Mafer - "A" Special Christmas


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Mafer - "A" Special Christmas

  1. 1. “A” special ChristmasIt was 24 in the morning and everyone in Rosewood was preparing theirChristmas dinner, everyone except one… -Christmas? Why should I have to be happy if I don’t have someone with who passes it? – A was sad, but then she/he think about an awesome idea – Where is my phone, I need to send some messagesMeanwhile… - We should pass this Christmas together, we haven’t passed one since… since the day Allison disappear – Aria tell to Emily - It’s an awesome idea, my parents aren’t in town and you’re the closest thing I have from a family, I will call Hanna, can you call Spencer? - I willEmily and Spencer were preparing the Christmas dinner, while Hanna andAria were decorating the house with some Christmas spirit. - This will be the best Christmas ever! Will Caleb comes? – Aria was talking with Hanna - He told me that he will be here, what about Ezra? - I don’t know… Imagine if my mom or dad come and see he around! - I don’t think so, my mom told me she will prepare a dinner for all the parents, you know she don’t want to pass Christmas alone – Aria just smile without saying a word – What about Maya, Emily? - Well… before telling her I want to know what you think about that… - Emily, you know we love to see you happy! And we like Maya, right girls? – Aria and Hanna said yes – See? Give me your phone I will text her – Spencer take Emily’s phone
  2. 2. - You should also invite some Spencer, we all have a couple… What about Toby? - Aria, you know I can’t… A is always watching us! - But it’s Christmas Eve! A also have to celebrate it!! Maybe she/he is right now somewhere else… Right? – No one answer – Come on! What happen with “this will be a extraordinary Merry Christmas” - Aria that is another program… Did you have notice that the girl in that program has something familiar … She’s like me! - Do you mean Naya? Yes! She’s just like you - I know, I think I was the only one that … - Emily’s phone rings - It’s Maya? – All girls phones rings - I don’t think so “Hey Bff… This Christmas I don’t have someone with who I can spend it… So I’ll be watching you! Put your gifts in a safe place. Merry Christmas –A”The 4 girls freak out! But the guests start coming. The first in the house wasCaleb, then Ezra with Toby and at least Maya. - Hey everybody! – The 4 girls welcome their guests – - Come, let’s start with the dinner, Emily and Spencer made a good – work – Hanna take Caleb’s hand and walk into the dinner room - If you prepare the dinner, I know it is delicious – Maya kiss Emily and give her a big hug – Merry Christmas, I bring something for you. I hope you like it! - I love you… I also bring something to you. - Maya, Emily? Come! We are waiting for you! – Spencer shout - Come, I can’t wait to taste what you preparedAll the couples were dinning there were laughs and Christmas songs, butthen… some calls the door - Are we waiting for someone – Toby ask Spencer - No, we weren’t … - Who can it be? – Aria turns and look to Hanna - Emily has you invited someone else? – Hanna asked her and in that moment the ring sounds again - No, I haven’t…
  3. 3. - It’s everything ok? – Ezra asked to Aria - I’m not sure… - OPEN THE DOOR! – someone out of the house shout - OMG! It’s A! - I’m coming to say I’m sorry! Please let me get in - Don’t! Emily she tries to distance us - I’m sorry Maya, I was jealous… Emily were mine - DAMN! That beach has superpower! How can she hear trough walls! - I will go… don’t move ok? - No Toby! Wait… I’ll go with you - No Spencer if something ever happen… - It’s freezing here! Can you open to me and then talk about how much you love you! - Let’s go all together – Caleb take Hanna’s hand and stand up of the table, Ezra do the same - Maya, you can stay here - No way! I lose you once, I won’t do it again - Ok, so we are all going…All of them walk through the door, they were scary! They even can’t move.The only one with enough courage was Spencer, she get near the door - Wait! We should have something to protect us - I’m come in a peaceful way - Ok, I’ll open the door in a count of tree… One… Two… Tree – Everyone start shouting - Are… are you A?!?! – The four girls shout - No… I can’t believe it!Everyone in the room were surprise… no one believed who was A - It wasn’t obviously?! I’m the only one that can see it all! - But… you’re a good person! - I’m… but you have to understand that it’s burring to live all the year practically alone! Who else can know all your secrets if you didn’t tell anyone and the only one is dead? - But… and the message
  4. 4. - We also have 3G there! - And why do you name “A” - Is the last letter of my name… “Santa” - We never expect it… Really - I’m sorry for all that I made to you, since Mrs. Clause left to a sunny place and Rudolph stop had a shining nose I feel alone and sad. I have to distract myself! And you… you were a bad girls during a long time! But we are now ok right? We can spend all together this Christmas eve! - We all need second chances, and think about it… he help us – Emily take Maya’s hand – I mean, if he had never send that pictures, maybe Maya and I wouldn’t be together. - Maybe… - the other tree girls said - Come on girls! We all deserve a second chance, and we have another chair! So lets anjoy itEveryone was sit around the tree and enjoying a hot chocolate… And thisChristmas Eve “A” and the four girls were together …The End?!