ONE members' messages to Christine Lagarde


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ONE members' messages to Christine Lagarde

  1. 1. !!ONE members from around the world ask IMF chief ChristineLagarde to keep her promises to the world’s poorest people. Theseare their messages:Louis DiDonato, United Statesplease do not forget your pledge-------Garth Moore, United StatesMs. Legarde, keep your promises to #youngafrica and to show the IMF can be a diverse, powerfulorganization in the fight against extreme global poverty.-------Vappu estola, Finlandkeep you promise!!!!------DAN LEWIS, United StatesGET TO WORK!!-------Cathlin Polvani, usaI am inspired by your statements and your plans for the IMF. I wish you the best and hope that under yourwatch, these plans will be implemented for the good of all. - Cathlin Hidalgo Polvani-------Fernando CATELOTTI, ArgentinaDear Ms. Lagarde, You have the power to change several things; please, use it properly, with your mindand your heart. From Argentina, Fernando CATELOTTI-------Anthony Kim, United StatesYoure a brilliant woman with big ideas. We have some ideas to share. Please listen and together we caneliminate poverty in our lifetime. What a wonderful world that would be. Thank you.-------Paulina Sosa, United StatesI first wanted to congratulate you on this huge opportunity to really make a lasting and meaningful impact inthe lives of so many people in the most impoverished areas of the world. You have an amazing opportunityto really ensure that IMF promotes initiative to really create a better economic situation in these areas and isconsistently responsive and committed to any drastic needs of these communities. We are counting on youto stay accountable to your commitment in this fight to alleviate global poverty.-------Shane Sellstrom, United StatesMs. Lagarde, Thank you in advance for your leadership in the developing world. I trust that you will keepyour promise to enhance the IMFs responsiveness to the needs of low-income African countries.-------Giorgio Carlevaro, United Statesglobal poverty has to become a past memory. Please continue the fight! Nobody should be left behind.Grazie!-------
  2. 2. !!Adam, United KingdomMillions of lives depend on you, and I truly believe that you can make a difference! I wish you all the bestand urge you to keep your promises, for the sake of those who rely on them the most.-------Karen Fischbacher, South AfricaHon. Ms. Lagarde, Africa is heavily reliant upon the IMF for financial support in its efforts to uplift the poor.As a ONE supporter I ask that you please remain committed in your efforts to fight global poverty.-------Julie Cook, United StatesCongrats on your new position! Just wanted to let you know that I am hoping you will utilize your new postas IMF director to fight global poverty. I hope you will help make history with your efforts. Thanks forlistening, Julie Cook Redondo Beach, CA USA-------Charlotte Dugas, United StatesDear Ms. Lagarde, Welcome to one of the most important roles ever held by a woman. The world iswatching as you take on this role, and many are the hopes that are resting on your keeping the promisesyou have made to enhance the IMFs responsiveness to poverty-stricken and low-income countries,especially those in Africa. Speaking as a child who grew up in a country that has needed the assistance ofthe IMF more than once, and now has it again, I cannot emphasise enough how important it is for thepolicies of the IMF to be fair, to promote empowerment programmes especially for women and girls as thosemost affected by poverty, and to encourage diversity within the IMF itself so that those who benefit from itspolicies and programmes can have a voice in shaping those policies and programmes for futuregenerations. Thank you for holding yourself out for this important role, and congratulations on achieving it.I look forward to cheering you on as you keep your word.-------Alexandra Gordon, usaCongratulations! Now it is time to transform your promises into actions and use your position to not onlyfocus on promoting diversity within the IMF, but to wield your significant power and resources to respond tothe crisis of global poverty and preventable diseases.-------Penny Hlavna, United StatesThe IMF is important to developing countries. It is a way to get around the rampant greed and payoffs oftenseen. If we dont help them in legitimate ways, they could easily harbor terrorists in the future.-------Beatrice Calame, United StatesNoubliez pas votre promesse, svp.-------
  3. 3. !!Kunle crown, United StatesThe challenge a head,it not about your qualification but how to make my promise to comes to fulfilment.AGood leader must lead with the zeal of making the dream of follower accomplish.keep to your vow.God isyour strenght.-------Abby Sasser, usaPlease fight for other women in poor countries who need a voice in your role as the first female managingdirector of the IMF.-------Joe Mason, United StatesMs. Lagarde, As you prepare to take this new leadership role with The International Monetary Fund, Iwould like to encourage you to keep in the forefront of your mind the plight of those who face the life-threatening challenges of extreme poverty, especially in Africa. As you know, they face insurmountable oddsthat the developed world cannot comprehend. Please do everything you can to fight global poverty, so thatone day, we can put an end to it. Thanks so much for your willingness to serve.-------Isabel, ChileDear Ms. Lagarde, As a woman I feel extremely glad that you have been elected IMF Managing Director,role of several responsibilities and of key importance for many countries in the world. My prays for yoursuccess as part of your promises involved the beautiful Africa, continent which holds the biggestconcentration of poverty, underdevelopment and deadly illnesses. Please keep them in your mind. Thanks-------Jairus Omuteche, United StatesDebt burdens are contributing to chronic poverty, unfair monetary policies that put the interests the richworld first sustains an unequal world, hence hardcore poverty.-------Bruce Callen, United StatesCongratulations on your appointment as managing director of the IMF. I hope that you will lead the IMF indeveloping the potential of all economies across the globe, serving the joint interest of humanity and not thepositions of the well-to-do. Let it be under your leadership that we truly marshal the worlds resources for thebenefit of all. Best wishes, Bruce Callen Springfield, MO-------Lucia Weinroth, United StatesMs. Lagarde, you are now head of what became a tool for the ideas of Milton Friedman. Not one of thoseideas was to help the poor of Chile, Indonesia, or anywhere else. Any change you make for the better willbe noticed. Status quo be damned.-------Sinead McGiolla, IrelandThe world is watching, and waiting for proactive steps to be taken.-------
  4. 4. !!Reina, NetherlandsThink of the people of Africa as your family. Its one big world. Then do what you have to do. As if for yourchildren, your sisters and brothers. As if for your own. I wish you wisdom and love. Lets unite and create agood world!-------A. Anderson, United StatesI was thrilled to read your commitment to an IMF that cares for the most vulnerable people. I will be eager towatch that commitment working out in daily IMF activity.-------sharee anne gorman, United StatesDear Christine, Help build infrastructure with jobs, unions, change...and justice for all! "The Tide"Protest/Solidarity Song Sharee Anne Gormanannienomad-cyberpoet-------Iain Wilson, United StatesThe world will be watching. Your closest friends and allies will be your most unwitting enemies. Theinterests in manipulating your decisions will be too great for most to refuse, possibly even yourself. Keep awatch on your own heart, and remember: if someone of wealth and power is eager for one thing, deeplyconsider the other.-------Sam Sanden, United StatesDear Christine, Congratulations to your selection as the new head of IMF. I trust you are a well suitedcandidate for the position and your statement to the IMF board echoes that. As a member of the ONECampaign, I am especially delighted to the part of directions for the fund and in regards to theresponsiveness of it. I hope this new season of IMF will bring stability in an uncertain time, especially inregards to the "least of these". Sincerely, Sam Sanden-------Jenelle, AustraliaPlease think of Africa-------Shanna Sullivan, United StatesIm 17 years old, but Ive seen poverty in different places in the world. Your commetment to fight povertymeans so much to me personally, you have no idea. It means that maybe someday soon my friends inAfrica and Uganda may not always be lacking for thier basic needs, let alone their lives. fighting povertysaves the lives of my friends and changes their story forever. So keep on! Dont let anything or anyone holdyou back! Youre making a difference!-------
  5. 5. !!Julia Paganelli, United StatesDear Ms. Lagarde, I applaud your objective to help the poorest countries in Africa. It is they who need itthe most. It is unfair that people who live in countries like Malawi suffer because of disputes betweengovernments. You are in a position to change that. We are holding you accountable to make good on yourpromises for a better Africa. Sincerely, Julia Paganelli-------Ron, United StatesKeep your promises-------Winnie white, United Statesms legatee Please keep your promises to respond quickly and fully to low income countries especiallyafrica. Thank you Winnie white-------Zoely Mamizaka, FranceToutes mes sincères félicitations Madame Christine Lagarde ! Je ne fais partie d’aucune ONG, je suis justeune citoyenne franco-malgache qui se se sent concernée par l’avenir de l’Afrique, y compris l’Océan Indienet en particulier Madagascar dont je suis originaire. D’autant qu’il est dit partout sur le Net que ce 21èmesiècle est ou sera celui de l’Afrique. La balle est dans votre camp!que je suivrai de près. Avec mesrespectueuses salutations. Prettyzoely Filipovic, United StatesThe whole world has for the longest time used and abused the African continent, creating and causing theviolence and despair that is ravaging this wonderful part of our planet. It is time that we, the rest of the world,repay and rebuild Africa, and do our best to right the wrongs done unto Africa and its peoples.-------Makenzie, United StatesCongratulations! Its imperative that you keep every single promise you made while you were up for yourposition - its why you were made head of the IMF and why Im sure you will succeed.-------Graeme van der Walt, South AfricaDear Ms. Lagarde. Congratulations on your IMF appointment. Your 23 June statement to the IMF Board isinspirational. Your focus on leadership with integrity, diversity (and your appointment being a concreteexample of this), and focus on representation of the interests of both Europe and the west as well as low-income member countries fills me with a great sense of hope for the future. Embracing these diverseperspectives of the wealthiest and poorest member nations together will surely create a worldwide financialenvironment from which all will learn and benefit- both leaders and their people. With your visionaryleadership we have the potential to enter a new economic era, filled with positive outcomes. Respectfullyyours faithfully, Graeme van der Walt, Johannesburg, South Africa.-------
  6. 6. !!Lucette Bailliet, AustraliaCongratulations on your new position as head of the IMF. It is with interest that Ill follow your career withthis organisation in view of your efforts to fight global poverty. Millions are counting on you. Regards. L.Bailliet-------Dexter Greer , United StatesI look forward to see your work with the poverty stricken countries of the world, especially Africa.-------Beatrice Conover, United StatesTo consistently lead with integrity, independence, and discretion..also to present that integrity with the strongvoice of the whole membership .. speaking the truth to members, be they small or large..>>> Impressivegoals..the words words are yours..hold fast to them.-------Joel Wolkowicz, United StatesKeep your promise-------Lisa Moore Martin, United StatesYou made promises so keep them. The least of us need the help from those that have the most.-------Mackenzie Saunders, United StatesDear Christine Lagarde, I am a ONE member, and I am hereby holding you accountable for your efforts tohelp fight and put an end to global poverty, particularly in certain areas around the world where people live inextreme conditions of poverty, such as Africa. Thank you for your time and your promises. I am lookingforward to change! Sincerely, Mackenzie Saunders-------Lisa Widdekind, United StatesMs. Lagarde, Hoping it works out so you can keep your promise to enhance the IMFs responsiveness tothe needs of low-income countries and promote diversity. Thanks.-------Joanne Polome, Lagarde veuillez maintenir vos intention annoncees lors de votre candidature pour IMF.-------vicki, United States I sincerely hope she does as there is French history which has been stolen and abused resulting in a LOTof poverty please honour your duties X-------Valeria Bonanome, United StatesI am holding you accountable for future efforts-------
  7. 7. !!tatiana biagiotti, ItalyKeep your promises,please. What we are doing for Africa is not enough.-------Dekera, United Statesi have read the documents an articles about christine lagarde.and i hope thatshe keeps her promise.sheseems to be a women of integrity.and i believe that she can help change the african community.and if shedoes not take action for what she has said then she is no better then any other politican who lies to get in.-------Wm. Scott Pappert, United StatesGreetings Ms. Lagarde, congratulations on your historic appointment as director of the IMF. Given yourexperience in finance and development within the IMF, you are aware of how important it is that a countriesfinancial structure support projects that enhance womens empowerment in efforts to alleviate poverty andpromote relevant health and social indicators. It is also becoming increasingly apparent that other savernations (such as China), in their have efforts to secure their own resource security by providing developmentaid and expertise quid pro quo, are significantly delegitimizing the archaic Bretton Woods framework of theIMF and World Bank. Though democratic world governance remains an important goal, you may alsorecognize that some IMF policies promoted in the past have stunted nations growth by creatingunnecessary fiscal dependency and subjugation. Although financially beneficial for wealthy nations insecuring access to markets and cheap labor, the conditionality of these policies have in some casesbankrupted countries and left larger portions of the population destitute than before accepting IMF cash. It isimperative that you continue the reforms of your predecessor Dominique Strauss-Kahn in advocatingpolicies that do not impose neoliberal shock doctrine controls but assure funding for grassroot green energyinitiatives, education for women and children, healthcare access for all and fair banking systems to name afew. With your insight and wisdom in an evolving world that is rejecting IMF funding in order to maintainindependence of the rigidity of some lending rules, it is your charge to reshape the IMFs relevance as animportant actor in the development arena. Nothing will be more important for African women, children andmarkets in the coming decades! Best wishes to you during your tenure. The world will surely be watching!-------Mari, RussiaIts All right-------Madelynne Wager, United StatesI am hereby holding Ms. Lagarde accountable for her aspired commitment to fight global poverty.-------John Helmon, United StatesHello - First of all, congratulations on your selection as the head of the IMF. Second, please create astrong pivot in the IMF to assist and mentor poor countries, particularly in Africa. You are in a position thatcan have one of the most positive impacts on Africa of any in the world. Through perservance, fortitude,compassion and wisdom, please succeed in delivering positive results. Sincerely, John Helmon-------Kara, usaIm so excited for the IMF to be headed by a woman for the first time. Women have gained a lot of rights andrespect in the US and Europe but we still have not reached equality. And women in the developing worldcertainly arent well represented in politics and economics. So I hope you will keep that in mind and be ableto be a voice and inspiration for women all over the world.-------Travis, United StatesCongratulations on being selected to direct the International Monetary Fund. Im so proud that the IMFfinally has a female director! You now hold one of the most powerful positions in global finance. Pleaseremember the promises you made concerning fighting global poverty. The world is watching and will holdyou accountable. Your task will not be easy, there will be difficult decisions ahead, but I pray you will beable to pillow your head every night knowing you did all that you could to help those less fortunate thanyourself.
  8. 8. !!-------Elizabeth Arrigali, United States I have read your bio., your statement to the IMF board and I am hereby holding you accountable for herefforts to fight global poverty.-------Jaz, United KingdomChristine, congratulations on becoming the new head of the IMF. During your tenure Id like you to promotethree things: 1) Force through changes in the IMF that genuinely allow low income countries and the worldspoor to improve their living conditions 2) Properly finance the UN MDG 3) Promote CSR especially aroundthe environment and by that I mean dealing with climate change and sustainable development. Countriesand corporations can make a real difference NOW to challenge climate change, peak oil and social injusticeand be positive and creative about it. Wishing you well, Jaz-------belinda bird, United KingdomI hereby declare that I am holding you responsible for your efforts to fight global poverty.-------Jan Manning, United StatesPraying for Mrs Lagarde and Praying for Africa.-------Julie Abayomi, United KingdomDear Christine, congratulations on the new job. A lot of responsibility now rests on your shoulders: We willhold you accountable for the IMFs response to the needs of low income countries, especially Africancountries. Look forward to seeing your progress in the near future.-------pam, United StatesMs. Lagarde, Id like to thank you in advance for delivering on your promise of bring integrity, morality anddiversification to your new position as head of the IMF.-------Denise Romesburg, United StatesCongratulations on your new position as managing director of the IMF. As you promised during yourcandidacy, please enhance the IMF’s responsiveness to the needs of low-income countries, especially thosein Africa, and promote diversity in the organization. We in the public will be watching.-------Laure Bagel, United StatesJe suis tres heureuse que vous soyez a la tete du FMI et jespere que vous allez etre a lecoute des pays quiont le plus besoin de laide internationale. Merci davance.-------Brian Reilly, United StatesMs. Lagarde, Congratulations on your election and best wishes in this new and vital position. I would liketo urge you, as you begin this new role, to remember your commitment to, "respond to members needsbased on circumstances, with special dedication to the most vulnerable part of its membership."Responsiveness to the needs of the most vulnerable is an act of justice often lacking from the IMF. It is myhope that your stewardship will stand in opposition to this history and that your tenure will be successful.Sincerely, Brian Reilly-------Stan McCoy, United StatesMs. Lagarde - Congratulations on your selection to lead the IMF. Please do all you can to continue the fightagainst global poverty, and to improve the condition of all people.-------jane welsby, United KingdomMs Legarde Congratulations on your appointment. In your statement you made good promises regardingthe needs of low income countries and increasing diversity in the organisation - please keep your promise -many lives depend on it.
  9. 9. !!-------Elvira Wattimena, United StatesYours Sincerely Elvira Wattimena-------Maria Brown, usaDear Ms. Christine Lagarde: Congratulations on your recent appointment as the Managing Director of theIMF. I know it is difficult to be the first woman to hold this position, but I am hopeful that the new perspectiveand leadership you bring to the IMF will allow for changes not previously envisioned. With this in mind, Irespectfully ask that you remember the promise you made in your statement of candidacy for thedirectorship, in which you affirmed your committment to a "special dedication to the most vulnerable part of[the IMFs] membership...the low-income countries, especially those in Africa." The economic struggles ofthe nations of Africa have far-reaching consequences, and a stronger economy in this part of the worldshould remain an important focus of future global monetary planning. A stronger African economy isdefinitely a part of a stronger world economy, and I hope that you will keep this in mind as you continue toaddress the financial difficulties of Greece, Ireland, and Portugal. As a member of the global economy, Ihereby hold you accountable for your efforts to fight global poverty. Sincerely, Maria Brown Teacher,member of ONE International-------Cheryl Lemonds, United StatesMs.Lagarde, please remember that women are the caretakers of the world. As a woman and the head ofthe IMF you have a huge opportunity to help as you said the "most vulnerable of our membership". Pleaseuse your position to further relief to Africa especially African women. Thank you.-------Monica Moser, United StatesI congradualte you on your recent election as head of the IMF, and I am counting on you to keep all thepromises made to combat extreme poverty. Please keep up the fight againt poverty, the world is with you.-------Ellen Ramirez, ChileDear Christine, I hope you can help us to solve the needs of many individuals who have lived under unfaircircumstances for so long. As we said in "where you live shouldnt determine whether you live". Wewill be supporting all your efforts to make global poverty history.-------Louise Gomes Teixeira, BrasilKeep your promises, were in your side!-------Kaiyu Bayles, United StatesPlease save our minority groups globally. We are living in third world conditions here in Australia.-------jeff davidoff, United Statesms lagarde, your responsibilities go beyond europe. you can be a powerful force in fighting poverty. thewhole world is watching you - take the same care with the poorest that you will with your europeancolleagues-------Aj, United Statesbe that woman of integrity ! we are counting on you...-------Cindy Alloway, United StatesOn behalf of all the women and children in the world who are abused, neglected, made powerless and inpoverty, KEEP YOUR PROMISE to focus on the fight to eliminate global poverty! IT CAN BE DONE for thebenefit of all the world rich and poor!-------
  10. 10. !!salih, United StatesAs being known,you have promised to enhance the IMFs responsiveness to the needs of low-incomecountries,especially those in Africa.So in little time,I wish that you are holding her accountable for her effortsto fight global powerty. Salih YÜKSEL-------Michael Brown, United StatesMs. Lagarde: I am writing to encourage you to keep your promises to enhance the IMFs responsiveness tothe needs of low-income countries, especially those in Africa, and promote diversity in the organization. Iwish you success in your new position and hope that your leadership will benefit the poorest of the poor andthe world economy.-------Nicholas Walton, United Kingdomlets hope and pray she comes through ihave been trying to raise sponsorship for world record attempt toraise awarness of child poverty and have come across a lot of bad mannered people and false promises letshope she isnt one of them-------Rodrigo Segura, ChileFrom Chile I ask to Christine Lagarde to keep her promises-------Matt Baucco, United StatesWell never have a stable economy while most of the world is starving and a handful of people control all thewealth.-------Leslie Scott, United StatesWere counting on you to allocate adequate funding to fight global poverty and ensure the health, well-beingand safety of all of us, no matter where we live.-------Stephanie Stickley, United StatesI share somewhat, the cynics view of the IMF, but having watched you in recent years, I do have some hopefor real change & action. I take heart in your promises to be responsive to the needs of low income countries- and I will be paying close attention to see how you fulfill. In that, you have my best wishes & support.-------Brenda Strooker, NetherlandsBe the one to finally keep your promise!!-------Samir Lage, BrazilWe are looking to you. Good luck. We know that you can do that! From Brazil.-------Becky ZIMMERLY , United Statesplease keep your promises!-------Renaud Philippe Naubert, United StatesPlease , Keep your promises ! Renaud P Naubert
  11. 11. !!Esteban Marcellino, AnguillaRemember the promise you made.-------Lee Ziesche, United StatesDear Ms. Lagarde, In your statement to the IMF board you promised to be more responsive to the needsof the worlds most vulnerable people. Those people, and the rest of the world, are now looking to you tokeep that promise. Theres nothing more valuable in todays world than a leader willing to stick to their word.By keeping your promise you have the opportunity to save millions of lives. Thank you, Lee Ziesche ONEMember-------Sharon Sandoval, United StatesPromise made is a promise made. I pray you didnt just say things to win an election.-------vappu estola, FinlandYou can do it Christine!!!-------