Task 1 p1 conventions, house style,


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Task 1 p1 conventions, house style,

  1. 1. Task 1 P1- Conventions, House style, Navigation, Structure and layout
  2. 2. Website 1 http://www.beakable.com/
  3. 3. Conventions Logo Title Rotating information bar Information Navigation bar image Different slides of the information bar Rotation button This is the homepage to a conventional portfolio website . The navigation bar on a portfolio website dose not hold as many options as a standard website, witch is a good thing because then, it will be easier to navigate thought the work on the site. Also this site dose not include its own version of sitemap. This portfolio website dose use the conventional layout of both header and footer, the header includes the title and logo. The main thing the footer includes are the name of the designer and where you can go to see more of his work in this case he uses his facebook address. This is the basic layout of the homepage for this portfolio website.
  4. 4. House Style The house style of this website is mainly a dull dark grey for the background witch is consistent thought-out the site, but the red, yellow, purple and blue are the secondary colures near the top of the page. These help to brighten the page up and are also consistent though-out the website. Furthermore on each page the top quarter never seems to change witch includes things like the header, navigation bar and an image. also the font is not consistent on every page, for example the navigation bar and the homage information are the same but the titles of the portfolio work is different. This shows that not everything on this website is as consistent as it could and should be.
  5. 5. Navigation and Structure Navigation bar The navigation bar on this website is very small (only has 5 links). I think that this help the website too be very easy to navigate and all the links on the website are easy to understand. Also anybody would most likely be able to navigate on this website. Also there isn't a huge amount of links going off this page, which will make it more organised and make sure that people can find what they came here to look for without getting lost. Overall I think that this is a successful website it is fast and easy to navigate and the house style is consisted. But this website dose have some areas it can improve on, for example I think that the website needs to be more consistent with its font , and it could use a better image on the homepage to make the website more eye grabbing.
  6. 6. Website 2 http://www.dreamerlines.lv/
  7. 7. Conventions Header Footer Title Image Links (the writing in black) This is the homepage of a portfolio website, this website sent as complex as a standard website would be because of the information and links it has on it. Plus there is no sitemap included on this website. this website uses a layout of a header and footer, on this particular website the header contains the navigation bar. Here the layout of this websites homepage.
  8. 8. House Style The house style of this website is to have a white background with a very colourful and eye catching design behind him, also the navigational bar witch is at the top of the page is black with white writing witch you can see on every page. On each page the white background and the navigational bar are the same but, the design that is on top of the white background is always different. The font on every page is the same, just with different font sizes.
  9. 9. Navigation and Structure The navigational bar on this website is small with only 5 links, one witch takes you directly back to the homepage. They do this so there work isn’t that hard to find. also there aren’t a lot of links going of this page, in fact three out of the 5 links in the navigational bar take you to pages that don’t even have a link. Overall I think that this website is successful but they could add more links to some of the pages to make them seem more interesting, and the house style of the image on top of the background needs to be more consistent.
  10. 10. Website 3 http:// www.siminki.co.uk /
  11. 11. Conventions Logo Navigational bar Header Information Information Design work Footer Navigational bar This is a homepage to a conventions website, this one particular website doesn't have any other pages on except for its work that links you to other websites. Because of this there is no need for a sitemap. Also because of there only been one page there is too much crammed onto there and it seems unorganised.
  12. 12. House Style The house style of this website is that the background is black and grey, with a small amount of yellow, and the writing is all done in white. But this website still has links that take you to the sites that he has worked on so there is no house style similarities between these.
  13. 13. Navigation and Structure This website doesn't have any other pages for this site, the navigational bar, that seems like it has links on, only takes you to different areas on this page. For example if you pressed about me it will take you to the about me section. But the home page of this website includes all the stuff any other portfolio would include in its hold site. Overall I think that this website is not organised at all and it seems very rushed because of how little colure and pages there are. Also from looking at it I would say that its too simple and not a website that I would stay on for long.
  14. 14. Website 4 http:// www.stevemullencreative.com /
  15. 15. Conventions Header Title Footer Navigational bar Information Image News on the website This is a a home page of a portfolio website, it has a lot of information straight away, for example information, news and images. Also the navigational bar includes only 4 links which take you to other pages within the site. As well as this the site dose not offer a sitemap.
  16. 16. House Style The house style of this website is the same thought-out, the bottom 3 quarters a normal dark shade of brown, and the top quarter a lighter brown patch that looks slightly like wood. As well as this there are 2 different types of writing one for the titles, and another one for all the normal writing like information.
  17. 17. Navigation and Structure This website has 4 links in its navigational bar witch all lead to new page, also she has links on her homepage, which lead to informational posts that tell you about the writer and changes to the website. so because of this there are plenty of links going throughout this website, and all of these seem to be easy to find and organised. Overall I think that this website is in-between because it looks nice and all the links are organised. But the home page seems to have too much information on it, most of witch could have been put in another link in the navigational bar.
  18. 18. Website 5
  19. 19. Conventions This is a a home page of a portfolio website, this website has a rotating image frame that catches your eye straight away, because its colourful and in a perfect spot because its probably the first thing you see. also the Navigational bar includes 5 links and also thought the site there are links imbedded into the information, you can find these by looking for the blue information. also this site doesn't include a sitemap, most probably because of how little complexity this website has Title Footer Header Information Rotating image Navigational bar Links
  20. 20. House Style The house style of this website is that it has a completely black background, with a slight bit of blue at the top. The website is consistent with this thought-out the pages. Also the writing font and size is the same for example all the titles are the same size and font. Whilst the information to go with them are different but this is so you can tell them apart. also as you can see if there are any links imbedded in the information then they turn blue, this is so people can see where they are.
  21. 21. Navigation and Structure The navigational bar has 5 links witch take you to different pages on this website. This website dose have a lot of information just about his work on the home page, but I think that it all seems to be organised, still the home page could use a tidy up, to get rid of some unwanted information. Overall I think that this site is almost perfect. The only problem I found was how much information on one subject ( his work) was on the homepage. Due to this there wasn't much about the designer himself witch I think is very important for when somebody is looking to hire you.
  22. 22. Overall Portfolio good and bad points <ul><li>Good </li></ul><ul><li>Organised links, for example a navigational bar that is easy to find. </li></ul><ul><li>Attractive images that draw your audience in. </li></ul><ul><li>Consistence all the way thought, for example fonts and house style. </li></ul><ul><li>Eye catching house style, for example something that people wont find boring and plain </li></ul><ul><li>Something that differs from others like a rotating images, or rotating information. </li></ul><ul><li>Only the relevant information on the homepage </li></ul><ul><li>Bad </li></ul><ul><li>Homepage not too crowded. </li></ul><ul><li>Information shared thought-out the website. </li></ul><ul><li>Information put in the relevant categories. </li></ul><ul><li>House style shouldn’t include too many colures. </li></ul><ul><li>Information kept short and something that doesn't drag on. </li></ul><ul><li>Don’t copy styles from other websites. </li></ul><ul><li>Don’t keep to the basics, be imaginative. </li></ul>