Leitura e interpretação de texto - Simple Past e Past Continuous Tense


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Leitura e interpretação de texto - Simple Past e Past Continuous Tense

  1. 1. Leitura e interpretação de texto – Grammar: Simple Past Tense/Past Continuous TenseTHE JAPANESE TALE1) Take a look at the text and answer these questions.a) Em que país provavelmente se passa a história?b) Quem são os personagens?c) O ambiente é urbano ou campestre?d) Que instrumento a personagem toca?e) Qual o nome do espírito da flor?
  2. 2. 2) Encontre a expressão usada no texto para:a) a mais preciosa_________________________________________b) sentia falta de uma mulher ________________________________c) apareceu diante dele ______________________________________________d) sou aquela que ___________________________________________________e) uma resposta para as orações do jovem _______________________________3) Dê as qualidades :a) Do homem:______________________________________________________b) Da mulher: ______________________________________________________4) Assinale a alternativa correta:1) No primeiro parágrafo, o autor procura:a) Mostrar que o rapaz tinha dificuldade por se pobre.b) Narrar o conflito que vai desencadear a história.c) Apresentar o rapaz dentro do ambiente da história.2) No segundo parágrafo, o autor:a) Mostra o que faltava na vida do rapaz.b) Descreve o cenário da história.c) Introduz a segunda personagem.3) O que o rapaz estava fazendo quando a mulher apareceu?4) Um recurso da narrativa literária é a ironia. Explique a ironia usada no texto.5) Esse texto tem características de lenda porque recorre ao sobrenatural. Qual é oelemento sobrenatural?6) TRUE or FALSEa) ( ) The woman came from a city miles away.b) ( ) She liked to listen when he was playing the flute.c) ( ) The man had a metal flute and a garden.d) ( ) He wanted to give the flower to his wife.e) ( ) The woman died.7) Supply the simple past tense or the simple present tense of the verbs inparentheses.a) Bob ______________(see) that movie the day before yesterday.b) My mother ______________ (tell) me a beautiful story last night.c) We ___________ (gave) a nice present to Mr. Swam yesterday.d) My sister __________ (take) her children to school every morning.e) They never ___________(wait) for the bus here. This is a dangerous area.f) Frank ____________ (tell) us stories about sailors.
  3. 3. 8) Answer the question. Follow the example.Ex.: Did he take a bus or a taxi?He didn´t take a bus. He took a taxi.a) Did he find a dollar or a picture?b) Did you carry a table or a box?c) Did they read a book or the newspaper?d) Did you write a letter or a card?9) Supply the past continuous of the verbs in parentheses.a) Susan __________________ (help) her mother in the kitchen.b) We ____________________(run) to school at 8:00 this morning.c) The children ___________________(look) for the cat in the garage.d) Father __________________(drive) home at 6:00 yesterday.e) Dennis and Tom __________________(solve) the problem in the classroom.10) Rewrite the sentences into the past continuous.a) She sleeps upstairs.b) They called Dr. Harris again.c) I don´t talk to the teacher in the classroom.d) Do you play video game in your father´s computer?11) Complete the sentences.a) Nobody _______________ (work) When I ____________ (arrive) there.b) She __________________ (sleep) while you ___________(study).c) The children ___________ (have) fun while their parents ____________ (work).d) I _______________ (watch) TV When I _____________ (see) Uncle Larry on thescreen.e) It _______________ (start) raining when we _____________(sleep) in our tent inthe garden.f) We______________ (have) lunch when Susan _________________(ring) thebell.12)Several children ___________ in the park when the accident happened.a) Plays b) is playing c) were playing13)Alice _____________up when the telephone rang.a) Gets b) is getting c) was gettingHave a nice job!