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San diego web design

  1. 1. San diego web design : Part ICustomer Satisfaction is the Business Mantra at Silicon BizTechSilicon BizTech, a global software development and information technology outsourcing company, isdedicated to cater topclass services and is commited towards meeting the objective of its clients. Hardwork is the way of life at Silicon and satisfaction of customers the business mantra which inspires us togo to any length for the satisfaction of our clients.Time undoubtedly is money in todays world. The saying "time is money " is most applicable in todaystimes. No where is this trend more reflected than in business circles. Every penny saved is a pennyearned. And if this is what is the trend then obviously every penny must be saved. The out sourcingcompanies does that in the true sense by providing quality services at most competitive prices.However, they also bring with themselves lot of concerns for most of them are capable of doing onlyone job and the clients requirements might be many. For example if you develop a site it is obvious that you would need to design it as well as preparecontent for it. Just imagine the hassles you would be going through if you give the job to three vendorswho would be doing three different jobs. Not a very pleasent scenario, for the cofusion would beimmense. On the other hand if you get a company which can do all the three jobs then imagine howmuch pressure would be relieved and how smoothly the work would be done. This is where SiliconBizTech scores over others, for we do not provide any service but a package which takes care ofeverything.For example merely preparing a site is not the end of the job. The challenge is also to update it. Therewould always be times when new services would be added or the existing services be expanded. All thechanges need to be incorporated in the site. Same is the case with the design, which also gets old andoutdated.Such things have to be taken care of and when we say that we provide a complete package what wemean is that all such big, small issues would be taken care off. In addition to website design, contentmanagement, web promotion, and web development we also offer such services like e-commerce,software development, search engine optimization, web hosting and many more. So whether you arelooking to take your business to web or striving to improve your existing business Silicon BizTechprovides the services to make it successful.
  2. 2. Needless to say that once you become part of the BizTech family all your concerns would be ours andyou can take a sigh of relief. When we say that we do not provide a service but a complete package wemean every letter of the word. It can thus be understood that a job done by us would not be one job buta collection of many jobs and not to mention the quality which is the hall mark of any project done byus.Hiring a web designer to come up with the custom solution that you need can set you back a fewthousand bucks. But you can do the whole thing yourself and make it drag and drop simple for merepennies with a tool like Breezy Websites. See for details!San diego web design : End of Part ICustomize those error pages!Let me ask you this question. How many times have you made changes to the page structure of yoursite? Ten times? 100 times? 1000 times? If you have a large site, the number of changes can growrapidly. This is especially true if you deal with dynamic sites that are driven by a complex scriptinglanguage and a database.Now let me ask you one more question. How many times have you "fat fingered" the keyboard whentyping code? I cannot speak for anyone else, but I do it all the time. Now, what happens when you arecoding hundreds or thousands of lines of code? Are you going to catch that one little mistake, or areyour clients going to catch it?So, what happens when a link is no longer active on your site, or when you "fat finger" while typing yourcode and a link cannot be found? Error pages are generated. The most common of these is the 404error. This error is generated by your web server software to let the end user know that it cannot findthe file specified. The big issue here is that this page does not include a link back to your site. And unlessyou are the server administrator, it may not include your email address, in which case the end usercannot notify you of the dead link.
  3. 3. There is a new trend among hosting providers to capitalize on your dead links. Thats right. They aremaking money from pages that dont exist on your site! You might think this concept is silly, but I assureyou, there is big money in error pages. Just think about how many times a day end-users might "fatfinger" typing in URLs. Lets just say it happens 1,000 times per day (and Im probably being conservativehere). Now multiply that by an average of $0.10 per click for the credit the host receives when the end-user starts browsing their "convenience page". If you are quick at math, you figured out that that equals$100 per day! Now, if you take into consideration the size of the Internet and start scaling this figureaccordingly, you can easily see where this is a seven-figure industry.What can you do about this? How can you stop your web host from profiting from your visitors withoutyour permission? How can you start getting a piece of this very lucrative pie? The answer is really quitesimple.Most web hosting providers will allow you to customize at least a minimal subset of the configurationparameters of the web server for your hosting account. Im going to show you exactly how to do this forApache, the most common web server application on the Internet. Similar steps can be taken for IIS orany other web server application, but I trust that you can use Google™ to find those specificcommands.Ok, the first thing you want to do is come up with a template for your error pages. I suggest you use thebasic layout of your site so you can maintain a sense of consistency.Next, you will need to decide what content to display on the page. You should let your visitors know thatthey have stumbled across a dead link, but you also want to provide a streamlined method for them tofind their way back to your site. I recommend using the appropriate error message in the page title andat the beginning of the page using h1 tags. You should append a description of the error message toyour page title and display this description using h2 tags in your page.Example:<html><head>
  4. 4. <title>Error 404: The page you are looking for was not found</title></head><body><h1>Error 404</h1></h2>The page you are looking for was not found. Please check the URL and try again.</h2></body></html>Now you need to provide a easy "one-click" path to your website. This can be accomplished using asimple text link in the page footer.Example:<html><head><title>Error 404: The page you are looking for was not found</title></head><body><h1>Error 404</h1></h2>The page you are looking for was not found. Please check the URL and try again.</h2>To return to the [Company Name] homepage, click <ahref="">here</a>.</body></html>Now, upload your template as error404.html to your websites root directory (usually public_html).
  5. 5. To get the above template to function correctly when a user comes across an invalid link, all you need todo is create a .htaccess file, using your favorite plain text editor, with the following line in it and place itin the root directory (usually public_html) of your website.ErrorDocument 404 each error type you wish to provide a custom page for, simply repeat the above steps, adjusting thefile name and ErrorDocument statement appropriately. To gather a complete list of server responsecodes, search Google™ for "Apache error codes". (Adjust as needed for your server software.)As you can see, this process is extremely simple and only takes about five minutes. If you are good withHTML and you have a Google AdSense™ account and other affiliate accounts, you can easilycustomize your template to include your AdSense™ search box and your affiliate links. If you arereally savvy, you can use a free script like CaRP (RSS to HTML converter) to provide relevant content onyour error pages and further enhance the likelihood of driving the end-user to your site.Of course, if you are not that good with HTML but still want to retain your customers, there is hope. Ivecreated a very clean template that does all of the above for you. All you have to do is update a fewvariables in the code and you are ready to go. Simply go to my site and search for MyErrorPages. Its afree script that you are welcome to use on as many sites as you like.Now that you see how easy it is to customize your error pages and retain your valuable visitors, what areyou doing here still? Customize those error pages!Hiring a web designer to come up with the custom solution that you need can set you back a fewthousand bucks. But you can do the whole thing yourself and make it drag and drop simple for merepennies with a tool like Breezy Websites. See for details!San diego web design : End of Part II
  6. 6. Dazzle Your Web with Web with e-FuzionOne of the big compensation of designing websites this way is that you can get the web design lookingexactly how you want it. Designs for websites that have been done in Photoshop are called treatmentsor mockups. Generally Web Design Delhi company e-fuzion which creates two or three treatments for awebsite and then show them to the website owner, who chooses the best. If you are manufacture theweb design for yourself, then you could show the treatments to a friend or a member of your family.Frequently, you may find that you will want to make changes to your web design in order to improve it.Most treatments go through different versions before they are perfected to the ultimate web designlayout. Furthermore, it’s much easier to make changes to a web design in Photoshop than itwould be using html. Therefore, Web Design Delhi company e-fuzion includes with the aid of the webdesign program of your choice, you could finalize the look and feel of your current design. Makingchanges will be much harder and could be more expensive if you leave them pending until the end ofthe project. Showing your web design to some potential customers can always be a wise thing to do.With this done, Web Design Delhi company e-fuzion will provide different idea about what people thinkabout web designing. Throughout feedbacks received, you can then enhance your web design so that ithelps the website meet its goals.Websites are implicit using html, which is a fairly simple computer language made up of tags. In theirsimplest forms, tags are ways to add extra information to the text. For example you can add an h1 tag tosome text if it’s the page heading or you could add a tag to some copy to turn it to a link. Thiswas fine to use in web design in the days when the pages were only created by academics to share theirlatest discoveries. But if you are creating the web design for a modern website, you would possibly wantit to look more striking.Hiring a web designer to come up with the custom solution that you need can set you back a fewthousand bucks. But you can do the whole thing yourself and make it drag and drop simple for merepennies with a tool like Breezy Websites. See for details!San diego web design : End of Part III