CIPD.CO.UK website review 2013


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CIPD.CO.UK website review 2013

  1. 1. BSMH 5013Human Resource ManagementWebsite - PRIDHIVRAJ NAIDU31stMarch 2013
  2. 2. 1. IntroductionIn today’s knowledge based global economy, online communication is increasingly valued by organizations as away to efficiently respond to dynamic competitive markets (Fujimoto, Bahfen, Fermelis, & Härtel, 2007). Inthis context of information sharing and having a continues platform to communicate the changes anddevelopment in any industry is a must for the increase in productivity.The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) is the worlds largest Chartered HR anddevelopment professional body. As an internationally recognized brand with over 135,000 members, we prideourselves on supporting and developing those responsible for the management and development of peoplewithin organizations (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, 2013)2. BackgroundCIPD is an association founded in 1913, celebrating a century of formation this year 2013. Boots, Cadbury,Chivers and Rowntree were some of the original companies present at the first meeting of the Welfare WorkersAssociation in June 1913. The meeting was chaired by well-known industrialist SeebohmRowntree and therewere 34 attendees of whom 29 were women.(“History of HR and the CIPD,” 2012)Dating back to the early 20thCentury explains the focus of the association and the use of name – The CharteredInstitute of Personnel and Development, in the era of fashionable use and change of perspectives to HumanResource Management, as mentioned by Robert L.Mathis (1991), the definition of personnel/Human resourcemanagement is not as easy as it might appear because the field is in such a transitional period.This is very much a pioneer association for the field of the newly found personnel management function. Untilrecently, the scholarly consensus in the UK and the USA has been that the personnel function first emerged inmajor firms between 1912-1915, with the most dramatic diffusion taking place from the 1930s and especiallyduring and after WW2 (Thornthwaite, 2012).Despite the lagging in use of name, the association’s website is very much up to date or advanced in theindustry by providing more than just information through its website.
  3. 3. 3. Training and developmentCIPD gives a serious notch to training and development initiatives, there’s is a well-planned and directivecourse offered in various levels as shown by the diagram below:The training program offered incorporates serious discussions of the HR realm, the course as mentioned by thewebsite has various benefits as follows: Valued by employers: can be sure CIPD qualifications will equip youwith the knowledge and skills that employers are looking for.HR in a business context: All qualifications focus on the role of HR in building sustainable businesssuccess.Flexible to meet the needs: Learn at own pace and gain credit for the achievements. The certificates anddiplomas have a range of optional units to meet the particular development needs. HR and L&D study paths:The opportunity to branch out into HR, Learning and Development and other specialists at Foundation,Intermediate and Advanced level.Boosting earning potential: Independent research reveals that individuals with professional qualifications standto earn £81,000 in additional earning over a lifetime. The knowledge for professional membership: Manyqualifications cover the knowledge required to work towards CIPD professional membership i.e. Associate,Chartered Member or Chartered Fellow.
  4. 4. 4. Registration & MembershipThe association has an elaborate and detailed membership payment. The memberships are tailored to themember’s needs. Namely Affiliate membership, New Student members, Reinstatement fee, and Membershiprenewals 2013-145. ConclusionThis website is impressively in detail. The website very much focuses on educating the society and members ofthe industry in the field of Human Resource Management. The website particularly looks at giving an upperhand to the members in getting information and also sufficient input to upgrade themselves in terms of jobopportunity and sell ability in the ever changing HR market6. ReferencesFujimoto, Y., Bahfen, N., Fermelis, J., &Härtel, C. E. J. (2007). The global village: online cross-culturalcommunication and HRM. Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal, 14(1), 7–22.doi:10.1108/13527600710718804History of HR and the CIPD.(2012, December 19).The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.Retrieved March 30, 2013, from L.Mathis, J. H. J. (1991). Personnel/Human Resource Management (6th ed., p. 5). St. Paul: West: WestPublishing Company.Thornthwaite, L. (2012). The origins of personnel management: reasserting the public sector experience.Journal of Management History, 18(3), 312–330. doi:10.1108/17511341211236264