Transcript interview SHRM Petronas


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Partial transcript of interview with Petronas Fertelizer HR in Kulim

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Transcript interview SHRM Petronas

  1. 1. 4.49’ Actually I dah go through questionnaire tp actually the question yang you nak Tanya nie is very much related dengan people in HR dekat KL. Even Puan Bari pon, she is not the one making the strategy, dalam HR niekitaadamacamkitapanggil center of excellence which is kitapunya HR punya division they are the person that crafted all the strategy all the policy semuasemuadia org buat so we in OPU (subsidiaries nikitapangil OPU, Operating Unit) We are the implementer, kitabukan yang strategizing everything. they have decided what will be the policy, what will be the guideline, what we want to do, and then they past to us, we only implement it – day to day operational kitabuatkatsini, But; In OPU itself kitaadalakitapunya own strategy, tp strategy kitabukan as big as dekatsana so kalau u Tanya Puan Bari pondiamunkinberceritasebabdiaGenarl Manager katPetronas Gas Berhad, konsepdiasamacumadialagibesardiadekatsanakantp yang tentangstrategi the other group yang buat – anyway I try my best to answer la all your question. 6.08’ So your doin the assignment in english Spesifically Tanya soalaniniatauna Tanya anything u want Kok: ikutsoalan – group assignment macammana – journal support 7.20’ Jawapansaya actually on what is petronas doing: Q1 Comparing to the last 5-10 years to current environment kan, they actually kalau talking about retaining the best employees, actually petronasinikalau you nak tau we are the best employer in term of developing talent, itu I can assure Why I am saying that, because kalau you tgokpetronaspunyastail we are highly demanded outside of petronas. For ex: oil and gas company dekat Malaysia sendiripon, even in ------- so we have difficulties, to retain our staff because of the people in middle east memangsukasangatkitapunya staff because the system that have in developing people especially when you have crafted the steps like kelapa yang dah disantan, you just pergi and perahsantansahaja, on their side they will ambik your staff by offering thriple or four times of your salary because they don’t have to develop these people Once you go there dia org dah tau dah, u just come and perform your because you are already been developed skills semua dah ada, capabilities semua dah adaehy, because of the system petronas have.
  2. 2. Actually petronas, kitabuatini first of all for the nation because petronas is the national company, the oil and gas company for the country. Ituadalah the pro and cons. if in terms of retaining the worker, I will say yes we can retain but talking about competitions ni I rasa in term of quality of employee, we have better quality because kalautakkenapa demand is very high outside there. At anytime dia org dapatbayar triple, atleast. If kalau middle east they lagi come up with all the package tpkalau yang dekatdalam Malaysia sendiripon Sapura kencana for example they are offering double. Tapikita because in petronas, kitaada banyak2 bendayangkitakenaikutkan, kitatakboleh simply give the salary to the staff we kita still belong to the government, the main shareholder is the government. but all these private companies, they boleh offer banyak2 and then when they offer diatakpayahfikirkan, because we have invested a lot of money in developing – nntkejaplagisbb u adabanyaksoalankan. Itusekarangla based on the global demand. Apa workforce in oil and gas company. Every ten years gawat/recession berlaku. During the recession kebanyakan company akansimpanduitdiadiataknak train semua staff dia, diataknak recruit the staff dansebagainya. And during the recession the companies aka nada vacuum, where by time dia dah tak de orang kan.Diamula pinching la Q2 Petronasinidarisegi workforce ni, kita dah groupkankitapunya workforce based on technical and non technical, executive and non executive. Kalauutk executive technical, in term of training kitamemangwajibdipanggilapaskill group training, every engineer, every executives in petronasdiaadadiapunya own skill group, macamcthnya HR sendiripon I in HR our skill group is 6 – dia start daripada skill group num 1 to skill group num 19, macam 1 finance, business planning, marketing, procurement, diaadagroupla mcm cthsaya org HR so all my executives in HR are under one skill group 6, kalaumacamsebelahsanakitaada finance, is under skill group 1, so kita been grouped by skill group and then we have apa a compulsory for each skill group so your talking about training and development itu yang pertama skill group training eadiaadauntuksemua la sampai la kepada engineer pon mechanical is 12, instrument 14, inspection 15 12.42’