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Inspirational speech slides design simon_d_prezentio_portfolio


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Inspirational speech - presentation slides design portfolio Prezentio

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Inspirational speech slides design simon_d_prezentio_portfolio

  1. 1. by Simon P. Dziak Inspirational Speaking
  2. 2. ”The choices you make, determine your destiny!”
  3. 3. US EXPERIENCE 2006
  4. 4. 2006 Ohio
  5. 5. Risky Poland Safe USA
  6. 6. Stay in America, make money here. What's in your heart?
  7. 7. heart Follow your
  8. 8. NEW START 2007
  9. 9. to Poland Back Picture Courtesy: Travelling_Artist, CC license
  10. 10. Crisis 200
  12. 12. F C G False Clever Greedy
  13. 13. F C G Fair Creative Generous
  14. 14. False Clever Greedy Fair Creative Generous F C G
  15. 15. Inspiration
  16. 16. Hard working
  17. 17. Hard working Mr Cheater
  18. 18. Hard working Mr Cheater Mr Right
  19. 19. your comfort zone Bre
  20. 20. F C G Fairness Creates Growth
  21. 21. F C G in life, too. Fairness Creates Growth
  22. 22. F C G Business & Life model by Simon P. Dziak