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Reported speech


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Reported Speech Lesson

Published in: Education, Technology
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Reported speech

  1. 1. Sheila Sheila said: Sheila said : “ “ I am said: “I I am going to am in dating run away love with John.” with John.”I’m in love Jonh.”with John.
  2. 2. Sheila said she was Sheila said Sheila said going to run that she that she was away with was in love dating John. John. with John.I’m in lovewith John.
  3. 3. present simple past simpleHe said: “Im a teacher.” He said he was a teacher past continuouspresent continuous He said he was having lunch with hisHe said “Im having lunch with my parents.” parents. past perfect simplepresent perfect simple He said he had been to France threeHe said “Ive been to France three times.” times.present perfect continuous past perfect continuousHe said: “Ive been working very hard.” He said he had been working very hard.past simple past perfect He said: “I bought a new car.” He said he had bought a new car.past continuous past perfect continuous He said: “It was raining earlier.” He said it had been raining earlier.past perfect past perfect He said: “The play had started when I NO CHANGE POSSIBLEarrived.”past perfect continuous past perfect continuous He said: Id already been living in London for NO CHANGE POSSIBLEfive years.”
  4. 4. wouldwillHe said: “I´ll come and see you soon.” He said he would come and see me soon.can could He said: “I can swim under water for two He said he could swim underminutes.” water for two minutes.must had to He said: “All tickets must be bought in He said that all tickets had to beadvance.” bought in advance. shouldshall He said: “What shall we do about it?” He asked what we should do about it.may mightHe said: “May I smoke?” He asked if he might smoke.
  5. 5. Wh-questionsJohn asked: “Where does she live:” He asked me where she livedJohn asked: “Where is she:” He asked me where she was.Yes-no questionsJohn asked: “Do you love me” He asked me if I loved him. He asked me if I was aJohn asked: “ Are you a teacher” teacher.
  6. 6. tell + infinitivepositive imperative He told me to shut up.Shut up! tell + not + infinitive He told me not to stopnegative imperative the music!Dont stop the music!
  7. 7. now thentoday that dayhere therethis thatthis week that week the following daytomorrow the next day the day after the following weeknext week the next week the week after the previous dayyesterday the day before the previous weeklast week the week before previouslyago before 2 weeks previously2 weeks ago 2 weeks beforetonight that night the previous Saturdaylast Saturday the Saturday before the following Saturday the next Saturdaynext Saturday the Saturday after that Saturday
  8. 8. The solution!