Academic Library: Help Teachers Teach Students Research


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SLIS 741 Product Session Topic Tour Guide
Wanda Priester
Academic Library: Help Teachers Teach Students Research

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Academic Library: Help Teachers Teach Students Research

  1. 1. Academic Library: Help Teachers Teach Students Research
  2. 2. Goal of Our Academic Library: It is the goal of our academic library to enable library researchers to be independent and enable them to become critical thinkers who can recognize and analyze valuable scholar resources.
  3. 3. Faculty and Librarians The librarians actively engage with the faculty as partners in the University’s programs to integrate research skills and resources into the programs.
  4. 4. Library Collaboration Our library collaborates with education of the University to instill lifelong learning skills that students can apply beyond the University
  5. 5. Examples of Faculty and Librarian Collaboration: Information Literacy Course Instructional Research PowerPoints Library Tutorial Workshops
  6. 6. Support Our Faculty We support our faculty and students who are conducting research and writing academic and scholarly papers.
  7. 7. Encourage Our Faculty We encourage our faculty to engage and participate in the library services.
  8. 8. Faculty Private Assistance We provide research assistance to our Faculty. The library has a welcoming Reference desk, but if the faculty feels more comfortable in a private setting, instructing faculty is available in a private office setting
  9. 9. Library Teaching Tools: The Library provides teaching tools and services to help teachers teach their students
  10. 10. Library instruction Library instruction teaches students how to use the library resources and to evaluate the research materials they find. We teach students why they need to know about the library.
  11. 11. Learn Research Skills The librarians can help students learn research skills and the librarians can help the students improve their research skills.
  12. 12. Library Workshops The librarians have developed workshops and learning materials in support of the programs of the University.
  13. 13. Support of Student Research In support of the students’ research, Information Literacy has been integrated into the University 101 course.
  14. 14. Instruction Request Form Location: The library provides workshops to introduce students to research in specific disciplines which are tailored to each individual class. To schedule an instruction workshop for your class, please fill out this form online at least ten days prior to your preferred instruction date. The form is located at under University Forms.
  15. 15. Schedule Workshop: Please provide a copy of the relevant assignment that a librarian may be assigned to your class no later than five days in advance of the workshop. *It is optional for the instructor’s attendance.
  16. 16. Library Treasure Hunt
  17. 17. Library Treasure Hunt The best way to find out what a new place has to offer is to explore it. The Library Treasure Hunt was designed by the librarians to help students explore their library. The hunt has been designed to help students learn to use the library resources in their research.
  18. 18. Library Treasure Hunt This basic hunt is meant as an introduction to the library services, both online and offline. This will give them experience with finding library materials and show them all the information that is available here in the library.
  19. 19. Library Treasure Hunt The hunt serves a multitude of purposes which is used for library orientation and research skills. This is an engaging teaching and an inquiry-based learning tool that transcends the classroom. The library hunts are a constructive approach to learning. As librarians, we facilitate learning (i.e. offering hints where needed).
  20. 20. Library Treasure Hunt During the University 101, a scheduled class for freshmen and transfer students, the Library Instruction Requirements are presented which offers the Library Treasure Hunt. The Library Hunt takes one month to complete. The students can print a copy of the Library Hunt for this link,  Go to library homepage *Click on University 101 Presentation (this presentation) *Click on Treasure Hunt  Review Library University 101 Presentation  Print and Complete the Library Treasure Hunt Submit completed assignment to the Library by scheduled due date.  Complete Library Survey Immediately following this presentation, submit completed survey to library personnel standing at the end of your row or at the exit door. (Miller F. Whittaker Library, 2013)
  21. 21. Library Treasure Hunt: The students must come into the library to complete the Treasure Hunt. Completed Treasure Hunts forms must be returned to the Library’s Reference Desk.
  22. 22. Resources: Google Images. (2013). Retrieved from Miller F. Whittaker Library. (2013). Library Treasurer Hunt. Retrieved from Miller F. Whittaker Library. (2013). University 101 Library Instruction. Retrieved from
  23. 23. Product Created By: Wanda L. Priester December, 2013 Product: Session Topic Tour Guide – Help Teachers Teach Students Research SLIS 741 Education Services in Libraries and Information Organizations School of Library and Information Organization College of Mass Communications and Information Studies University of South Carolina