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Overview of the Digital Georgia Program and Broadband in Rural Georgia

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  • Local and Regional Broadband Planning to increase Florida’s participation in the Digital Economy
  • Local and Regional Broadband Planning to increase Florida’s participation in the Digital Economy
  • Digital Georgia Program

    1. 1. Broadband in Rural Georgia Bill Price Digital Georgia Program
    2. 2. Purpose Investing in Projects to Increase Georgia’s Participation in the Digital Economy What We are Funding Technical Assistance and Information Development Resources Regional Planning for Digital Economic Strategies (12 Regions) Telemedicine Project Education Broadband Project Digital Infrastructure Mapping Digital Summits (3) The Digital Georgia Program Priorities Rural Georgia The Economy, Infrastructure, Workforce Business and Government Collaboration
    3. 3. @Home, @Work The World is …Smarter…Smaller….Faster
    4. 4. 14-29 Year Olds Say I Cannot Imaging life Without…
    5. 5. Digital Economy Planning Non Profits Business State and Local Government Service Providers
    6. 6. Develop a Digital Economy Strategy In 12 Georgia Regions Develop Collaboration and Partnerships Determine Broadband Supply and Demand Determine Workforce Supply and Demand Determine Opportunities and Threats Find Resources and Assets Identify Gaps and Priorities Create Action
    7. 7. We Have More Resources than we are aware of Current Approaches Chip away at statewide challenges Accurate Data to enable fact based decision making Requires Business and Government to partner to solve our challenges Business and Government Collaboration is Critical
    8. 8. Broadband
    9. 9. Digital Transportation Network Enables the Digital Economy Education, Health, Public Safety
    10. 10. Rural Georgia Innovates Drones in Georgia Agriculture “Drones tested to help Georgia famers see crops from above” Moultrie Georgia: Private, Government and Universities
    11. 11. Georgia’s Rural Broadband
    12. 12. Broadband Research, Analysis and Mapping Partners with Cable Telco Municipal With Wireline Access 9,257,781 No Broadband Access 167,696 Households 429,872 People
    13. 13. Unserved By Broadband
    14. 14. Total 10,311
    15. 15. Available DSL Broadband
    16. 16. Available Cable Broadband
    17. 17. Wireless Broadband
    18. 18. Broadband Investments Private Sector: 100+ Broadband Service Providers Invest Billions in Georgia Federal Funding: Residential FCC Connect America Fund Phase I = $348M for Unserved FCC Connect America Fund Phase II = $Billions a Year for 5 Yrs. Public Safety Broadband “FirstNet” $7 Billion for National Mobile Broadband Network $3.3M to Georgia for FirstNet Planning Education and Health Care: E-Rate Funds $2.5 Billion a Year for Schools and Libraries Rural Health Care Funds $400M a Year for Hospitals and Clinics
    19. 19. Connect America Fund Impact to Georgia
    20. 20. Phase I $30 Million for 55,723 Homes
    21. 21. $33,349,109 $30,259,496 $27,063,353 $20,950,161 $19,509,846 $11,871,050 $10,505,280 $6,455,989 $0 $5,000,000 $10,000,000 $15,000,000 $20,000,000 $25,000,000 $30,000,000 $35,000,000 $40,000,000 TN GA AL NC MS KY SC FL FCC Connect America Funds for Broadband: Phase I
    22. 22. 52,728 Georgia Households 43,685 37,718 35,472 26,472 20,110 15,154 10,294 0 10,000 20,000 30,000 40,000 50,000 60,000 GA TN AL NC MS KY SC FL $30,259,000 Funds Broadband to 52,728 Georgia Households
    23. 23. 49,401 Households 3,320 Households Windstream ATT Connect America Fund Phase I Georgia Households by Broadband Provider
    24. 24. Connect America Fund Phase II $Billions Per Year for 5 Years
    25. 25. Challenges Remain Employment and Ability to Buy a Computer and Broadband Rural Broadband Access and Speeds Lag Georgia Metros Rural Prices Can be 2-3 Times Higher Rural Broadband Capacity Limitations Fewer Technical Support and Assistance Resources Options to Improve Develop Public Private Partnerships Develop Ways to lower Broadband Investment Costs Identify Ways to Grow Rural Broadband Markets Develop Technical Assistance Programs and Resources Increase Awareness of Broadband Programs to Lower Cost
    26. 26. To Use Our Resources To Participate, Contribute and Collaborate Contact: Regional Commissions Bill Price, Questions?