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Drishtikon sept '10


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This is the FIRST EDITION of HR e-newsletter of N.L.Dalmia institute of management studies

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Drishtikon sept '10

  1. 1. D V O L U M E 1 , RISHTIKON I S S U E 1 VISION BEYOND HORIZON 7 T H S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 0 Lets Go Back!! N L Dalmia Institute of Management Professor of OB and HR was selection process and is ranked Studies and Research was estab- awarded the ‘Best Teacher of Man- number one for its academic rigour. lished in the year 1997. The Insti- agement’ by BMA. Mr. Anurag Arya The Institute is known for its trans- tute has inculcated the competitive and Mr. Amit Ahuja were awarded spirit among its students right since the ‘Best Student of Management’ by parency, fairness and ethical stan- its inception. It was the first insti- BMA in the year 2002 and 2003 re- dards. It is the only institute which tute to organize a Marketing fair in spectively. does not have any Management line with the fair of XLRI. The event The Institute proved its mettle in Quota or Institute Level seats and was a grand success with 25 compa- Marketing Strategy by winning believes in providing the opportu- nies participating through various “Comstrat” organized by FCB ULKA nity to every deserving candidate. THEN management games. The Institute in 2004. With the opening up of Fi- had 60 students in its MMS Pro- nancial Market, the Institute found a The Institute has an excellent infra- gramme and 30 in its Part Time large number of students opting for NOW PGDBM Programme. Finance as their specialization and structure - A/c classrooms and Wi- Prof P. L. Arya joined the Institute in hence additional faculties were re- Fi connectivity. It has a state of the August 1998 and gave fillip to the cruited in this area. True recognition art library and computer center. It academic rigour and discipline. The came to the Institute when it won also has a unique, informal and fam- Institute had a small faculty team the ‘Equity Research Competition ily type culture which is congenial and depended largely on visiting Khoj’ in 2005, a competition in which for higher learning and enables faculty then. The major specializa- IIM-A, B, C, XLRI and SP Jain were every student to blossom and real- tion during the first 4 years of the the other finalists. Institute was Systems, followed by Today the Institute has 33 full time ize his full potential. Marketing, Finance and HR in that faculty members. Many of them have order. done their Management studies from -Prof P. L. Arya (Director, N. L. Dalmia Institute A lot changed during the subsequent IIM, IIT and other leading foreign and of Management Studies and Re- years, the Institute won its first Indian Universities. search) Dandekar Trophy organized by the It is now amongst the top 5 B schools INSIDE THIS Bombay Management Association in in Mumbai University in terms of the ISSUE: 2001. In the year 2001 Dr. S Sadri, Our Alumnus speaks... 2 The Beginning 2 HR Club Rocks!!! “Never doubt that a small group of Human Resource Management. games, Quiz and screening of movies The Secret Revealed 3 thoughtful, committed people can The platform aims at giving the are organized on a regular basis. change the world. Indeed, it is the only essential corporate exposure to Two major events of the HR Club Leadership in Public Life 3 thing that ever has.” the students by inviting eminent calendar are Manusandhan- a one day - Margaret Mead. people from the industry for guest seminar where eminent people from lectures and workshops. the HR field speak on a particular The hidden side of salary 3 The HR Club, under the able guid- ance of Prof. N. Rajan, Prof. Ronie It also provides an opportunity to topic and Utkarsh- a national level D’Costa & Prof. Pooja Shah; from its the students for putting on their paper presentation competition. Crossword 4 inception has its roots in the deep thinking caps and translating ideas The Club will also conduct an HR understanding of HR and manage- into actions. HR Club also facili- Alumni Meet – a platform for all HR From the Editors Desk 5 ment related issues. Its purpose is tates live projects, works on in- Alumni to come back to the College to provide highly competent manag- creasing corporate interaction and and share their experiences with us. ers with the necessary exposure to brain-storming on current issues in -Abha Deshkar (President, HR Club) the modern concerns related to the area of Human Resources. & Neema Chaturvedi (Secretary, HR Club activities such as Management Club)
  2. 2. PAGE 2 Our Alumnus Speaks... Hello! Dear friends…. it to completion, team skills would be in the industry. I etc would just suggest on keeping I have to say I was delighted on The rigorous schedule that up the learning curve. It is never being asked to share my views too late to learn anything new for the Newsletter. Opportuni- and no kind of work is little. ties such as these are always Be open for any kind of work nice as they give a chance to in the beginning as it is all a retrospect and re-live cher- part of learning. Also, no mat- ished memories. ter how high you go, and no matter how many equally Congratulations to all on being tempting paths may lie ahead a part of a dynamic HR team, of you, if it is not the ethical under such good leadership. way to go about it, you would You are in an absolute wonder- rather not tread it. ful phase of learning. Please do Ms. Bhavna Paratey make the most of it. Do take Batch 2006-08 Lastly, I think the Alumni up any opportunity that comes Newsletter is a wonderful your way, or better still find one undergoes during MBA is initiative. When we speak new opportunities that will a real boon as it prepares one about academic-industry inter- benefit you, your colleagues for the real world. Multi- face, this helps in its own way. and the Institute at large. A lot tasking, meeting deadlines, of opportunities may come responding quickly and accu- All the Very Best! across your way, where you rately, are all very important can discover certain qualities and these qualities are invari- Regards, or hone existing qualities, e.g. able learnt during the grill. Bhavna (Paratey) Ate speaking in public, interacting (Bhavna is currently working as and dealing with variety of It is understandable that one Resource Management Lead - people/senior management, may have apprehensions about LSHC at Tata Consultancy Ser- taking up a task and executing what may lie ahead and how it vices) The Beginning…… Group of twenty five divided reduced Our scripts are similar ; our into two stories are same What laid ahead none of us And then the events began to How we enact is the name of knew, unfold, the game As everyone had their hearts’ We entered the room in t- One, two, three as the days shirts and jeans stories told went by We giggled and laughed as girls I heard them all, with an in- Made 14 new friends, in their teens, credulous look including I We spoke of fear, film and Coz they were reading pages song, from my life’s book At the end of it all PERSONAL GROWTH Anything we could to get along, I have something to say to sum And then it all started to make it all LAB But the facilitator did not allow sense As he yelled “Here and Now” Understood life and its essence It’s only at the end of something Life’s like a movie, I have to say That you realize how beautiful We looked at each other, to- Where we all have different was the Beginning……. tally confused, roles to play All excitement gone, all fun - Ms. Leena Rajput ( DRISHTIKON
  3. 3. VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1 PAGE 3 ‘The Secret’ Revealed The Secret talks of The Law of defined as “acting, thinking and Attraction. The process is broken speaking as if you have already re- down into three steps: ask, be- ceived what you are asking for.” “It is true that you lieve, and receive. The underlying m ay fool all the theme is: you are the creator of The book describes The Se- your own destiny. Your thoughts cret through the voices of many people som e of the have the power to manifest your highly successful experts from many desires. different fields including philoso- tim e; you can even The HR Club was kick started by phers, psychologists, life coaches, the first event which was the The Law of Attraction goes beyond motivational speakers, and business fool som e of the screening of the movie ‘The Secret’ positive thinking. The book empha- professionals. Each explains their based on the novel by Rhonda sizes the use of visualization tech- understanding of the Law of Attrac- people all the tim e; Byrne. Prof. Rajan, Prof. Khedkar, niques, gratitude, faith and affirma- tion and how it affects reality. Prof. Mohite, Prof. Pooja Shah, Prof. tions to help focus your mental but you cant fool Ameet Dubey and Prof. Ronie energy. The overall concept re- - Ms. Sonali Kapadia ( D’costa marked the start of the quires that the individual believes all the people all Club with us students. strongly in the process. Believing is the tim e” Leadership in Public Life A braham Lincoln Leadership is the ability to take Raju, Central PF Commissioner over and above the confines of the initiatives rather than choosing to (West zone) clearly pointed out the management curriculum. Leadership be a spectator. harsh realities of public life in India. in public life is manifold. Such With 4400 Acts in place, flouting qualities cannot be acquired Mocking the governing body for its rules is rather easy. India ranks 2nd merely with qualifications. follies, the corruption engulfing our with respect to Natural Resources, system and more importantly criti- Technical, Scientific & Managerial We must leverage on our cizing our leaders for their inade- skills, yet we lag behind when it knowledge resource and use quacies is easy. But what does it comes to strive for perfectionism in it to contribute to the better- take to enter the muck to clean up our public life. ment of our country. We the filth? The Youth today, the must aim to resolve conflicts Generation X, are termed as Corruption is seen as an essential between preaching and prac- ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’. But can tool to “get things done” and poli- ticing. Be it something as they truly live up to these expecta- tics is termed as a dirty game by the simple as civic sense and tions when they fail to display lead- youth. Professions like Doctors, maintaining public hygiene. It ership in the simple nuances of Engineers, CA, are over and above is high time we made a start. public life? preferred to politicians (only 1-3 percent choose politics). It is essen- -Ms. Deepika Rao Our esteemed guest Dr Mahendra tial we posses holistic knowledge ( The Hidden Side of Salary Mr. Vijay Kumar Mahajan, an expert fessional and technical jobs. It is Other highlighting points from on the subject Compensation & also extensively used for clerical the session were Mr. Mahajan’s Benefits visited HR students. .The and manual jobs and when a views that the only objectives session was an interactive & enlight- single top-to-bottom evaluation of compensation are attracting, ening experience. His profound method is required as the basis motivating & retaining employ- knowledge on the subject was evi- for integrated pay and grading ees & that compensation needs dent throughout the session. structures. to be used strategically because Sir gave a detailed explanation of This can be represented by the it is not the panacea to all the The Hay Method of Job Evaluation simple model: organizational evils. which is the most widely used in the INPUT - Know How world. It is perhaps best known for PROCESSING- Problem Solving -Ms Deepika Amesar its application to management, pro- OUTPUT–Accountability (
  4. 4. PAGE 4 Crossword ACROSS 1. He proposed Management by Group objectives (MBGO) 2. A manager who maintains a network of outside contacts , who provide favors and information 4. An individual’s capacity to perform the various tasks in a job 5. While placing executives in Middle East countries the biggest importance should be given to 8. Sector in which Indian government allows 100% FDI 9. Systematic study of cause and effect of personal space require- ments 10. ___________ - Characteristic of Indian firms that helps Indian women work 13. The personality who introduced the concept of 'Bureaucracy' in 1922 14. Welfare facility provided to workers where the number of women working is more than 30 15. Company that has emerged as the ‘Best Company To Work For’ in India in 2010 according to Rediff Business. 16. In Expectancy theory Force = ________ x Expectancy DOWN 1. A relatively permanent change in behavior that occurs as a result of experience 3. Company that won 2 awards at Asia Best Employer Brand Awards 6. Individuals who achieve goals through other people 7. The Process of Certifying the competence of a person, an em- ployee in an area of capability 9. _______________’s Classical Conditioning Theory 11. His Theory is commonly referred to as the 'Hierarchy of Hu- man Needs' 17. The group which showed the most improvement in productiv- ity after being granted stock options. “How to Assign Functions” Put employees in a room with only a table and CROSSWORD SOLUTION two chairs. Leave them without any instruction and check back on them in two hours. If they have taken the table apart...assign them to Engineering! If they are counting butts in the ashtray...put them in Finance! If they are talking to the chairs...assign them to HR! If they are sleeping...they are Management Material! If they do not notice when you walk them in Security! And if they have left early...put them in Sales. DRISHTIKON
  5. 5. VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1 PAGE 5 From the Editor’s Desk DRISHTIKON believes in VISION edition of the newsletter will highlight newsletter. BEYOND HORIZON i.e. to reach in brief the activities organized by HR We would also like to thank the the pinnacle of success and after Club, Views from alumni, creative Alumni for sharing their thoughts reaching there DONT STOP, find contribution from students in the with the HR students. Last but not another peak to conquer. Drishtikon form of poems, crosswords, quotes the least we would like to ac- will work as a medium to share stu- and many more knowledge the people who are dent’s point of view with the Alumni. always there to provide a helping We, The Drishtikon Team, would hand for the newsletter i.e. “HR It is an initiative of the HR Batch like to extend our gratitude to the students of Batch 09-11”. DRISHTIKON’S 2009-11 and the whole theme be- management & the faculty of N.L. MISSION: hind publishing the e-newsletter is to Dalmia Institute of Management Stud- - Team Drishtikon get all the Full time/Part time HR ies and Research for their help and Priyanka Shah • Bridging the gap alumni back to their roots. Every guidance in publishing the e- Akansha Khare between the HR Alumni and the current HR batch. Coming soon HR Alumni Meet THE HR TEAM • Bringing the Alumni back to their roots The HR Batch of 2009-11 is one of the The class is always bustling with enthusi- Confirm your presence most unique batches one would ever come across. The class comprises of asm and creativity, which is highly evi- • Making the by clicking on the dent even if you happen to peep into the twenty six girls and a very lucky boy. It is Alumni feel a part below link highly unlikely for someone to be on class right from the door to the class of HR Club https:// campus and not notice the ever ener- notice board. Everyone in the class adds getic batch. a new hint of freshness to it. In the class, • Updating the viewform? breakthrough moments can happen any The students come from diverse educa- Alumni on what’s formkey=dGM2OTFnN time. mo0S1YwcWlSbndwenZ tional backgrounds like Engineering, Psy- new in HR in chology, Management, Science, Com- A place where every idea sees the light DIMSR UUHc6MQ merce, Economics Honours and even of the day because every ‘can we do English Literature .The batch comprises of a blend of freshers as well as experi- this?’ transforms into ‘let’s do it’ and enced students, with their experience soon to ‘done!’ SNEAK PEAK ranging from Banking, IT right up to Me- INTO NEXT dia. It is a place where everyone has a syn- MONTH’S onymous feeling – ‘Proud to be a part DRISHTIKON: of the HR Batch 2011’. • Transaction Analysis with Dr. M. C. Agarwal. P le a s e s • Performance Manage- f e e d e n d b a ck us y ment Systems with Ms. our t ion s a n d t o: S ug g Seema Saxena. e s - d r is h • Management games– t i k on .n ld @ The Human Side of g ma i l. com Human Resource • HR Club Inauguration. and lots more…...