Group 5 Lab Assignment3


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Group 5 Lab Assignment3

  1. 1. alphabets avenue c & 6th street
  2. 2. initial observations uncertainty of the space boxes scattered inefficient use of the space random products lots of cleaning supplies an attempt at a rest area (children’s desk and two chairs) hidden deli and baked goods section
  3. 3. brainstorming ideas towards a scenario incorporating the color of the streets, artwork, and creativity into the bodega as a piece of art within the community
  4. 4. brainstorming ideas towards a scenario conducting a performance; inspired by sandra’s performance during the 2nd assignment. in hopes to engage the community with a new way of interaction
  5. 5. brainstorming ideas towards a scenario working in coalition with one of the many parks in the surrounding area, creating a space next to the bodega to eat, relax; extending the bodega outside of the physical boundaries.
  6. 6. brainstorming ideas towards a scenario creating a place within the bodega for people to scratch their lotto tickets, feel welcome, eat a sandwich from the deli. using the space provided in the best possible way.
  7. 7. desirability feasibility viability brainstorming ideas towards a scenario creating a communal atmosphere cleanliness & organization a place to sit and enjoy food trust in the community
  8. 8. initial scenario shelves could be put to better use implement more organizational techniques no space put to waste
  9. 9. initial scenario interview with neighbor: Madde, (now 22) mother witnessed the gentrification in the area from the early 90’s. increase in white population. thoughts on alphabets: “ it’s not a very inviting place… when i walk by i can’t tell what kind of store it is nor what it sells…” “ it looks like they’re advertising for cleaning supplies…not incredibly inviting, not much of a reason to go there with Fine Fare down the block.”
  10. 10. refining the scenario In order to move forward with Alphabet Bodega’s success as a community-driven business, it first needs a complete restructuring of the design of the store. Using the shelves for what they are at maximum capacity. Replacing the cleaning supplies in the windows with food related services the bodega offers including Boar’s Head sandwiches and baked goods. With re-organization comes more space for updated tables and chairs to eat, meet, play the lottery, etc…
  11. 12. tools brainstorming organization of ideas on paper scenario building-- using the toolkit for narrowing down what was feasible/desirable/viable directed interviews- madde m., interaction with owner of bodega collaging photographs note-taking