Professional Development Action Plan<br />During the interviews I conducted last week, the basic common thread from admini...
Professional development action plan
Professional development action plan
Professional development action plan
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Professional development action plan


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Professional development action plan

  1. 1. Professional Development Action Plan<br />During the interviews I conducted last week, the basic common thread from administrators to students was a lack of access and use of available resources. As Prensky stated, “Educators have slid into the 21st century---and into the digital age---still doing a great many things the old way.” Assistant Principal Duane Young enlightened me that although Texas is at the forefront for education in the nation, we are way behind on technology. (Duane Young. Personal communication. March 8, 2011) We have to do better. I feel that we need to use every resource available to us, including the devices students bring from home. <br />In dealing with digital natives, we have to become more tech savvy. Educators must constantly pursue opportunities to expand knowledge of new technology. Our world is changing rapidly and we either keep up or become obsolete. As an educational leader, I must seek out resources to provide these opportunities for my staff. I must also ensure that the financial investments I make for technology and training are useful and relevant. Many companies offer training, some are worthwhile. I need to ensure that the curriculum is effectively implemented by all staff.<br />I must also meet with the SBDM committee to evaluate the needs of the staff and campus. I should research grants to purchase or obtain equipment and software to enhance the education of the students in my charge. I also need to advocate for more web-based access while being mindful of the need for student safety at all times. I realize that I must model ethical use of Internet resources and copyrighted materials and monitor both staff and students for the same.<br />Problem 1: Some teachers report having difficulty using technology equipment or integrating technology into their lessons with confidence.<br />Goal: Provide on-going professional development to support teachers with use of technology resources in the classroom.<br />Objective: Provide strategies and hands-on practice with curriculum, equipment and software.<br />ActivityDescriptionExpected OutcomeFacilitatorMicrosoft Office ToolsSmall group instruction with hands on practice using various components of the Microsoft Office Tools such as Excel, Power Point, Publisher, etc. Each session would focus on one component and would be offered several times throughout the year.Teachers will gain skills in the use of the various tools to enhance organization, presentation and delivery of instruction.Instructional technologist for the campusSmart Board trainingSmall group instruction with individual practice in the uses of the Smart Board equipment. Two courses would be offered several times throughout the year for basic and advanced skills.Teachers would become more confident and increase use of equipment available in every classroom.Instructional technologist for the campusAWARESmall group instruction with practice using the teachers’ own account offered several times during the year as an introductory course and refresher as needed. Increase the use of the AWARE software to monitor student progress, collect data and identify needs and trends in student learningInstructional interventionist for core subjectsUsing blogs and discussion boards for educationLarge group presentation introducing blogging. Provide instruction on setting up a blog and strategies to incorporate blogging into lessons.Engage students and enhance learning.Volunteer teacher or instructional interventionistSkyward trainingLarge group overview and small group practice on use of Gradebook. Ongoing support and small group refreshers as needed.Increase productivity of teachers and reduce the amount of time needed to enter grades and generate reports. Increase accuracy of records.Instructional technologist for the campusC-Scope curriculumSmall group training divided by subject area and grade to facilitate implementation of C-Scope curriculum and lessons in the classrooms.Increase use of C-Scope curriculum in the classrooms. Improve delivery of instruction and reduce anxiety of teachers.Instructional interventionist for core subjectsSpecial Education ManagerProvide instruction on use of program to develop and update IEP goals and objectives. Provide ongoing support as needed for special education teachers..Increase relevancy of IEP goals and objectives. Improve accuracy of monitoring progress. Increase uniformity of IEP format.Director of Special Education<br />Problem 2: Staff and students report a lack of access to web-based resources and ineffective use of available devices for educational purposes.<br />Goal: Enhance the learning experience of students by providing access to web-based resources and use of students’ own media devices for educational purposes.<br />Objective: Increase access to web-based resources and update policies relating to acceptable use.<br />ActivityDescriptionExpected OutcomeFacilitatorNeeds assessmentConduct a survey of staff and students to determine what types of access and devices would enhance the educational processGather data to formulate a plan to update Acceptable Use Policy and list of websites that could be used to enhance lessons and learning. Draw up a proposal to present to Director of Technology ServicesSBDMCDevelop a formal proposal and present it up the chain of commandWork collaboratively with SBDMC to create a formal proposal to present to Director of Technology Services allowing students to use personal media devices and to open specific sites for educational purposes in the classroom Gain approval for the proposal at each step of the chain of command to the School Board to update the policy and allow for more use of web-based resources and student owned media devices SBDMC, self, Director of Technology Services, Superintendent and School BoardEthical Use of Electronic ResourcesShort presentations during faculty meetings throughout the school year with handout materials for future reference regarding copyright laws, Internet safety, etc.Increased awareness and compliance with ethical use standards.Administrator, facultyCyber-bullying and Internet SafetyDuring a core class such as English, the teacher will present informational lesson for students relating to Internet safety and cyber-bullying at least once per semesterIncrease the students’ awareness of Internet safety and reduce cyber-bullyingEnglish Teachers, students<br />References<br />Prensky, M. (2005/2006) Listen to the natives. Educational Leadership, 63(4). 8-13.<br />