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Spencer woke up in Toby’s bed, it was dark outside. She turned around,but Toby wasn’t in bed. She grabbed her phone from t...
Spencer’s phone vibrated in her hand.‘’ Don’t tell Toby what you’re going to do. You know what I’m capable of.–A ‘’ Spence...
all nodded their heads. ‘’ Where’s Ian’s grave? ‘’ Aria whispered.‘’ Look! ‘’ Spencer said. ALISON DILAURENTIS was written...
sorry. But you have to promise me, no matter what you will tell me. Ihave to protect you not the other way around. ‘’ Spen...
Jason sighed. ‘’ Well, he wanted to continue. Still spying on girls whenthey were changing and stuff. But Ian and I though...
living room. She grabbed her bag and searched for her phone. But thenshe felt a warm hand on her shoulder. Spencer abruptl...
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Elif - Spencer & Toby We Belong Together


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Elif - Spencer & Toby We Belong Together

  1. 1. Spencer woke up in Toby’s bed, it was dark outside. She turned around,but Toby wasn’t in bed. She grabbed her phone from the desk. ONENEW MESSAGE flickered in bright white letters. The light hurt her eyes. Shocking truth –ASpencer had no idea what the message meant, but she was sure shewould find out soon enough. She jumped off the bed, still wearing thedark blue dress. She slowly walked downstairs. There was a light on inthe living room. There were 2 voices.‘’ You need to stop seeing Spencer ‘’ Jenna said with her creepy voice.‘’ You can’t tell me what to do Jenna. And what if I did, what’s in it foryou? ‘’ Toby asked.‘’ I will have you for just myself ‘’ Spencer peeked from the corner andshe saw Jenna laughing. She accidentally dropped her phone.‘’ Ah, someone is very curious. Spencer. ‘’ Jenna said. Spencerappeared from behind the corner.‘’ Stop seeing Toby ‘’ Jenna said. Spencer looked at her and could seeher own reflection in her black glasses.‘’ What if I don’t? Are you going to kill me like you killed Alison? ‘’The grin on Jenna’s face dissapeared.‘’ I did not kill that bitch, she deserved what over come her. ‘’ Jenna saidshe practically spit into Spencer’s face.‘’ You can fool everyone else, but not me. ‘’ Spencer almost yelled.Jenna passed Spencer and they heard her slam the door.‘’ Come here ‘’ Toby said and hugged her tight.‘’ Wake up! ‘’ Spencer heard 3 voices saying. She slowly opened hereyes, she was in her own bed now.Emily, Hanna and Aria were standing in her room.They each put them papers on her bed.‘’ What is that? ‘’ Spencer asked and yawned.She looked through the papers. ‘’ I think it’s some kind of a game. ‘’Emily said and showed her the paper she got from A.‘’ 1- Once you’re in you can’t go back. 2- Don’t you dare to lie. 3- Don’t forget you’re in this together, if one of you gets hurt all of youget hurt. 4- Be ready to learn the shocking truth. 5- Let the game begin.’’Spencer read. They all shared a look. Hanna’s phone beeped.‘’ The game has begun liars, make sure nobody follows or sees you.Check the front door. –A ‘’ Hanna read out loud. ‘’ I’ll be right back ‘’ Shefinished. Hanna walked the room out. ‘’ I don’t want to play this game! ‘’Emily whispered. Scared that someone in the house would hear her.‘’ We are in. We can’t go back ‘’ Aria replied. Just a minute later Hannawas back with a bag of pills in her hand.‘’ Make sure they sleep -A ‘’ Hanna read and showed them the bag.
  2. 2. Spencer’s phone vibrated in her hand.‘’ Don’t tell Toby what you’re going to do. You know what I’m capable of.–A ‘’ Spencer read. Spencer looked at Hanna, who was still looking atthe pills. ‘’ Are we supposed to give Melissa these? ‘’ Aria asked. Emilynodded. ‘’ No! We don’t even know what it is. For all we know it couldbe drugs! ‘’ Spencer added.‘’ We have no choice ‘’ Aria replied. Spencer grabbed the pills out ofHanna’s hand and she walked downstairs. The others followed her.Spencer took a plate and a knife. She placed one pill on the place andcut it into little pieces. Aria poured coffee in a glass. Spencer put thelittle pieces of pill in the coffee. ‘’ Let the game begin ‘’ Spencer quoted.‘’ Is she sleeping? ‘’ Emily asked when Spencer finally came downstairs.Spencer nodded her head. ‘’ Toby’s turn ‘’ Aria said. She knew exactlyhow bad it hurt her. The person she’d never lied to, she didn’t want to lieto, but it was the only option. ‘’ I can’t do it. ‘’ Spencer whispered. Shewas trying so hard not to cry. Hanna put her arm around Spencer.‘’ I know it hurts. I really do. But do you prefer him to get hurt? ‘’Spencer shook her head. ‘’ I’ll do it. ‘’ Hanna said. Spencer looked out of the window. Waiting for Hanna to comeback from Toby’s. She had been there for over an hour. ‘’ I wonder whatwe’ll find out. ‘’ Aria said. Just then the Cavanaugh’s door opened.Hanna walked her way over to the Hastings’. ‘’ Is he OK? ‘’ Spencerasked. ‘’ I checked he’s sleeping. ‘’ Spencer sat down on the couch andput her hand in fron of her face. ‘’ It’s going to be allright, Spence ‘’Emily tried to comfort her. They heard Aria’s phone ringing.‘’ Now you have to go to the Hastings’ barn and find Ian’s camera. Goodluck, bitches. –A ‘’ Aria read out loud. ‘’ I’ve looked a thousand timesthrough his stuff, I never found a camera. ‘’ Spencer said confused.‘’ Come on let’s just go ‘’ Hanna replied. Nothing. They couldn’t find anything. Spencer knew this barn, theylooked everywhere. The camera wasn’t there. Aria walked over a carpetand the floor cracked. ‘’ Look ‘’ Aria said and moved the carpet. It wassomething like a secret doorway. She pulled the iron handle.‘’ Found it! ‘’ Aria yelled. The camera was covered in dust. Emily openedthe camera. There was nothing they hadn’t seen before. The videowhen Ian and Alison were at the kissing rock, and some videos of Iantrying to sing, which he really couldn’t do. But then they saw the church,where Ian tried to kill Spencer. There were police cars everywhere.Someone put Ian down on the ground. The camera was focused on hisface. Suddenly his eyes opened and he laughed. Then all what theysaw was black. ‘’ Oh my god! ‘’ Hanna gasped. ‘’ Next Emily’s phonebeeped. ‘’ Last task liars. Visit Ian Thomas in Rosewood Memorial. –A’’Emily read. ‘’ Oh no. It’s dark outside. I am not going to a graveyard! ‘’Aria yelled. ‘’ We have to Aria. ‘’ Emily responded.‘’ You ready? ‘’ Hanna asked before they entered the graveyard. They
  3. 3. all nodded their heads. ‘’ Where’s Ian’s grave? ‘’ Aria whispered.‘’ Look! ‘’ Spencer said. ALISON DILAURENTIS was written in beautifulletters. They all stared at her grave. There were roses and they werenew. Jason was visiting her every day and brought roses.‘’ You know, she was a real bitch. But sometimes I miss her ‘’ Hannaalmost cried. ‘’ Yeah, she was the best frenemy. ‘’ Emily added.‘’ Guys, ‘’ Aria said and pointed to Ian’s grave. They ran towards it.‘’ Holy crap! ‘’ Hanna yelled. The grave was open and empty.‘’ What the hell, this can’t be! ‘’ Emily added.‘’ Ian’s alive? ‘’ Spencer’s voice was shaking.Hanna grabbed her phone from her pocket.‘’ the shocking truth. Now close the grave ‘’ -ASpencer’s whole body was covered in dirt. They had to close the grave,they had no choice. A would trick them again and the police would nowwe were there. And again they would be murder suspects, not just inAlison’s investigation also in Ian’s. ‘’ Toby ‘’ she whispered. Spencer ranover to the Cavanaugh’s. She was lucky Jenna wasn’t home or hisparents. He was sleeping on the couch, in peace. She lay down next tohim and put her arm around Toby. ‘’ I am so sorry ‘’ Spencer whispered. Cold fingers were stroking her cheek. She knew she was inheaven. Nobody had touched her that gentle. Her eyes slowly opened.‘’ Good morning ‘’ Spencer said and yawned. Toby smiled.‘’ I have to ask you something. ‘’ Toby said. His ocean blue eyes boreinto her soul. ‘’ Why did Hanna put sleeping pills into my coffee? ‘’Spencer froze. How did he know that Hanna put pills into his coffee?She didn’t know what to say. ‘’ Did you know that? ‘’ Spencer couldn’t lieagain. She slowly nodded her head. ‘’ Why? Why did you do that? ‘’Toby asked confused. Her body temperature went up in seconds.‘’ Spencer, don’t lie to me. ‘’ She was tried not to have eye contact withhim, because she knew she would break if she did. But lying wasn’t thechoice. ‘’ A made me do it. ‘’ Her voice was shaking. ‘’ A made you doit? ‘’ Toby said. ‘’ They made us play a game. I couldn’t tell anyone, noteven you. If I wouldn’t put those pills in your coffee they would hurtyou.’’ Spencer looked down at the ground. ‘’ How could you not tell me?Spencer, we’re supposed to be open to each other. What game? ‘’‘’ Ian is probably not dead. ‘’ Spencer said just loud enough that Tobycould hear it. ‘’ What? What do you mean Ian is alive? ‘’‘’ A made us go to his grave, it was open and empty. ‘’‘’ How could you not tell me? You keep lying to me and you put sleepingpills into my coffee! ‘’ Spencer’s eyes filled with tears.‘’ Why don’t you trust me? ‘’ The last sentence made her cry. She didtrust him, with all her heart. ‘’ You don’t understand. I trust you. I trustyou more than anyone. I love you. What if someone threatened you tohurt me? You would have done the same! ‘’ Toby sat down on thecouch and put his hand in front of his face. He sighed. ‘’ You’re right. I’m
  4. 4. sorry. But you have to promise me, no matter what you will tell me. Ihave to protect you not the other way around. ‘’ Spencer put her headon his shoulder. She kissed his neck. ‘’ I promise ‘’ she whispered intohis ear. ‘’ I think you should get a shower ‘’ Toby laughed.‘’ Mind if I take one here? ‘’ Spencer asked. ‘’ Not at all. ‘’Spencer took his hand and stood up. He knew exactly what she meant.She walked towards the living room and stopped before they entered it.Spencer pressed her lips against Toby’s. They walked into thebathroom, still kissing. Toby opened the water. She slowly pulled hisshirt off. She threw it somewhere outside. Toby unbuttoned her wet shirtand let it fall down her back. He went through her hair with his fingers.Toby pushed Spencer’s body against the white tiles. The tiles were icecold against her hot skin. Toby kissed her neck. Spencer placed herhand on his chest. His abs were like stone.‘’ I can’t believe that Ian is… ‘’ Emily began. ‘’ alive? ‘’ Hanna finishedher sentence. ‘’ He isn’t, come one guys. A is messing with us ‘’ Ariawhispered the last part. Spencer had just a bad habit, biting her nailsevery time she’s nevous. ‘’ I know someone who maybe could help us. ‘’Spencer added to the conversation. She could only think of one person.Jason DiLaurentis. Spencer was standing in front of the big house. She couldobviously not ask if Ian wasn’t dead or not, it wouldn’t make any sense ifhe wasn’t A. She took a deep breath and walked up the DiLaurentis’porch. She streched her arm out and knocked on the wooden door.Just a second later the door opened. ‘’ Spencer, ‘’ his voice soundedsurprised. Yeah, he was not the only one. Spencer would have neverthought that she would ask Jason for a favor. ‘’ Glad you came, comeon in ‘’ He said and moved his body so Spencer could come in.‘’ Thanks ‘’ Spencer smiled.‘’ I have to ask you something ‘’‘’ Sure, anything ‘’ Jason replied. How would she even begin? Whatshould she ask first? About N.A.T or Ian?‘’ What was the N.A.T club? ‘’ That sentence slipped out of her mouth.Jason’s face turned red. He sat down on the couch and rubed his handstogether. ‘’ We, Ian, Garret and I used to spy on girls. Trust me I am notproud of that. ‘’ Spencer was surprised at how honest he was.‘’ We kind of fell apart, though. I really can’t believe Ian is dead. He waslike my best budd. ‘’ Spencer was actually feeling sorry for him. Hewasn’t a creep, Jason was just misunderstood. Just like Toby. Now shecouldn’t imagine living without him.‘’ Do you really think he’s dead? ‘’ Spencer asked. She sounded crazy.‘’ You found his body right? How could he be alive? ‘’ He was right.They had found his body. He was dead, he wasn’t breathing nothing.‘’ Garett? ‘’ Spencer asked. ‘’ what happened to him? ‘’
  5. 5. Jason sighed. ‘’ Well, he wanted to continue. Still spying on girls whenthey were changing and stuff. But Ian and I thought that it was stupid,we kinda grew up. ‘’ He sounded so sad. Spencer phone vibrated in herpocket. Melissa had texted her. Come home –Melissa‘’ Something wrong? ‘’ Jason asked.‘’ It’s just Melissa, she wants me to come home. ‘’ Spencer stood up.‘’ Thank you ‘’ She said. ‘’ You’re welcome. You can by anytime. ‘’Spencer walked out of the house and went to the Hastings just across.‘’ Melissa? I’m home. ‘’ Spencer yelled when she walked the house in.‘’ Melissa are you here? ‘’ She clearly wasn’t, but why did she text her tocome home? Spencer walked to the living room and put her scarf andbag on the couch. The ground began to creak, the thing was Spencerwasn’t walking. ‘’ Melissa? ‘’ Spencer said once again. ‘’ Toby? ‘’Nobody answered. Spencer walked to the kitchen to get coffee asusual. She looked up and saw a man, black hair, brown eyes, tall.Wearing a blue shirt with a black jacket and jeans. Her heart stoppedbeating, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. ‘’ Miss me? ‘’ Theheavy voice said. ‘’ You’re not dead. ‘’ Spencer’s voice was shaking.Her hands were shaking. She barely could stand on her legs. ‘’ But youalready knew that. ‘’ Ian slowly walked towards Spencer. Every step heset forward Spencer set a step backwards. ‘’ What do you want? ‘’Spencer tried to sound confident but she failed every single time. ‘’ Youcan’t tell anyone, that I am alive. And I wanted to make sure that youwon’t ‘’ Ian took a knife from the drawer. ‘’ There’s one way to makesure you won’t ‘’ He looked at the knife and smiled. ‘’ Ian, don’t please. ‘’Spencer almost cried. ‘’ I am sorry, Spencer. I have no other choice. ‘’Spencer turned around and ran the stairs up, but Ian grabbed her leg.She fell down on the stairs. She tried to kick him with her free leg. Butshe was too weak. ‘’ Let go off me! ‘’ Spencer yelled. Ian slid herbetween his legs.‘’ What the hell are you doing? ‘’ Spencer yelled again. ‘’ I’ve beenwaiting to do this for a long time ‘’ Ian kissed her neck. ‘’ Are you crazy?Stop it! ‘’ She used all her energy. At last she succeeded and kicked inhis stomach with her leg. He fell down the stairs. Spencer ran the stairsup, to her room. She locked the door and ran through her hair with herfingers. She felt in her pockets, but then she realized that her phonewas in her bag, which was on the couch downstairs. She lookedthrough the keyhole. Ian wasn’t there. Maybe he was gone. She had totry to get her phone, though. She slowly unlocked the door, so hewouldn’t hear her. Her heart was beating so fast that it probably couldbreak a rib. He wasn’t standing in the hall, he wasn’t on the grounddownstairs. Maybe he was gone. She slowly walked downstairs to the
  6. 6. living room. She grabbed her bag and searched for her phone. But thenshe felt a warm hand on her shoulder. Spencer abruptly turned around.Her face was just inches away from Ian’s. She held her breath andwalked backwards. Her feet hit the table. ‘’ What do you want fromme?’’ Spencers voice was shaking. Ian walked closer to her, Spencer hadnowhere to go. " Nobody can save you " He whispered. There was a hugegrin on his face. He pressed his lips against hers. No!" Spencer yelled andpunched him in his face. He pushed Spencer on the ground, but when he didthe knife cut Spencers wrist. Blood drops fell on the ground. He grabbed herboth hands with one. He looked at her and smiled. Her wrist was hurtingbadly. The blood dropped of Ians arm on the floor. Ian started kissing herneck and jaws. " Stop it, please " Spencer cried. He started unbuttoning hershirt. " Spencer Hastings commited suicide " Ian said and cut her other wrist.Spencer yelled out of pain. " Stop! " The whole floor was covered in blood.Everything became dark. He threw her shirt somewhere in the living room. Hecontinued kissing her neck. She couldnt do anything, she was too weak. Butthen there was light. Toby. He grabbed Ian and punched him. Her belly herwhole body was covered in her own blood. She heard someone runningaway, probably Ian. She heard Toby talking on the phone." Spencer! " Toby yelled. Even when she was dying his voice, his thouch, hiseyes made her question what in hell she did to deserve him. Her eyes wereclosing slowly. " Stay with me! Spencer, dont leave me!" He yelled. Hegrabbed a towel from the kitchen and pressed it against her wrists to stop thebleeding. " Keep your eyes open. " His hands were covered in her blood, buthe didnt care. He had to save her. Last words before everything went darkcame out of her mouth. " I love you "