Questions for petronas interview


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Questions were used to interview Petronas Fertelizer for SHRM class 2014

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Questions for petronas interview

  1. 1. 1 UNIVERSITI UTARA MALAYSIA OTHMAN YEOP ABDULLAH GRADUATE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS BSMH 5023: STRATEGIC HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Dear Pn. Jamilah, Students from Strategic Human Resource Class, MSc Human Resource Management of Universiti Utara Malaysia, will conduct this interview in order to understand better the differences between the commonly held beliefs in the Human Resource Management academic literature and the real situation in established industries. To understand this, the questions arranged below will be used to look at the ways used by the industry to manage relevant matters and “outside the box” approaches applied in the industry to find novel ways to of solving problems.
  2. 2. 2 A. To develop an idea of the industry situation: 1.How far is the competition among the oil and gas industry players in getting and retaining the best employees? Comparing to the last 10 or 5 years to the current environment. 2.What are the training and development strategies applied in maintaining a good workforce in general, in terms of motivation and work quality? 3.How far is the performance management applied in Petronas help manage the workforce? In relation to training and compensation awards to the workers. B. To understand the Human Resource Strategy in Petronas: 1. Petronas is competitive based on the oversea expeditions and expansions, in terms of Human Resources, is there any strategy in maintaining a good quality workforce in all locations? (Recruitment, compensation etc.) 2. What is the training nature in Petronas, is it based on need or pre planned schedule training? What are the moods of training normally adopted in Petronas? (Mentorship, classroom training, lectures etc.) 3. What is the biggest challenge in having such a big workforce under one roof? With various cultures, languages, oversea offices. Is one Human Resource strategy viable? C. To understand the changes in Human Resource Strategies 1. After taking in international, multicultural workforce, what are the changes made in the organizations Human Resource Strategy? 2. Is there a challenge in retaining and maintaining workforce from various generations? Baby-boomers to Generation Y, and what are the strategic changes in Human Resource done to cope with this challenge? D. To understand the human resource planning aspect of strategic human resource 1. How far is the Managerial support in maintaining a strong workforce, in terms of vision and mission of the organization towards the Human Resources functions 2. Is there financial support in developing continues training for the workforce in Petronas, how is it put in place? (planned by top management or upon application from the human resource departments) 3. What is the overall strategy of human resource department, in supporting and providing the organizations goal and mission? Is there a continues changes and brainstorming involved? Thank You