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Question 6[1]

  1. 1. AQA English Language Unit OneUnderstanding and Producing Non-Fiction TextsQUESTION 6Main menu: overview understanding the question planning the longer task Q5 i,ii useful language devices Q5 iii Spelling, punctuation and grammar question 6 exemplar skills checklist mini-assessment
  2. 2. OverviewQuestion 6 is the longer of the writing tasks. It will ask you to argue,persuade or take a viewpoint which you must try to sustain. They can a takea variety of different forms, including letters and articles. Two well plannedsides of writing, shaped, structured and paragraphed is sufficient to do wellYou are being assessed on your ability to communicate your ideasclearly and effectively in well organised paragraphs with largelyaccurate spelling, punctuation and interesting word choices.Key information write about 4-5 paragraphs (about two sides of A4) a total of 24 marks; you need to score a minimum of 18 marks:- 12 out of 16 for communication and organisation (i,ii)- 6 out of 8 for spelling, punctuation and grammar (iii)spend about 35mins on this question, including planningfocus on the audience and purpose in the question setAllow sufficient time to answer this question fully – 5% don’t answer!Back to main menu
  3. 3. Understanding the questionBack to main menu6. Choose an activity or hobby that you are interested in.Write an article for your school or college magazine persuading otherstudents to try it.Remember to:write an article for studentswrite to persuade. (24 marks)(16 marks)The following text is taken from the June 2011 Foundation Level exam.Look at how the question guides you to what to write about.MainfocusTheTaskTheFormat ThePurposeTheAudience
  4. 4. Planning the longer taskBack to main menuOnce you understand what you need to do, plan out about 4-5 mainideas with very brief notes on how to develop them in each paragraph.Quickly decide upon your approachWrite article for students about a hobby: clear and sustained point of view4-5 different reasons that are fully developed and linked togetherSome use of different persuasive methods (see next slide)Take up cycling1. Good exercise- build leg muscles- increase stamina- stay healthy2. See new places-long rides in country-new places to see-lots of venues3. Meet friends-male / female sport-social events-regular races2. Personal goals-win races-Olympic champion-possible career
  5. 5. Q5 i,ii Useful language devicesBack to main menuThe following are some useful devices that you may wish to use inyour writing to make your response more interesting to read.Persuade (this is not a checklist and do not over use!) One point of view First person or second person pronouns for effect e.g. I, us, our, you, yours Rhetorical questions to engage e.g. Have you tried something fresh and new? Repetition for style e.g. it builds stamina, muscles and confidence Emotive words to convince e.g. you could power your way to new heights Linking words t develop whole writing e.g. in addition, furthermore, moreoverArgue Awareness of alternative views to show understanding of others More neutral tone to sound unbiased e.g. use of third person (he, she, they Contrasting words to show views of others e.g. whilst, whereas, although Modal verbs to show likely possibility e.g. might, could, shouldAlways: Clear paragraphs or other evidence of structure e.g. linking words Develop point with examples or lots of details Varied and interesting word choices
  6. 6. Q5 iii Spelling, punctuation and grammarBack to main menuHere are some guidance notes on how to make your writing moreaccurate. Remember there are 6 marks available for this section.SpellingMake sure you spell commonly used words correctly and allow time to checkRemember there are lots of complex words already spelt correctly for you in theReading Section, so use some of them in your answerPunctuationMake sure each sentence has a subject and a verbEach sentence should begin with a capital letter and end with a full stopUse a comma before the word ‘but’*Use apostrophes for possession or omission (be aware of its and it’s)Start a new sentence when using ‘moreover’, ‘however’ and ‘furthermore’*Avoid overuse of exclamation marks and question marks (once or twice)GrammarUse a range of simple, complex and compound sentences
  7. 7. Question 6 exemplarBack to main menuLook to see how you develop notes into a clear and effective paragraph.Focus – persuading other students to take up a new hobbyThings to include – exercise, meet friends, see places, set personal goalsIf you are tired of washed up sports like football, cricket ortennis, then cycling might be just your cup of tea. Whilst mostyoung people are dull and unoriginal, you could be brave andplump for something new like cycling. Getting out on a bike is agreat way to see different parts of the country. On the saddleyou can get close to the nature that you might miss when youare being driven around by your parents. There are lots ofexciting places to visit, and it does not cost anything to get theiron your by bike.TopicsentenceTheAudienceWordchoicesFullstopsandcapitalsComplexsentenceCompoundsentenceEmotivewordsActivity: Write one of the other points into a developed paragraph
  8. 8. Skills ChecklistWhat you need to do: plan out 4-5 main points with some ideas develop writing with examples and details include some relevant language devices make interesting and varied word choices use capitals, full stops and commas vary your use of sentence typesBack to main menu
  9. 9. January 2012Time Allowed 35mins‘Sports stars are good role models for young people.’Write an article for a magazine of your choice arguing for or againstthis view.Remember to:write an articleargue your point of view.Try to write about two pages in your answer booklet. (24marks)Assessment practiceBack to main menu
  10. 10. January 2012Time Allowed 35mins‘Sports stars are good role models for young people.’Write an article for a magazine of your choice arguing for or againstthis view.Remember to:write an articleargue your point of view.Try to write about two pages in your answer booklet. (24marks)Assessment practiceBack to main menu