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SOC Getting started right Workbook

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Getting started right_v1

  1. 1. 02 G E T T I N G TA TA & T EILY R ITG A INING W O R K B O O K FAST S S R T R DA D 8 R H TTable of Contents01 Connect to Support Team02 Welcome To SendOutCards03 Using Your Distributor Sales Kit04 Getting Started Right05 Customer Gathering Worksheet06 - 07 Red Line Training08 - 12 Basic Training(These pages have been taken from the Basic Training Workbook andare here for reference prior to your training.) NAME HERE©2012 Send Out Cards LLC. Version 1.0 - 1/12. All rights reserved. No text or im-ages from this book may be reproduced without written permission from Send-OutCards®. This guidebook is intended for use as a business-building tool andthe business information contained herein is not intended as legal or account-ing advice. Those who use this product should consult a tax attorney and/or anaccountant for specific tax and legal interpretations of their individual rights.
  2. 2. G E T T I N G S TA R T E D R I G H T 01Connect to Support TeamYour Key InformationYour Distributor ID # (User name) ________________________________Your Account Password ________________________________________Key Upline InformationYour Enroller’s Name: __________________________________________Phone: (Home) _____________________ (Cell) ____________________Email Address: _______________________________________________Key Upline Name: ____________________________________________Phone: (Home) _____________________ (Cell) ____________________Email Address: _______________________________________________Key Upline Name: ____________________________________________Phone: (Home) _____________________ (Cell) ____________________Email Address: _______________________________________________Key Upline Name: ____________________________________________Phone: (Home) _____________________ (Cell) ____________________Email Address: _______________________________________________Other Key ContactsName: _______________________________________________________Phone: (Home) _____________________ (Cell) ____________________Email Address: _______________________________________________Name: _______________________________________________________Phone: (Home) _____________________ (Cell) ____________________Email Address: _______________________________________________
  3. 3. 02 G E T T I N G S TA R T E D R I G H TWelcome To SendOutCardsCongratulations on your decision to become a SendOutCards Market-ing Distributor. Our mission at SendOutCards is two-fold: 1) To help millions of people act on their promptings 2) To provide a vehicle for financial successWe are dedicated to helping you achieve financial success and allyou have to do is help people act on their promptings by sharing ourunique service, our products and our opportunity.One of the best ways to share SendOutCards with the world is bysimply using the system. Send a heartfelt card every day, celebratepeople’s lives with cards, pictures and gifts, act on every one of life’spromptings, and you’ll notice a change within you and the peoplearound you.The Getting Started Right booklet is one of the best tools to help youget your SendOutCards business off the ground and running and tohelp you better understand the tools provided in the Distributor SalesKit (see page 3).We encourage you to read through this short booklet, prepare yourbinder, and use these tools daily. SendOutCards is here to provide youthe tools and support necessary to help your efforts in seeking financialsuccess. Your success depends on your efforts and your determinationto help others act on promptings.SendOutCards is centered around a culture of sending. When we sendout positive to the world, the world will send positive back to our lives.Start sending out the positive today and look forward to a brightertomorrow with SendOutCards.Welcome to the SendOutCards family!
  4. 4. G E T T I N G S TA R T E D R I G H T 03Your Distributor Sales KitUsing your Distributor Sales Kit1. Assemble your SendOutCards 7-ring binder: - Put the SOC Success Planner pages into the binder - Put this booklet (Getting Started Right) into the binder - Put your sample cards inside the card folio - periodically update your card folio so it is always up-to-date with your most cherished and favorite cards2. Read through this Getting Started Right booklet and review the Red Line Training on pages 6 and 7.3. Watch the SendOutCards Opportunity DVD.4. Fill out and mail in your handwriting font and signature form. (additional fee applies)5. Fill out and submit your W-9 form (domestic) or W-8 form (international). Fax: 801-463-3900 Mail: 1825 W. Research Way Salt Lake City, Utah 84119 Email: support@sendoutcards.comWhat’s Next?1. Register for the next Treat’em Right Seminar or corporate event nearest you.2. Attend local events, including Opportunity Meetings, taking place near you.3. Register for SendOutCards’ International Convention.4. Read SendOutCards’ Asend Magazine.
  5. 5. 04 G E T T I N G S TA R T E D R I G H TGetting Started RightThe goal of this booklet is to help you launch your new business right!The first step to success is to become ‘Q’-qualified and then attendBasic Training to learn how to gather customers and make the most ofyour warm market. The Getting Started Right steps below will help youto take this step.Complete these Getting Started Right steps in your first 7 days:1. Fill out information on Connect to Support Team (page 1)2. Use the Customer Gathering Worksheet (page 5) to gather a couple of customers3. Use the products a. Review Red Line Training (page 6-7) b. Send cards (at least one heartfelt card a day) c. Order photo products (order your business cards)4. Schedule Basic Training Check Certified Training events page for a training near you of the above information and additional training can be found atthe Training Center located under the “Distributor” tab or
  6. 6. G E T T I N G S TA R T E D R I G H T 05Customer Gathering Worksheet(Print a full page version from the Training Center)As you sponsor new Marketing Distributors, it is important to help getthem started right. The Customer Gathering Worksheet has a provenCUSTOMER GATHERING WORKSHEETscript to help you gather a couple of customers quickly.This worksheet is designed to help you assist each new Marketing Distributor (MD) gather their first two subscribing customers sothey can become qualified and you can get your $100 Customer Acquisition Bonus (C.A.B.)A. Make a short list of people you know so well they would be wiling to help you out.1. 5.2. 6.3. 7.4. 8.B. Call each person on your list and say:“Hey ______, I dont have a lot of time, but I appreciate so much that youve always been so supportive of me. I just started with acompany and one of the qualifications is to get two customers right away. It would cost $15. Would you be willing to check it out andmaybe be one of my first customers if I made it easy for you? (If yes, then) Id like to show you a quick 3-minute video and then Ill tellyou what I need. Actually, after you see it, I think youll want to continue to use it. Are you by your computer?Please go to and youll see what I mean.Id like to ask you to try it for a month. It will take 3 minutes to set you up and it will cost you $15. There is no contract and we cancancel it at any time. Its a month-to-month subscription. After we get you set up, Ill schedule you for a little training to show youhow to use it. Can we do that now?”C. Sign them up.Great, let me get a little information from you and I will get your account set up. Customer #1 Customer #2Name: Name:Address: Address:City: City:State: Zip: State: Zip:Phone: Phone:Email: Email:CC# CC#Exp. (MM/YY): CV V#: Exp. (MM/YY): CV V#: $9.80/Month - 20 pts ($.49 per point) $9.80/Month - 20 pts ($.49 per point) $31.00/Month - 100 pts ($.31 per point) $31.00/Month - 100 pts ($.31 per point) $5.00 expense $5.00 expenseD. Schedule Customer Training:Customer #1 Customer #2Date: Time: Date: Time:If they ask... “What is it?”Then answer... “Its real greeting cards & gifts! You know the old way of sending cards? - You go to the store, pick a card, pay $5,bring it home, sign it, stuff it, write the address of the person it’s going to, find a stamp, then take it to the post office. Well, thosedays are gone. You can now go online and choose from THOUSANDS of cards, create a REAL greeting card, add a personal message,add photos, logos, whatever you want. Once you hit the SEND button, the company prints, stuffs, stamps, and then mails your carddirectly to the person you are sending to - all for about a dollar. Incredible, huh? Ok, let me take your information, then we canschedule a time in the next few days and I will show you how it works.”
  7. 7. 06 G E T T I N G S TA R T E D R I G H TRed Line TrainingPart of getting started right is learning how to use the system andusing the products. You will learn more about this Red Line Training inyour Basic Training. At this time, get into the habit of sending at leastone heartfelt card a day and a gift a week.
  8. 8. G E T T I N G S TA R T E D R I G H T 07Speaking of using the products, you may want to go to the SOCPhoto Store and order your business cards. This will increase yourPersonal and Customer Volume (PCV), and also assist you in becom-ing ‘Q’ Qualified in your first 30 days. See page 10 for additional ‘Q’Qualification requirements.
  9. 9. 08 G E T T I N G S TA R T E D R I G H TReasons WhyWhy did you start your own business with SendOutCards? There aremany reasons why people join network marketing, but almost alwaysthey are looking for a way to make some extra money (part-time), whiledoing what they are already doing.Write down three things you would purchase today if money was no object.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Write down two things you would do this year if money was no object.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Write down a person or charity you would give money to.________________________________________________________________Establish your ‘Why’Build your Dream card from this exercise.Daily Process 1. Use the products (heartfelt card a day) 2. Share the products with someone daily 3. Share the Opportunity with someone dailyWhat We Do 1. Gather customers 2. Help others do the same
  10. 10. G E T T I N G S TA R T E D R I G H T 09How We Do It1. How we gather customersShare the Magazine Opportunity Walk-Through Compensation Overview WorksheetAsk them:“Hey _______________, I just got involved with an incrediblebusiness and I am looking for people to test it out.I was wondering if you could be one of my first customers?”2. How we help others do the sameSystem of duplication:
  11. 11. 10 G E T T I N G S TA R T E D R I G H TBecome ‘Q’ QualifiedYou become ‘Q’ Qualified when you have two subscribing customersand $93 in Personal and Customer Volume (PCV). You need to be ‘Q’Qualified to receive all commissions and bonuses, and to rank ad-vance. Get on a 0 CUST. $31 Subscription 100pts/month 1 MD C Get (2) Two 2 YOU C Subscribing Customers CT Get the Have 7 INFINITE LEVELS Q= $93 PCV Personal & Customer Volume LEADER- SHIP Personal & Customer BONUS Photo Store purchases apply. CT C CT C CT C MD C MD C MD C $100 $100 $100 3 MDs 1 CT (you can count) You advance to Sr. Distributor!
  12. 12. G E T T I N G S TA R T E D R I G H T 11SENIOR DISTRIBUTOR$100 CAB Bonus + $40Leadership Bonus = ________ MD Q YOU CT CT C CT C MD C MD C $140 $140 MD MD MD MD MD MD $40 $40 $40 $40 $40 $40 MD 9 MDs $40 3 CTs (you can count) You advance to Manager!
  13. 13. 12 G E T T I N G S TA R T E D R I G H TMANAGER$100 CAB Bonus + $140Leadership Bonus = ________ MD Q YOU CT CT C CT CT MD C MD C MD C $240 $240 C $240 C MD MD $140 $140 MD $140 MD MD MD $140 $140 $140 MD $140 MD $140 MD $140 12 MDs (From any rst-level 6 CTs group. 1 can be you.) You advance to Sr. Manager!