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Unleash your inner Public Relations geek

  1. Unleash your
 inner PR geek
  2. #MORE
 GEEKS Public relations needs
  4. Canyou keep up?
  5. Timeto GET YOUR 
  6. LET’S HACK Project management Email Pitching Follow-up Tracking results Bringing it together
  7. Project management
  9. Here’sadigitalexample:
  10. Checkthis5-minguide Looks cool. 
 Worksextremelywell. It’s an efficient, collaborative way to manage projects.
  11. ✔ Intuitive ✔ Flexible ✔ Reduces email 🚫 Can get messy
  12. OurownPRagencyprefersa
  13. ✔ Low and high level tasks ✔ Transparency for clients (they see what you do) ✔ Removes need for email ✔ Templates for faster, better work
  14. Email
  15. 2143 Auch!Butrecognisable,
  16. 0 Would’nt youlove this?
  17. 0 Abitofprocess andsoftware canhelp 
 Trytheinbox0 approach
  18. It’s about how to reclaim your email, your attention, and your life. That “zero?” It’s not how many messages are in your inbox – it’s how much of your own brain is in that inbox. Especially when you don’t want it to be. Merlin Mann Writer, Speaker, 
 and Broadcaster Moreaboutinbox0
  19. Thise-mailadd-on workslikeacharm: BOOMERANG Throw away e-mails and return them when you need
  20. BTW,
 wejust publishedafree ebookaboutthis Get it now
  21. Pitching
  22. Offering a story to an influencer… PITCHING =
  23. 49 … together with 
 other people.
  24. Because,onaverage,
 ajournalistgets Source 〉 over 50pitchemailsperday
  25. make yours
  26. In2015 there’s no excuse
  27. Every,single pitch that is researched and targeted is 100% effective. If you build a relationship with a blogger or a journalist and you pitch them what you already know they write about, you will hit a homerun every time. Gini Dietrich CEO Arment Dietrich
 Author @spinsucks Readon:
  28. Find relevant contacts Know their needs Pitch visually 1 2 make Sure to
  29. You can find all influencers online:
  30. GEEKS are here! But don’t fear, A hard part can be
 finding their 
 e-mail address
  31. Guess email addresses 
 with an Email Permutator
  32. Guess email addresses 
 with an Email Permutator (it makes a list of emails)
  33. Install a mailbox add-on like Rapportive
 to check which one works More tricks
  34. STOP Before you pitch,
 make sure you know what’s on your contacts’ minds
  35. Find them on social media
 with MailMatch
  36. Follow them on social media Read their updates every day ✔ Build multiple lists ✔ Keep them manageable ✔ Interact ✔ Combine strategic & conversational msgs
  37. Also read their articles subscribe to updates of digital articles
 in Feedly
  38. Pitch visually
  39. We process visuals 
 60,000 times faster
 than text
  40. 9.7x 7.4x+ + + 4.3x 1.8x = Attachments, soundbites, charts, interactive,… Multimedia content gets viewed 
 a lot MORE 9.7x
  41. Send
 visual pitches (that load fast)
  42. I begged, begged, PR professionals to send video and multiple photos with their news releases. Clay Morgan Former editor, The Daily News Journal ”
  43. An example multimedia pitch
 with Prezly
  44. More on pitching in this quick slide deck:
  45. Follow-up
  46. In software sales,
 If you follow up with web leads within 5 minutes, you’re 9 times more likely to convert them SPEED
 MATTERS Source 〉
  47. Use the DRY principle of software design:
 Yourself The same applies when selling stories:
 Follow up fast
  48. Save time with canned replies shared by the team 
 with Yesware
  49. Anticipate replies by tracking the responses to your emails
 with Yesware
  50. In sales,
 80% of non-routine sales occur only after at least five follow-ups PERSISTENCE
 PAYS OFF Source 〉
  51. Given the email onslaught we all suffer from, it is relatively easy for good releases to get overlooked, or simply lost. In such a case, an email reminder (or tweet, if the reporter is fairly conversational on Twitter) can help. Shonali Burke CEO Shonali Burke Consulting
 Founder #measurePR Readon:
 TheArtofthePerfectPressReleaseFollow-Up ”
  52. When reaching out to multiple people, 
 you can save time with automated sequences ✔ Define a small, specific list of contacts ✔ Create sequences of emails ✔ They automatically get sent if the contact didn't reply ✔ It feels like manual follow-up, but it isn't
  53. It’s possible to set this up
 with Outreach
  54. You can share sequences with your colleagues, tune emails and measure the succes of different templates and sequences
  55. Tracking results
  56. bad
 at proving their value PR have always been

  57. With digital analytics tools there’s no excuse
  58. There are plenty of ways to measure Outputs & Outcomes
  59. Your first step?
 showing reach with coverage books Outputs
  60. Keeps the junior PR’s busy:
 Repeat X times: 1) Go to site. Take screenshot. 2) Paste in Powerpoint. 3) Look op domain value in Opensite Explorer. 4) Paste in Powerpoint. 5) Look up social shares in Buzzsomu. 6) Paste in Powerpoint. Bye bye afternoon.
  61. Do this in minutes with Coveragebook ✔ Screenshots ✔ Estimated views ✔ Estimated shares ✔ Domain authority
  62. Outcomes Have a website? Track goals 
 in Google Analytics ✔ Sign up to a newsletter? ✔ Download information? ✔ Fill out contact forms? ✔ Buy direct from the site?
  63. Example conversion funnel Completearticle
  64. Google Analytics can be overwhelming Keep it simple. 
 Present the info you need in a spreadsheet
  65. HowtobringGA datainGoogle sheets Example automated content spreadsheet
  66. Bringing it together
  67. With so many moving parts, how do you keep
 the overview?
  68. Over 150.000 teams use It’s the fastest growing B2B software ever.
  69. Use it to ✔ Collaborate remotely (chatbox) ✔ See team activity (link other software) ✔ Look up things (search, archive) We haven’t sent emails internally since 0
  70. Pull in social activity And decide who’ll follow up
  71. Listen to conversations And decide who’ll follow up
  72. Display todo’s This are notifications of our content calendar in Google docs
  73. Display progress This is a notification from project management system Trello
  74. Search in your history Easily retrieve decisions you made or files you shared
  75. Display progress This is a notification from project management system Trello
  76. Integrate own software Example where we look for press releases from clients
  77. HACKING Project management Email Pitching Follow-up Tracking results Bringing it together
  78. Spread
 the word: Tweet now
  79. Check More TOOLS?
  80. Whythis presentation? We’re a team of geeks that build PR software.
  81. Presentation by Prezly The CRM for PR pros Get a 15-minute demo ✔ Better understand your contacts ✔ Publish your stories online and on social media ✔ Alert your contacts with quick multimedia emails