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Kevin - Into the Mind of Madness


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Kevin - Into the Mind of Madness

  1. 1. Into The Mind Of Madness Emily laid the blanket down, smoothing it out. She looked out over the field. Everythingwas still. It was a bright and sunny day. Not a cloud in the sky. The perfect day for a picnic.Emily smiled at her companion, a blonde girl with a round face and heart shaped lips. CourtneyDilaurentis, no longer dead after all. How happy she was to have the love of her life back again.The memory of all those awful years starting with that horrible night finally fading away. Thejoy of Courtney having survived her evil twin sister Ali‟s attack filling that empty voidCourtney‟s apparent death had left. “This is the perfect place, Em,” Courtney said, smiling a mysterious smile. “I‟m sohappy you chose to bring us here.” Emily started to unpack the basket. Then it started to rain. Courtney took off fast, andEmily began chasing after her. “Come back, Courtney,” Emily called after her. “I just finally got you back.” “Can‟t you ever keep up,” Courtney called back. Emily ran faster and faster, but Courtney seemed to be getting further and further away.BOOOM!cracked the thunder. The rain came down harder, the sky darkening. Emily ranalmost blind. A strange light was in front of her. She thought she saw Courtney run into abuilding. Emily quickly followed. Courtney stopped and turned around. The door suddenly slammed shut. Emily spun around, and saw Courtney standing behindher, smiling evilly. “No. It can‟t be you,” Emily gasped. “You‟re dead. We‟re free of you.” “You‟ll never be free of us,” said Courtney, joining her doppleganger. “But, you two hate each other,” Emily replied. “Dying tends to erase the sins of the past,” Ali replied. “You four bitches cost us our lives,” Courtney added. Now, it‟s our turn to repeat thefavor.” “But we didn‟t kill you,” Emily pleaded to Courtney. “It was Ali. You know that.” “True,” her long lost love responded. “However, you never tried to stop me fromleaving.” “I was hypnotized. By you,” Emily said, tears in her eyes.
  2. 2. “Never followed me outside,” Courtney continued. “Never came looking for me when Idisappeared. You could have seen us together. Could have stopped Ali.” “Please. This pathetic loser,” chimed in Ali. “Y-You shouldn‟t have stolen her life,” Emily replied. “You should have just given itback to her when she returned. Told us the truth. We‟d have understood. We‟d have still beenyour friends.” “Please Em, nobody wants to be your friend,” Ali maliciously told her. “Courtneyneeded you to keep up her lie. You‟re just a means to an end, an end no longer needed.” “We know stuff Emily,” Courtney continued. “We know all about your daughter yougave up for adoption. Once you‟re gone, who‟ll protect her from us?” “We already tracked down her new mom and dad,” Ali went on. “You know how good Iam at killing people. Just ask Ian or Jenna.” “Or me,” Courtney said, smirking. “P-please. Y-you can‟t,” Emily begged. “Oh yes we can,” gloated Ali. “We‟ll raise her together. Don‟t worry, we‟ll take goodcare of her. She‟ll just grow up hating you, that‟s all. After all, we‟ll both make sure she knowshow much you despised the little accident. How glad you were to be rid of her. Couldn‟t wait topawn her off on somebody else.” “No,” Emily pleased weakly. “Yes,” replied Ali. “But that‟s not all. We‟ll ruin all your lives and reputations. Youthink you can just go around helping people steal lives, or murdering people? Well, two can playyour little game, Em. Remember, we‟re dead, so nobody will believe you when you tell themwho your new A is.” “Or are,” Courtney gleefully chirped. “Four Pretty Little Losers,” Ali went on. “Four pretty little lives to ruin, to destroy.Even your memory. I got a shrine outside my old house. All you‟ll get is people spitting aftersaying your names.” “Try to run, we‟ll always find you,” Courtney said. “Ali is very good at this game. AndI‟m very good at being Ali. Imagine what two Ali‟s will get you.” „Think of all we can do,” Ali went on. “Two of us working together, against 4 of you.The others will be convinced we‟re now a whole A Army. We can ruin you at school. Thosecomputers are easy to hack. Change your grades to straight F‟s no problem. Send you wrong
  3. 3. times for your swim meets. Say goodbye to any chance at that scholarship. As for your friends,Hanna will be back at the Preserve in no time. Aria will be back on the streets again, her folkshating her. Even Noel Khan will be all about Klaudia. “As for dear sister Spencer, well, you know how I treat sisters I hate,” Ali smiled atCourtney. The two broke into hysterical laughter. “Best of all, you‟ll know who‟s doing all this to you, and why. But be powerless to stopus. Dead girls don‟t come back to life, remember. Maybe you‟ll end up rooming with Hanna atthe Preserve. Maybe they‟ll all think you‟re the latest A. Mona had you all convinced the first Awas Spencer. Not to mention, you‟ll have to leave your car alone eventually. Won‟t look toogood people seeing your car at the scene of such crimes as murder.”Emily collapsed on the ground, crying. BOOOM!went the thunder, louder than ever. Thetwins‟ mocking laughter echoed in Emily‟s ears. They were right. Nobody‟d believe they bothsurvived. Both had returned to Rosewood to team up and destroy the four of them. Now herdaughter was in their clutches. “I loved you Courtney,” Emily tried. “How can you do this to me?” “You might have loved me, but when did I ever return the favor?” Courtney replied.“Besides, if you really loved me, you‟d have never let me die. You should have known I was introuble. Woken up, and ran outside to save me. That‟s what you do when you love someone.You just know these things.” “Face it Em,” Ali taunted. “You never loved her. You loved me, and not even me. Youonly loved the general concept of me, and what I represented for you. Popularity. You were justusing my rep to make you look good. All of you were guilty of this crime. Alison Dilaurentislikes me, I must be cool. Everybody, think I‟m cool too. That‟s why nobody loves you. Yourbaby daddy just wanted sex, that‟s all. You wasted your first time on some loser who couldn‟tcare less about you. Wouldn‟t even defend you to his mom. I bet you never even told him youwere pregnant. Just gave his child away as long as you got what you wanted. Looking good inyour mom‟s eyes. That‟s all you ever care about. Worse, you‟ll hurt anybody and everybody todo so. So long as everybody likes Emily Fields, that wonderful, wonderful girl. Who caresabout anybody else? “Who cares if you send me to a mental institution even though I wasn‟t the crazy sister.Who cares if you kill Tabitha, thinking she was me. Who cares if some ex-boyfriend neverknows he has a daughter. Never gets to hold her. Who cares if Jenna got blinded? As long asEmily Fields looks good and is liked, that‟s all that matters. It‟s all about Emily, 24/7. But hey,you loved us, right? The sickening part is that you dared even consider I might love you back.Be it me or Court. How could anybody love such a horrible monster like you? You, who caresonly for herself, and has no regrets who lives she‟s ruined. It‟s all Emily all the time.”Emily collapsed back on the ground, sobbing a new. She sensed the twins approaching her. Shejust knew their hands were outstretched, ready to strangle her for what she had done to them.
  4. 4. What she had done to so many. How many lives had she ruined? Were Ian and Jenna deadbecause of her, too? Tabitha sure was. All because she was so convinced Tabitha was Ali, backfor revenge. Except this time Ali was back. So was Courtney. This time, nobody was around tosave her. She sensed them getting closer and closer. Felt their hands grabbing her, lifting her. Inmoments her throat would grow tight, and all air would cease flowing in. Maybe it was for thebest. Maybe she deserved it. Maybe this was how she could seek forgiveness from all she hadwrong. The thunder pounded, and Emily grew colder and colder. Somehow, even with her eyessqueezed shut, her limited world grew darker and darker. The end was coming. The dementedsister‟s laughter echoed in her ears. “I‟m sorry,” Emily tried to say. “I‟m so sorry.” But thewords just wouldn‟t come. Emily became desperate to apologize. To let these two girls she hadhurt and betrayed so badly know she was sorry. Even though they would never forgive her. Theground fell out from under her, and she was falling. Falling.Falling.Emily woke up with a start. It was all just a nightmare. But she knew it held a very powerfulmessage for her. She had been so bad. Hurt so many people, and was still doing so. The hardershe tried to stop, the worst it got. Plus it always came back to Ali. Both Ali‟s. Would she everbe free from the past?She let out a startled yelp when she heard her phone. Terrified, she looked at the sender, alreadyknowing who it was from. Unknown, it said. A was texting again.Poor Em. You’ll never be safe, not even in your dreams. You’ll never escape me or your past.Nighty night.MWAH. --A