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9 public relations tip posters for you office walls



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9 public relations tip posters for you office walls

  1. 9 PR posters For your office walls
  2. The posters 5 email pitch essentials 6 waysto avoid sending spam 6 tips for measuring PR social media 7 habits of highlysuccessfulPR people 8 things I wish journalists knew about PR 10 commandments of effective press releases 12 rules to run a successfull agency 13 do’s and don’ts when pitchingto the media 15 tips for a successful PR career
  3. 5 email pitch essentials Michael Smart @michaelsmartpr 1. Content that impacts your audience 2. Why you’re contacting them 3. A time element 4. A simple yes or no call to action that’s easy to accept 5. The most important thing a journalist can see in the body of your pitch email is the END
  4. 6 tips for measuring PR social media Paula Berg @paulaberg 1. Mission Objectives Goals first, creativity second 4. Frequency Formats Report for the future, not the past 2. Strategic Planning Develop measurable programs 5. Tools Test before you invest 3. Metrics Benchmarking First things first 6. Analysis Tools don’t manage themselves
  5. 6 ways to avoid sending Steve Goldstein @SGoldsteinAI 1. 2. 3. Use your own company email address 4. 5. If you’re emailing a news release, label it as such Make your subject line informative 6. Avoid the use of all caps Avoid common spam keywords and phrases: urgent, great offer, free, amazing,.. Only send pitches and releases when you have real news to share.
  6. Amanda Littlejohn @amandamogul 1. 2. 3. 4. 7 Be proactive 5. Think win-win Seek first to understand, then to be understood Begin with the end in mind Put first things first habits of highly successful PR people 6. Synergize 7. Sharpen the saw
  7. Posters by Hundreds of PR teams use Prezly newsrooms and CRM tools to share stories. 5 more posters
  8. 8 things I wish journalists knew about PR Julia Sahin @Julia_Sahin 1. We wish you would answer our emails 6. We care about our company and our client’s reputation 2. We want to know where we can find you 7. Our jobs suck as much as yours do 3. We get you 8. 4. We’re not all bad 5. We put a lot of effort into our pitches We love our jobs as much as you love yours; otherwise, neither of us would do it
  9. 10 commandments of effective press releases Mickie Kennedy @ereleases 1. Thou shalt be newsworthy and engaging 2. Thou shalt not stuff keywords 3. Thou shalt use links to provide information not boost SEO - 4. Thou shalt write tightly and to the point 5. Thou shalt include visuals 6. Thou shalt tell a story 7. Thou shalt expand distribution 8. Thou shalt make the press release easy to share 9. Thou shalt not use stale quotes 10. Thou shalt focus on building relationships
  10. 12 rules to run a successful PR agency Lord Peter Chadlington @PChadlington 1. Everything is possible 7. PR people are ignorant. Read! 2. Clients are at the center of your 8. Think enough business 3. Hire people smarter than you. on’t D employ people that don’t get digital. 4. Be tough about ourselves, our colleagues clients 5. Keep business life separate 6. Learn about money numbers 9. Beware morality creep. Stay honest. 10. Manage expectations. S asisfaction = results - expectations 11. Get the small things right 12. Never give up
  11. 13 do’s and don’ts when pitching to the media Mikal E. Belicove @Belicove 1. Do reference someone else’s data to back up your claims 2. Don’t tell me about another publication’s coverage of your news 3. Do let me know who your competitors are 4. Don’t give me the details of your company Christmas party 5. Do give me plenty of lead time 6. Don’t rely on the shotgun approach 7. Do personalize your pitch 8. Don’t puff up your press release 9. Do keep in mind the “Matthew Effect” 10. Don’t pitch me in public 11. Do consider my work load 12. Don’t nitpick when it comes to corrections 13. Help me help you
  12. 15 tips for a successful PR career Dave Fleet @davefleet 1. Be a sponge 9. Learn to stay level-headed 2. Stay on top of the news 10. Know 3. Focus on details 11. Learn 4. Learn to juggle 5. Learn to write 6. Embrace numbers 7. Measure through the lifecycle 8. Provide solutions what you don’t know the difference between objectives, strategy and tactics 12. Become a trusted advisor 13. Learn from your mistakes 14. Think outside your bubble 15. Understand converged media
  13. Visuals by Hundreds of PR teams use Prezly newsrooms and CRM tools to share stories.