My skills in a glance


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What I learned by my previous and present working experiences

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My skills in a glance

  1. 1. Michele  Prevato  Mob.  +39  331  96  72  130          I  developed  a  solid  experience  in  ideating  and  organising  both  cultural  and  marketing  events.    I  experienced  in  the  management  and  the  production  of  different  projects.    In  the  last  12  years  I  mixed  my  personal  interests  for  art,  culture  and  passion  for  new  social  trends,  with  my  professional  experience  in  communication,  management,  digital  projects  and  special  initiatives.    I   appreciate   those   companies   and   brands   enriched   by   mixité   on   different   layers   (cultural,   coolness,  branding,  action)..      In  the  last  two  pages,  I  attach  more  details  about  some  events  I  realized.     My  experience   Lessons  learned     In   2000   I   founded,   in   Venice,   Attualamente.   Attualamente   is   an   open   organization   made   up   of   individuals   that   operate   under   the   same   name.    .  I  learned  to  be  attentive   Attualamente  worked  as  a  multidisciplinary  workshop  focused  on  producing   to  emerging  trends   art  that  both  reflects  upon  and  enhances  the  space  in  which  exists.        .  I  learned  how  to   With   Attualamente   I   began   to   relate   to   public   administrations   (such   as   dialogue  with  different   Comune  di  Venezia)  and  public    institutions  (like  Universities  and  Biennale  of   partners  for  a  common   Venice).   I   met   many   artist,   photographers,   performers,   videomakers,   objective   craftmen   with   whom   we   realized   many   innovative   formats   for   cultural   events  and  performances.       .       In   the   same   years   I     began   my   experience   with   Promostudio   International     consultants   one   of   the   first   Italian   speakers   bureau   for   Economics   and     management.   Here   I   learned   to   deal   projects   directly   with   managers   of   big     .   companies  and,    at  the  same  time,  I  had  the  chance  to  meet  and  relate  with    .    I  learned  to  work  in   big   names   of   different   fields   (from   many   Nobel   Laureates   in   Economics   to   international  field   some   Guru   in   creativity   and   social   innovation   like   Edward   de   Bono   and   $   Jeremy  Rifkin,…)  .     .    I  used  to    dialogue  with     managers  and   With   Promostudio   I   organized   the   first   three   editions   of   Telecom   Italia   entrepreneurs   Venice   Colloquia   where,   for   the   first   time,   more   than   5   Nobel   Laureates   discussed  together  for  a  better  future.               Farther  I  made  an  internship  in  the  communication  department  of  Oakley,  in   .  working  abroad   the   European   headquarter   in   Paris.   In   Paris   I   also   worked   for   6   month   at   Italian  Institute  of  Culture.                
  2. 2. After  my  experience  in  Promostudio,    I  came  back  in  Milan  where  I  worked   .  I  learned  to  give  with   Progetti   Nuovi     (founded   by   Annamaria   Testa),   a   strategic   meaning  to  things  communication  company.      Here   I   developed   projects   like   “Nuovo   e   Utile”   one   of   the   first   .  I  improved  my  multidisciplinary   display   on   Creativity.   It   began   with   an   international   organizational  skills  conference  and  the  following  year  it  became  the  first  festival  of  creativity.  It    was  held  in  Florence  and  we  designed  more  than  200  events  in  a  week.    I  was  the  general  coordinator  of  the  project  and  this  gave  me  the  chance  to   .  I  enriched  my  network  operate  together  with  some  leaders  in  creativity  and  communication  issues,   of    stakeholders  on  coming   from   many   different   fields   (from   science   to   architecture,   to   creative  fields.    entertainment,   to   marketing,   etc.).   Today   Nuovo   e   Utile   is   one   of   the   richest  web  resources  about  creativity.        I   decided   to   quit   Progetti   Nuovi   to   join   Digital   Magics,   one   of   the   first   and   .  I  understood  the  most   innovative   cross   media   company   in   Italy.   I   was   very   attracted   by   new   potential  of  social  media  and  social  strategies  that’s  why  I  started  as  project  manager  on  some   media  tools  and  I  know  crossmedia   projects   for   Disney,   Fiat,   Gazzetta   dello   Sport.   I   worked   also   on     how  they  can  be  used.  the  startup  of  a  new  social  tv  for  unsigned  music  bands..          At   the   end   of   2007   I   was   contacted   by   the   founders   of   now   available   to   .  I  focused  my  attention  launch   the   first   “neutral”   communication   agency   and   they   asked   me   to   be   on  advertising  with  a  part   of   it.   I   started   my   collaboration   with   them   as   an   account   manager     but   I   natural  propensity  for  was  also  in  charge  of  special  projects  both  for  the  agency  and  for  its  clients.   non  standard  ideas.  When  we  launch  the  agency  we  made  the  first  reality  show  for  professional    for  the  web.  The  Neutrality  show.  3  days  live  on  the  web.         .  I  learned  to  monitor  Since   2008   I’m   still   developing   non   standard   projects   for   many   brands   like   results  and  to  give  RCS,   Zurich,   MTv,   Galbusera,   FIAT,   Wolksvagen,   Lierac,   Sergio   Tacchini,   budgeting  a  strategic  Nestlé,   Henkel,   Chiquita,   Cesvi,   Cariparma,   Coca   Cola,   CheBanca!   etc.     In   importance.  Now  Available  I  am  running  special  initiatives  ad  events  for  clients.  Working  with   important   clients   taught   me   to   be   focused   on   marketing   results   and  budget  management.            I   collaborated   with   Abitare,   the   architecture   and   design   monthly  magazine   .  I  am  in  touch  with  published  by  Editrice  Abitare  Segesta  /RCS  Group.     interesting  projects  and  I  started  up  a  special  project  like  Festarch,  International  Architecture  Festival   ideas  which  is  now  at  its  third  edition  in  Perugi.      With   Festarch   we   approached   a   new   model   for   cultural   events   bringing   .  It  helps  me  to  focus  on  together   the   interests   of   the   three   stakeholders   involved:   organizers   design  and  urban  issues.  (publisher),  companies  (sponsors),  institutions  (public  administrations).          I  am  working  with  Moleskine  where  I  started  up  in  2010  the  project  to  create   .  It  gives  me  access  to  a  and  develop  in-­‐store  events.       worldwide  and  leading  I   am   in   charge   of   the   development   of   new   in-­‐store   events   formats   to   be   brand.  I  learned  to  deal  produced  in  all  Moleskine  markets.  I’m  in  charge  of  the  events  in  European   with  trade  marketing  countries.   I   work   together   with   Marketing   director   and   Brand   and   Pr   dynamics  and  to  Directors.   leverage  brand  equity.      
  3. 3. PROFESSIONAL  PROJECTS  IN  A  GLANCE     The  Project  >  A  nationally  significant  event  held  a  t  the  Fortezza  da  Basso     in  F lorence  from  18  to  22  May  2005.  A  festival  that  offers  both  the     general  public  and  professionals  an  opportunity  to  understand,     experiment  with  and  apply  creativity.  More  tha  200  hundred  events.         Today  is  an  online  resource  on  creativity               MOLESKINE  IN-­‐STORE  EVENTS  FORMATS   MOLESKINE  Words                 Moleskine  Type               Moleskine  Haiku               Moleskine  Impressed                   SPECIAL  INITIATIVE  AND  EVENTS  WITH  NOW  AVAILABLE  Mtv  Mobile  in  tour  con  Negramaro         Volkswagen  -­‐  Instant  Christmas  recycler       Faites l’expérience de l’estampage   avec les graphistes Gilles & Cecilie.                              Cesvi  –  The  Condom  Mob           Nescafé  Dolce  Gusto  –  Social  Xmas  Tree                        
  4. 4.     FEW  CULTURAL/ARTISTIC  PROJECTS       The  Project  >  Luca  Pancrazzi.  1:1    II  Moscow  Biennale  of     Contemporary  Art    Section:  Special  Guests  Sponsor  by:  Maserati,  ICE,   Unicredit,  Venini     I  was  in  charge  of  the  project  management           online        video           Unconventional  Silent  Music  happening  in  Venice…                        …and  in  Florence                       The  project  >     Mutus  Party  is  an  urban  living  experiment.  The  simple  idea  is  to  respect  different  needs  for  different  peole.     Mutus  Party  is  communication  experiment  that  investigate  how  people  enjoy  and  share  emotions.     Online:         The  project  >     A  site  specific  workshop  with  60  artists  (french  and  italians)  to  realize     unpublished  works  through  collaboration  and  sharing  tools  and  ideas.     The  theme  >  overcoming  barriers           Online: