find the Logo CD and company intranet guidance. If you donʼt have a copy, speak with your CSM. Corporate Communications SP Press One of our primary forms of corporate communication is the SP Press. The SP press is an educational and informative source of news, information, events and company announcements. The SP Press is produced bi-monthly and focuses on the field management audience. Also produced is the SP Press Quarterly, it focuses on the site level audience. Both periodicals are delivered to PA level, quarterlies are delivered by PAs to staff. If you have news for the SP Press about successes, important events or a story that could be valuable or interesting to your cohorts, please submit articles and pictures to: Ask CHAMP The new ASK CHAMP online open forum provides an avenue for questions and answers regarding our business. Email blasts will be sent to the field management audience with answers and advice on varied subjects. If you have questions regarding anything to do with our business please submit them to CHAMP will try to answer all questions, answers will be published in the weekly ASK CHAMP email blasts. Input and involvement in both the SP Press & ASK CHAMP are greatly encouraged ! 17
  9. 9. Legal Logo Guidelines KLC School Partnerships A service mark symbol (SM) always follows the word “Partnerships.” It is placed at the top of the symbol to line up with the top of the lower case “s” that precedes it and measures half the height. A registered trademark symbol must always appear next to our name in the corporate logo. It is placed after the “n” in Corporation. The top of the symbol lines up with the top of the lower case letters and is half their size. CHAMPIONS CHAMPIONS should be followed by (TM). The (TM) is placed directly above the “s” and small enough to be below the height of the “n”. TAGLINE should befollowed by (SM). The superscript is placed below last letter. Copy Guidelines In all communications--correspondence and marketing for both KLC School Partnerships and CHAMPIONS - it is imperative that we communicate clearly and consistently throughout our messaging. When using either name in copy, always follow these guidelines to ensure that we will build strong brand recognition. • Knowledge Learning Corporation® School Partnerships is our business name, always use it when referring to our business. In copy the first time that this company name is used on the page it should be spelled out in its entirety; thereafter, use KLC School Partnerships without any ®. • CHAMPIONSTM is our business-to-consumer name and is used when speaking to our consumer audience or when speaking of our program offerings. When we use CHAMPIONS in copy, it should always be in all capital letters and followed by the (TM) symbol after the first reference—the (TM) can be dropped in subsequent references. • When referring to the CHAMPIONS Tutoring service offering always follow with (formally EdSolutions) the first time it is used in copy. Legal notice must be on all company materials © 2006 Knowledge Learning Corporation Golden, CO. All Rights Reserved. Company Processes Email To assure consistency of brand and messaging, all email signatures should follow these guidelines: • Do not use background stationary/wallpaper • No graphics, quotes or sayings attached • 7pt or 8pt font in either Futura or Century Gothic, using either black or navy blue. An example follows: First name Last Name Title KLC School Partnerships Street address City, State ZIP Phone Fax Email * Previously EdSolutions • Use the “signatureLogo.bmp” file, located on the Logo CD in the Misc file, and in either Futura or Century Gothic font, in either black or navy blue: First name Last Name Title Street address City, State ZIP Phone Fax Email * Previously EdSolutions Fax For presentations use the fax templates located on the Logo CD and also on the intranet. Phone When answering the phone: “KLC School Partnerships, home of the CHAMPIONS (*previously EdSolutions), this is-First and Last name” When placing a message for voice mail: “You have reached Knowledge Learning Corporation School Partnerships, home of the CHAMPIONS (*previously EdSolutions), and the desk of (name, position).” (Customize your messaging as you like from here) PowerPoint You have your choice of two PowerPoint templates to use for presentations located on the Logo CD. * For transition of EdSolutions SES only
  10. 10. This new logo program replaces all previously implemented designs 19