Ceres Social Media Brand Plan


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Produced social media plan to connect the community and to create awareness of events, information and education. The Ceres Project is a non-profit that delivers thousands of organic, nourishing meals cooked by teen chefs for families facing cancer and illness.

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Ceres Social Media Brand Plan

  1. 1. 2010 Ceres Brand B U I L D I N G R E L A T I O N S H I P S 1. Before speaking – take a breath. Our words reflect who we are in the community and world and is news. There are no TAKE BACKS  It’s good to always step back and breathe before posting. Please proof for grammar and spelling. 2. How we speak to our community We connect to our local fans by our events, classes and the market. We talk to the nation, to the world, by capturing our fans by teaching healthy lifestyle by cooking and growing tips. This helps them build a relationship with us through supporting us. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Speak to the masses with websites and facebook is the same as posting in a global newspaper. Be mindful most people don't have access to ingredients so we will always simplify or provide variations. Always use positive words and statements. Only cancer and illness can be used. Short and sweet – One liners Always connect them to the website, cookbook and contributing to the community 4. Speak to ALL of our community We want a equal time to each connection Comm unit y Partners - Food Sponsor Teen Partners - Food Ch efs Volun teer Partners - Foo d Provider Fam ily Partner - Food N ourisher Class Partn er s - Food L earn e r FARMERS & GROCERS TEENS, COOKS & CHEFS ANGELS & MARKET CLIENT & FAMILY LECTURES & COOKBOOK 2. Speak to each other to schedule 1. events 2. classes and 3.news Communication between us – the Ceres team - makes the connection with our marketing connect to the community effectively. USE THE CALENDAR for schedule. This is the only way we work efficiently with each other. We would like to limit one POST per day 5 per week. First come. Schedule Event/Class 1. Place in red actual Event on CALENDAR 2. Schedule to create WEBSITE • FACEBOOK • EMAIL • FLYERS (by creating an event this automatically post to the Ceres wall.) 3. Schedule a EMAIL week before as a reminder 4. Schedule a tip POST 2 days before – (JoEllen) a. Tip post (JoEllen) will relate to our Events: Ex: For Lynmar we will talk about grapes, fermentation, organic gardening to relate back b. For Sushi Tozai we may talk about the nutrients in fish or a recipe or a cooking method Schedule a Story or News Find an open day on Calendar Schedule Volunteers of Quarter – Once Monthly *Julie will send out an email on Fridays for the next weeks posting. Please review. The Social Team will meet ___________ for future Ceres communication updates Donor Partn ers - Food F ans DONORS & FACEBOOK FANS
  2. 2. 5. Our marketing community – ALL must have the same voice and connect to each other at the same time. Our message is healing foods, Website > Facebook • Email Messaging • Cookbook • Farmers Market • People • Brochure The visual is either a summary of the website to lead you there or a promotion. Teen P artn ers - Foo d Ch efs Commun ity Part n ers - F ood Spon sor V olun teer P art ner s - F oo d P rov id er update monthly 3 Ceres Inspires: A FUN food page on the website to connect all based on healing food tips. Dono r P art ners - Fo od Fan s Famil y Partn er - Food Nouri she r C lass Part n ers - Food Lear ner zlksdcscasmc k aSCkc scjaj codjc oDjcpisdj c pos D c s cid cjdc djcpoajc po c okc oakcask coaS Pkcpaos ck apok coaskcaskc zlksdcscasmc k aSCkc scjaj codjc oDjcpisdj c pos D c s cid cjdc djcpoajc po c okc DonorPa tne r r s - Food Fan s Donor P a rt ne s r - Foo d Fa ns zlksdcscasmc k aSCkc scjaj codj coDjcpisdj c pos Dc s cid cjdc djcpoajc po c okc oakcask coaS Pkcpaos c kapok c oaskcaskc zlksdcscasmc k aSCkc scjaj codj coDjcpisdj c pos Dc s cid cjdc djcpoajc po c okc
  3. 3. 6. Posting our EVENTS Kristie: Events JoEllen: Classes Martini and Julie can post for other events for Margaret, Cathryn. Etc. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Approve Descriptive Paragraph with Cathryn Schedule on Calendar to post to wall / news Need a photo or Connections logo/fb photo prior to set up event: a. Events: Grab a image/photo from vendor site b. Class: Photo of topic Create Event on facebook update website INVITE Social Team INVITE friends and fans Send Message to any event participant to join the event Tip post 2 days before event a. in support of sponsor b. tip about the class *If our connection already has a event page. We will tag into theirs and not start one of our own. • • • By RSVP to event - it will hit your news Then invite your friends. Write on their event wall It’s nice to send an email to particiants in the event. Ex: - like the poets at Koffee Katz)
  4. 4. 7. Posting the news from the media POST our media 1. Find jpg of article if possible 2. Tag the publications website of article 3. Tag general website if article isn’t online 4. If no image is available create Ceres Clip 5. POST 6. Always nice to thank the publication on their facebook page. 4. Posting and hitting the News • When a personal profile POST to Ceres wall it goes on both walls and but only your news: • When Cere POST to wall > it goes to Ceres news. • When a person COMMENTS to POST > hits both wall and both news • When a person SHARE Ceres news on your wall > it hits your News. • When you INVITE you can select specific people • When you LIKE it hits your news 5. LIKE to our Partners Become fans of our community partners. As an individual please be showing your support by COMMENTING and/or LIKING our Community partners. The favorites page on Ceres will remain exclusive to our community partners 6. Know the news – get to know our community Create relationships by knowing what is going on in our within our community. From our grocers to growers, to our volunteers and donors.
  5. 5. 7. Promote and support our Partners Our specific words hits google and facebook search SHARING: Hits your news and wall and which promotes relationship COMMENTING Hits their wall and your news and shows our FACE which promotes them getting to know us 7. KNOW Ceres NEWS
  6. 6. KNOW Ceres NEWS on the web 7. Website Navigation Analytics Access About Food 8. Research Since we work with a sensitive subject anything with research-based info needs to be reviewed before published. The way we can post is by sharing 1. As an individual: a. When they have an article on their website and they give you the facebook share button b. When given the SHARE option from their facebook page wall post. 2. As an Organization: a. When the SHARE options are given AND b. After reviewing the Company TERMS OF CONDITIONS of use 3. Both need to be mindful of who we want to be aligning ourselves to the Ceres mission
  7. 7. 8. Farmer’s Market The main thought is to promote the organization of Ceres. 10. Badges