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                                                                                              PARTIES & EVE...
Parties & Events Catalogue 08/09 TO ORDER CALL: 1300 73 44 73

Contents                           Catering
Parties & Events Catalogue 08/09 TO ORDER CALL: 1300 73 44 73

    Round Platter – Melamine                    $6.50
Parties & Events Catalogue 08/09 TO ORDER CALL: 1300 73 44 73

    Glassware                                            ...
Parties & Events Catalogue 08/09 TO ORDER CALL: 1300 73 44 73

     Cooking & Warming Equipment                         ...
Parties & Events Catalogue 08/09 TO ORDER CALL: 1300 73 44 73

    Opera: White, Chocolate                              ...
Parties & Events Catalogue 08/09 TO ORDER CALL: 1300 73 44 73

      Marquee Accessories

      Barrel Weight – Water...
Parties & Events Catalogue 08/09 TO ORDER CALL: 1300 73 44 73

     Frame and Peg and Pole Marquees

     3 Metre – F...
Parties & Events Catalogue 08/09 TO ORDER CALL: 1300 73 44 73

     Clearspan Structures

     3 Metre
     3m x 3m  ...
Parties & Events Catalogue 08/09 TO ORDER CALL: 1300 73 44 73

     Electrical                                          ...
Parties & Events Catalogue 08/09 TO ORDER CALL: 1300 73 44 73

     Umbrellas & Covers                                  ...
Parties & Events Catalogue 08/09 TO ORDER CALL: 1300 73 44 73

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Prestige Price List


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Price List

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Prestige Price List

  1. 1. event hire PARTIES & EVENTS Designed and Printed by Courtney – 03 9735 5811 C21515 2008/09 CATALOGUE By Appointment Only Shop 7, Coldstream Shopping Centre Maroondah Highway Coldstream, 3770 P: 1300 734 473 F: 03 9735 1866 E: enquiries@prestigeevents.com.au www.prestigeevents.com.au
  2. 2. Parties & Events Catalogue 08/09 TO ORDER CALL: 1300 73 44 73 Contents Catering White China CATERING 1 CUTLERY 2 GLASSWARE 2 FOOD & DRINK SERVICE 4 COOKING & WARMING EQUIPMENT 5 EXHIBITION & DISPLAY 6 CHAIRS 7 Plates & Bowls TABLES 7 B/B Plate 175mm $0.60 FRAME & PEG & POLE MARQUEES 8 Dinner Plate 300mm $0.90 MARQUEE ACCESSORIES 9 Dinner Plate – 270mm, 240mm $0.60 FLOORING 9 Noodle Bowl 175 mm $0.60 CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES 10 Pasta Bowl 210mm & 230mm $0.60 ELECTRICAL 12 Rice Bowl 110 mm $0.60 EVENT ACCESSORIES 12 Sweet Bowl 165mm $0.60 HEATING & COOLING 13 Soup Bowl 180mm $0.60 UMBRELLAS & COVERS 13 TABLE LINEN 14 Accessories TERMS & CONDITIONS 16 Butter Dish $0.45 Café Latte & Saucer $1.25 Chinese Soup Spoon $0.60 Coffee Mug $1.25 Cup & Saucer $0.90 Dipping Bowl $0.65 Milk Jug – Small $3.00 Milk Jug – Large $4.00 Oil Dish $0.65 Salt & Pepper Shaker $2.85 Soufflé Bowl – Small $0.75 Soufflé Bowl – Large $0.95 Sugar Bowl with Lid $3.00 Tea Pot 3 – 4 Cup $4.40 Serving Platters & Bowls Footed Bowl 310mm $6.60 Oval Platter – Medium & Large $6.50 Rectangular Platter – 300mm x 175mm $6.50 Round Serving Bowl $6.50 Salad Bowl – Medium $5.50 Salad Bowl – Small $4.50 Square Platter – 265mm x 265mm $6.50 Square Bowl – 110 x 110mm $4.50 Oval Platter – Melamine Medium & Large $4.50 Rectangular Platter – Melamine $7.00 1
  3. 3. Parties & Events Catalogue 08/09 TO ORDER CALL: 1300 73 44 73 Round Platter – Melamine $6.50 Small Round Bowl – Melamine $4.50 Square Bowl Large – Melamine $6.60 Square Bowl Medium – Melamine $5.50 Square Bowl Small – Melamine $4.50 Square Platter – Melamine $7.00 Cutlery Stainless Steel – Plain Polished Fork: Entrée, Dinner, Dessert $0.50 Knife: Bread & Butter, Entrée, Dinner $0.50 Spoon: Soup, Dessert, Tea $0.50 Knife: Cheese – Wooden Handle $1.65 Stainless Steel – Stanley Rodgers Grecian Fork: Oyster, Entrée, Dinner, Dessert $0.70 Knife: Bread & Butter, Entrée, Dinner $0.70 Spoon: Soup, Dessert, Tea $0.70 Knife: Cheese $3.50 Service Cutlery BBQ Spatula $2.50 Cake Trowel $2.85 Ladle $1.65 Ice Tongs $1.65 Serving Spoon – Large Stainless Steel $1.65 Serving Spoon – Plastic $1.65 Serving Spoon & Fork $2.85 Tongs – Plastic $1.65 Tongs – Spoon & Fork $2.85 Tongs – Stainless Steel $1.65 Wedding Cake Knife $3.30 2 3
  4. 4. Parties & Events Catalogue 08/09 TO ORDER CALL: 1300 73 44 73 Glassware Food & Drink Service 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Everyday Glassware Stainless Steel Beer – Stem (10) $0.80 Bread Basket – Wire 255mm $4.00 Elite Flute 170ml (6) $0.70 Cake Stand – Stainless Steel $4.50 Elite Red Wine 240ml (5) $0.70 Champagne/Ice Bucket $5.50 Elite White Wine 200ml (4) $0.70 Champagne Bucket Stand $3.00 Keller Beer (1) $0.60 Coffee Pot 2.5 Litre $5.50 Plimsol Line Wine Glass (3) $0.60 Gravy Boat $3.50 Savoy Goblet $0.80 Milk Jug $3.00 Washington (2) $0.40 Ice Tub – Round $12.50 Ice Tub & Stand $15.00 Crystal Glassware Platter – Small Oval $5.50 Diamante: Flute, 200ml, 250ml, 355ml $1.10 Platter – Large Oval $6.50 Platter Stand $3.50 Speciality Glassware Soup Tureen 3 Litre $6.50 Brandy Balloon (7) $1.10 Sugar Bowl with Lid $3.00 Café Latte 225ml $0.50 Table Number Stand (inc number) $3.50 Cosmopolitan (11) $1.10 Tea Pot 1.5 Litre $5.50 Dema Sherry/Port 90ml (8) $0.40 Three Tier Platter Stand (platters not included) $15.00 Espresso Glass $0.40 Martini 140ml $1.10 Glassware Martini 296ml (12) $2.40 Cake Stand $5.50 Shot 40ml $0.40 Carafe: 0.5 Litre $2.00 Tall Tumbler 330ml (9) $0.70 Carafe: 1 Litre $3.00 Whiskey on Rocks 225ml $0.60 Coffee Plunger – 6 Cup $8.50 Jug: Bistro 1 Litre $2.75 Jug: Bistro 2 Litre $3.50 Punch Bowl 300mm & Ladle $15.00 Salt & Pepper Grinders (Perspex) $6.00 1 Litre Water Bottle $4.50 Glass Ashtrays $3.50 Miscellaneous Bread Basket: Cane $6.50 Cutting Board: Wood $4.50 Carving Board: Wood $6.00 Drink Trays Black Non-Slip 300mm $6.50 Ice Tub – Plastic $7.00 Serving Tray: Laminated $5.00 4 5
  5. 5. Parties & Events Catalogue 08/09 TO ORDER CALL: 1300 73 44 73 Cooking & Warming Equipment Exhibition & Display Bain Marie: 4 Pot Wet $50.00 Ashstand: Black $13.00 Bain Marie: Roband 3 Bay, Glass Front, Electric $80.00 Backdrop – Freestanding: 9 x 3m $300.00 Bain Marie: Electric, 4 Bay, Glass Front $100.00 Cash Register $100.00 Baking Tray – Stainless Steel $11.00 Coat Racks $25.00 BBQ: Gas $80.00 Display Board – Blue $30.00 Chafing Dish $33.00 Fire Extinguishers $28.90 Additional Fuel $6.00 Flag Pole: 6m High $46.00 Coffee Warmer Roband $25.00 Lectern – Black Chrome $110.00 Deep Fryer Bench: Electric $41.00 Mirror: Cheval $35.00 Electric Toaster $10.00 Plaque Board with Red Curtain $75.00 Freestanding Gas Fryer – 2 Basket $195.00 Plaque Board with Stand and Red Curtain $104.00 Gas Deep Fryer $45.00 Rope Stand: Chrome $17.00 Gas Spit $110.00 Rope: Red 2.0m $7.10 Large Orange Esky $25.00 Rope Stand Large: Chrome $20.00 Large Cooking Pot $15.00 Tensabarrier 2mt Red Tape & Chrome $28.00 Oven: Gas Warming $75.00 Teak Freestanding Fence $30.00 Oven: Gas Warming S/S, 6 Shelf $85.00 White Picket Fencing (erected) $25.00 Oven: Heatlie Gas, S/S, 6 Shelf $115.00 Wine Barrel $40.00 Percolator: 36 Cup $20.00 Percolator: 100 Cup $40.00 Staging Pie Warmer: Roband Glass Fronted – Small 1 $42.00 1.2 x 1.2 x 0.4m High per Section $32.00 Plate Stacker 100 $125.00 1.2m x 1.2m x 0.6m High per Section $32.00 Single Burner Gas & Stand $40.00 1.2m x 1.2m x 1.0m High per Section $43.00 Stainless Steel Sink $45.00 Carpet Cover, per Square Metre $7.00 Stove Top: Single Gas Burner $35.00 Aluminum Steps $55.00 Stove Top: Rambo Double Gas Burner $60.00 Urn: Electric 30L, 40L $30.00 Chairs Wok Burner: Gas $50.00 Wok: 600mm $14.30 Additional Bain Marie Pots $5.50 Additional Gas Bottles $33.00 * All gas appliances include a gas bottle Americana White Folding Chair $5.75 Bentwood: Chocolate, White $7.00 Cushion & Cover $2.00 Bistro: Plastic Stacking, White $2.90 Bistro: Plastic Stacking, Green $2.90 Children’s High Chair $16.50 6 7
  6. 6. Parties & Events Catalogue 08/09 TO ORDER CALL: 1300 73 44 73 Opera: White, Chocolate $5.50 Opera Bar Stool: White, Black, Red, Blue, Chocolate $18.50 Ottoman: Square Mocha $22.00 Ottoman: Rectangle Mocha $55.00 Roma Folding Chair: White $4.50 Two Seater Purple Sofa $100.00 Whicker: Natural, Black $7.00 Tables Trestles 1.8m Pine: Seats 6-8 $14.70 2.4m Pine: Seats 8-10 $15.75 1.8m Outback – Steel Frame $16.00 1.8m Hospitality Grade Table $14.70 2.4m Outback – Steel Frame $17.00 2.4m x 1.2m Rectangle Banquet Seats 10-12 $25.00 Round 0.9m Plastic, White $13.00 Café Table: Stainless Steel 0.6m $19.80 1.4m Seats 6-8 $14.20 1.5m Seats 8-10 $18.90 1.8m Seats 10-12 $23.10 1.2m Seats 6 (Top & Bottom) $16.80 1.5m Seats 8 – 10 (Top & Bottom) $18.90 1.8m Seats 10 – 12 (top & Bottom) $23.10 Square Coffee Table – Chocolate $25.00 1.2m x 1.2m Square Banquet (Seats 8) $16.00 Café Table – Square/Rectangle $16.00 Bar Bar Table: Chrome, Round 600mm dia x 1100mm high $22.50 High Bar: Timber Top Medium $60.00 High Bar: Timber Top Large $95.00 8 9
  7. 7. Parties & Events Catalogue 08/09 TO ORDER CALL: 1300 73 44 73 Marquee Accessories Barrel Weight – Water $25.00 Barrel Weigh Cover $5.50 Concrete Weight $15.00 Concrete Weight – 1 Tonne $100.00 French Doors – White POA Marquee Wall $45.00 Temporary Gutter $25.00 Silk Liner per square metre: Frame Marquee – Roof and Wall: White, Black $4.50 Silk Liner per square metre: Peg & Pole Marquee – Roof and Wall : White, Black $4.50 Silk Liner per square metre: Structure Marquee – Roof and Wall $5.50 Silk Pole Cover – White $22.00 Silk Wall – White $44.00 Silk Wall – Black $44.00 Sliding Door POA Flooring Black Dance Floor: Per square mete $11.55 Carpet Runner: Red 6m $96.00 Carpet Runner: Red 10m $160.00 Carpet Runner: White 10m $220.00 Carpet Tiles: 1m x 1m Charcoal $7.00 Carpet Tiles: 1m x 1m Tequila $14.00 Modular Flooring: 1 x 1m Grey $8.50 Parquetry Dance Floor: Teak 1m x 1m (Indoor) $30.00 Parquetry Dance Floor: Ash 900m x 900mm (Outdoor) $25.00 Synthetic Grass Green, Per Square Metre $5.00 10 10 11
  8. 8. Parties & Events Catalogue 08/09 TO ORDER CALL: 1300 73 44 73 Frame and Peg and Pole Marquees 3 Metre – Frame Marquee (Springtop) 3m x 3m $120.00 3m x 6m $240.00 3m x 9m $360.00 3m x 12m, 15m, 18m, 21m etc POA 3.7 Metre – Frame Marquee 3.7m x 3.7m $170.00 3.7m x 7.4m $240.00 3.6m x 11.1m $410.00 “A” 3.6 Metre – Frame Marquee 3.6m x 6m $286.00 3.6m x 9m $350.00 6 Metre – Frame Marquee 6m x 6m $450.00 6m x 9m $550.00 6m x 12m $650.00 6m x 15m, 18m, 21m etc POA 6m x 6m – Springtop POA Peg & Pole Marquees 9m x 9m $750.00 9m x 14m $950.00 9m x 18m $1200.00 9m x 23m, 28m, 32m etc POA Clear Marquees – Roof and Walls 7.3m x 14.5m Peg & Pole Marquee $1058.50 11.0m x 20.1m Peg & Pole Marquee $2211.00 12 13
  9. 9. Parties & Events Catalogue 08/09 TO ORDER CALL: 1300 73 44 73 Clearspan Structures 3 Metre 3m x 3m $165.00 3m x 6m $258.00 3m x 9m $357.00 3m x 12m, 15m, 18m, 21m etc POA 6 Metre 6m x 6m $492.00 6m x 9m $708.00 6m x 12m $927.00 6m x 15m, 18m, 21m, 24m etc. POA 10 metre 10m x 3m $510.00 10m x 6m $960.00 10m x 9m $1410.00 10m x 12m, 15m, 18m, 21m etc POA 10 Metre 10 x 5m $810.00 10m x 10m $1560.00 10m x 15m $2310.00 10m x 20m, 25m, 30m, 35m etc POA 12 Metre 12m x 3m $600.00 12m x 6m $1140.00 12m x 9m $1680.00 12m x 12m, 15m, 18m, 21m etc, POA 14 Metre 14m x 5m $1180.00 14m x 10m $2300.00 14m x 15m $3420.00 14m x 20m, 25m, 30m, 35m etc. POA 15 Metre & 20 metre Continuing 5m Extensions available POA 8 Metre 14 15
  10. 10. Parties & Events Catalogue 08/09 TO ORDER CALL: 1300 73 44 73 Electrical Wrought Iron Easel Board & Pinboard $70.00 Spaghetti Vase $6.60 Large Tapered Vase $8.80 Parisian Vase $7.50 Meclium Fish Bowl $6.60 Large Fish Bowl $8.00 Bud Vase $3.50 CD Player – Single Disk Portable $45.00 Wishing Well – Medium $55.00 plus $70.00 Refundable Bond Chandelier: Wrought Iron $85.00 Wishing Well – Large $75.00 plus $90.00 Refundable Bond Chandelier: Crystal $65.00 Candelabra & Candleholders Emergency Exit Light $52.00 3 Stem Wrought Iron 490mm Candelabra $13.00 Extension Leads $9.50 3 Stem Wrought Iron Oasis 140mm Candelabra $11.00 Fairy Lights in the Marquee per metre $4.00 5 Stem Dusk Candelabra $15.40 Festoon Lighting: 6m 6 Globes $17.50 5 Stem Gala Candelabra $18.00 Flood Light 150 Watt $15.00 5 Stem Le Maris 510mm Candelabra $15.40 Flood Light – Large $40.00 7 Stem Le Maris Candelabra $22.00 Free Standing Luxe Chandelier $65.00 7 Stem Le Maris Freestanding 1.5m Candelabra $30.00 Generator 5.5 KVA – Daily Rate $120.00 Candle Holder & Glass: Cherub, Column $12.50 Generator 8 KVA – Daily Rate $130.00 Sonera Table Lamp: Chrome Base, Frosted Glass Shade & Tealight $9.65 Generator Larger Model – Daily Rate POA Beaded Votive Holder & Tealight: Bright Lime, American Beauty $4.00 Marquee Lantern Lights – Various Colours $18.50 Votive Holder: 650mm x 500, Clear Glass w/tealight $2.40 Mirror Ball & Pin Spots (2) $45.00 Candles: 760mm x 760mm White Church Pillar $3.00 Martin Ego Light Balls $70.00 Candles: 760mm x 510mm White Church Pillar $2.70 PA Amplifier, Microphone, 2 Speakers $230.00 Tea Light Candle $0.30 PA Spruiker Box & Microphone $80.00 5 Stem Marshall Candelabra 0.9m $18.00 PA System with Cordless Microphone $160.00 5 Stem Marshall Candelabra 1.6m $30.00 Power Board: 4 Point $8.70 5 Stem Turner Candelabra 0.9m $18.00 Single Fluoro Light $15.00 4 Stem Silver Plated Taper Candelabra $17.50 3 Stem Silver Plated Taper Candelabra $16.50 Event Accessories 3 Stem Free Standing Love Heart 1.4m $25.00 5 Stem Gulf Station Candelabra $15.50 Heating & Cooling Decorative Bentwood Cushion & Cover: Off White $2.00 Bridal Archway $45.00 Flower Urn & Pedestal : Chocolate ,Cream, Silver $60.00 Air Conditioning POA Pedestal: Cream $30.00 Evaporative Cooler $93.00 Topiary Tree $55.00 Pedestal Fan: Large $69.00 Table Mirror $15.00 Pedestal Fan: Medium $52.00 Wrought Iron Flower Stand & Glass $40.00 Jetfire: Gas, Fan Forced $127.00 Wrought Iron Lectern $40.00 Patio Heater: Gas $142.00 Wrought Iron Flower Stand & Plastic Insert $35.00 Coolroom: Portable POA 16 17 Two Door Glass Drink Fridge POA
  11. 11. Parties & Events Catalogue 08/09 TO ORDER CALL: 1300 73 44 73 Umbrellas & Covers Coloured Tablecloths Square Damask/Poly : Bright Lime, Black, Cabernet, Cream, Daffodil, $14.00 Dusky Mauve, Hot Pink, Gingham – Red & White, Green, Gold, Mint, Navy Blue, Orange, Pine Green, Red, Royal Blue, Sea Blue, Silver, Sunflower, Terracotta, Purple $16.50 Rectangular Damask/Poly: White, Bright Lime, Black, Cabernet, Cream, Dusky Mauve, Hot Pink, Gingham – Red & White, Mint, Navy Blue, Orange, Pine Green, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Rust, Sea Blue Umbrellas: Beach 1.8m Various Colours $18.50 Market 3m Various Colours w/base $60.00 Table Skirting Market 4m White w/base $90.00 4.0m Nervada: White, Black, Cream, Gold $35.00 Plastic Umbrella Base $5.50 3.6m Burgundy Poly/Cotton $30.00 Metal Umbrella Base $12.50 3.4m White Poly/Cotton $30.00 4.0m Black Bar Skirting $50.00 Table Linen Chair Covers & Chair Bows $1.50 Chairbow – Organza American Beauty, Aqua, Baby Pink, Bright Lime, Cabernet, Chardonnay, Fanta, Grape, Gold Shimmer, Gun Metal Grey, Ivory, Lemon, Lilac, Lolly Pink, Magenta, Mint, Mocha, Olive, Silver Shimmer Chairbow -–Satin Antique Gold, Apple, Chocolate, Musk Rose, Silver, White $1.50 Chair Cover: Black, Chocolate, Cream, White $4.50 Everyday Day Tablecloths 2.4m Round - Damask: White, Cream $12.00 Table Runners 1.8 x 1.8m White Damask $12.00 Beaded Table Runner: – American Beauty, Bright Lime $15.00 2.7 x 1.6m White Damask $12.00 Satin Table Runner: Antique Gold, Apple, Chocolate, Musk Rose $6.50 3.2 x 1.6m White Damask $12.00 Organza Table Runner: Aqua, Baby Pink, Fanta, Gold Shimmer, Mint, $6.50 Mocha, Gun Metal Grey Rectangle Tablecloths – Mechano Caress Table Runner: Black, Lemon $6.50 1.8m Rectangle Fitted: Black, White, Cream, Chocolate $16.00 Velvet Table Runner – Lilac $8.00 2.4m Rectangle Black Fitted $18.00 Printed Table Runner – Parisian, Tia Maria $12.00 Round tablecloths – poly/mechano Napkins 3.0m Round: Chocolate, Red, Pine Green, Purple, White Black, Cream, Caress: Fanta, Magenta, Cream, Black, Lemon, White, Chocolate, Navy, $18.00 $1.40 Gingham – Pink & White Red, Green 3.2m Round Tablecloth: Black, White, Cream $18.50 Damask: White, Hot Pink, Purple, Gold, Mint, Lime, Cabernet, Daffodil, $1.40 Sunflower, Black Square Tablecloths – Gertrude Poly/Cotton: American Beauty, Bright Lime, Pine Green, Mauve, Xmas, $1.40 2.2m x 2.2m: White, Silver, Cream, Ivory. Cream & Gold, Gold, Black Stripe $18.50 Orange, Terracotta, Rust, Chocolate Momie: White $1.20 Banquet Tablecloths – Rectangle 2.6m x 3.8m: White, Latte, Black, Cream $20.00 Hospitality Tea Towels $0.95 Banquet Tablecloths – Square 2.6m x 2.6m: White, Musk Pink, Chocolate $18.00 18 19
  12. 12. Parties & Events Catalogue 08/09 TO ORDER CALL: 1300 73 44 73 6 Indemnity 12.4 In the case of repossession due to a breach TERMS & CONDITIONS of this agreement the hirer agrees to grant 6.1 To the full extent permitted by law the hirer releases, discharges and indemnifies the the owner permission to enter any premises 1 Hire of equipment (vi) unexplained disappearances of the equipment; where the equipment listed in the Schedule is owner from all claims and demands on the owner 1.1 The hiring of the equipment will commence (vii) theft of the equipment in circumstances arising out of or consequent on the use or misuse situated to disconnect, decommission and/or from the commencement date specified in the where site security is available including, but of the equipment during the hire period. remove that equipment. Schedule and continue for the term specified in not limited to, locked yards, buildings and 12.5 In addition to the owner’s right to retake sheds, where proper security is not used by 6.2 Without limiting clause 6.1 of this agreement, the Schedule. possession the owner is entitled in its the hirer to secure the equipment whilst they the hirer agrees that to the full extent permitted 1.2 The hirer is entitled to use the equipment for the by law, no warranties are given by the owner in discretion, following any breach of any hire period. Any extension of the period must be are left unattended; provision of this agreement by the hire, to respect of the equipment. agreed to by the owner. (viii) loading or off loading equipment from Any liability of the owner pursuant to any terminate this agreement and/or sue for 1.3 The hirer agrees to return the equipment to the maritime vessels, transportation of warranty which cannot be excluded by law recovery of any damages or charges or loss address identified by the owner on or before the equipment on maritime vessels or the use of will not exceed either the cost of repairing suffered by the owner, and/or to cancel end of the hire period as outlined in the Schedule equipment on any wharf or bridge or over any the equipment or the cost of resupplying the any insurances effective in respect of the and that failure to do so can be criminal theft and body of water. equipment, at the discretion of the owner. equipment hired. may be immediately reported to the police. 4 Use, operation and maintenance 7 Loss, damage or breakdown of equipment 13 Completion of the hire period 2 Payment for rental 4.1 The hirer agrees that the use of the equipment 7 Subject only to the obligations of the owner .1 13.1 The hire period is completed when the 2.1 The hirer agrees to pay the owner the hire fee carries with it dangers and risks of injury and the following payment of the damage waiver fee by equipment has been returned to the owner in and the damage waiver fee specified in the hirer agrees to accept all dangers and risks. the hirer in accordance with Clause 3 the hirer the same condition as when it was hired: Schedule for the equipment for the hire period 4.2 The equipment shall not be used by anyone will be responsible for any loss or damage to (i) on or by the date and time outlined in the including any applicable GST, stamp duties, other than the hirer without the express the equipment irrespective of how the loss or Schedule, or tolls, fines, penalties, levies or freight and other permission of the owner. damage occurred, except for fair wear and tear, (ii) will be deemed completed on the date charges relevant to this agreement and the hire. 4.3 The hirer will ensure that all persons operating during the hire period. agreed for pick-up by the owner. 2.2 The required fees must be paid to the owner or erecting the equipment are instructed in its 7 The hirer is liable for the payment of the new list .2 13.2 Where pick-up is agreed the owner will arrange prior to or on the commencement date of the safe and proper use and where required hold price of any equipment not returned to the owner. to pick-up the equipment within a reasonable hire period. Account customers who do not a valid Certificate of Competency or are fully 7 If there is a breakdown or failure of the equipment .3 period after a request to do so and will issue pay their account on the terms agreed will licenced to use it. the hirer shall notify the owner immediately for the hirer with a pick-up number on request. be deemed to be ion default. Equipment not 4.4 The hirer agrees to operate, maintain, store and the appropriate action to be taken. 13.3 The hirer agrees to maintain the responsibility returned on time and in accordance with this transport the equipment strictly in accordance 8 Insurance for the equipment whilst it is awaiting pick-up. agreement will be subject to a continuance of with any instruction provided by the owner and the agreed rental until return is complete. 8.1 The owner will maintain current insurance 14 Non-merger with due care and diligence. policies in respect of the equipment to its full 14.1 The covenants, agreements and obligations 2.3 A cancellation fee may be charged by the owner 4.5 The hirer agrees that the equipment will only be insurable value. This insurance does not cover contained in this agreement will not merge where equipment has been reserved by booking used for its intended purpose and in accordance the hirer unless they elect to pay the damage or terminate upon the termination of this and the hirer cancels the booking without with any manufacturer’s instructions and waiver fee described in Clause 3. agreement and to the extent that they have reasonable notice or fails to take delivery of recommendations whether supplied by the the equipment. owner or posted on the equipment in regard to 9 Liability not been fulfilled or satisfied or are continuing 9.1 The hirer will assume all risks and liabilities for, obligations they will remain in force and effect. 2.4 The owner may charge the hirer a fee for its operation, maintenance and storage accepting payment by credit card. and in respect of, the equipment and for all 15 Severance 4.6 The hirer agrees to comply with all occupational injuries to or deaths of persons and any damage 15.1 If any provision of this agreement is wholly 3 Damage waiver fee health and safety laws and regulations relating to the use of the equipment and associated to property howsoever arising from the hirer’s or partly invalid, unenforceable, illegal, void or 3.1 Upon payment by the hirer of the damage waiver possession, use, maintenance, repair, storage or operations. voidable, this agreement must be construed fee the owner shall be responsible for the cost of transport of the equipment. as if that provision or part of a provision had repairs or replacement of the equipment due to 4.7 The hirer shall ensure the equipment is returned to the owner clean of all foreign matter or agrees 10 Disclaimer been severed from this agreement and the damage occurring during the hire period subject 10.1 To the extent permitted by law the owner parties remain bound by all of the provisions to any excess payable by the hirer. to a reasonable cleaning fee being charged by disclaims all liability for and does not give any and part provisions remaining after severance. 3.2 This clause in no way entitles the hirer to, or the owner. warranties to the hirer as to the condition of 16 Governing law implies the availability of, compensation from 4.8 The reasonable costs of fuel or other consumables provided by the owner and used the equipment. 16.1 This agreement is governed by the laws of the owner for any liability incurred by the hirer in relation to the use of the hired equipment. by the hirer are to be paid to the owner at the 11 Title to equipment the State or Territory where the agreement is completion date. 11.1 The hirer acknowledges that the owner retains made and each party submits to the exclusive 3.3 This clause will not continue to operate after title to the equipment and that the hirer has jurisdiction of the Court of that State or Territory. the expiration of the hire agreement unless an 5 Hirer’s warranties extension by the owner is granted in writing and rights to use the equipment as a mere bailee 17 Privacy policy 5.1 The hirer warrants that: an additional agreed fee is paid. only. The hirer agrees that the hirer has no rights 17.1 The owner will comply with the National Privacy (i) the equipment will be used in accordance to pledge the owner’s credit in connection with 3.4 This clause will not apply to loss or damage Principles in all dealings with hirers. Information with the conditions outlined in the Schedule; the equipment. which relates to or arises from: on our privacy policy is available on request. (ii) the particulars in the Schedule are correct in 11.2 The hirer agrees not to agree, offer or purport (i) breach of any statutory laws or regulations in 18 Disputes every respect and are not misleading in any to sell, assign, sub-let, lend, pledge, mortgage connection with the use of the equipment by way including, without limitation, by omission; 18.1 Both the owner and the hirer agree that any let or hire or otherwise part with or attempt to the hirer; disputes arising from the hire and use of the (iii) the hirer holds a valid current driver’s licence, part with personal possession or otherwise not (ii) misuse, abuse, wilful and/or malicious to deal with the equipment and not to conceal equipment (except in regard to payment of operating licence or permit valid for the type acts, negligent and/or reckless use and/or or alter the goods or make any addition or fees or charges) shall be negotiated with a of equipment hired; overloading of the equipment; alteration to, the equipment. view to settlement with the assistance of the (iv) the equipment will not be used for any Hire and Rental Industry Association Limited (iii) theft, loss or damage by whatever cause to tools illegal purpose; 12 Repossession and remedies on default (Tel 02 9997 5166) before litigation is pursued. and/or accessories supplied with the equipment (v) the hirer’s vehicle is suitable for towing the 12.1 The owner may retake possession of the including but not limited to; hoses, drills, bits, equipment if required; equipment if the hirer breaches any provision Delivery & Collection are not included in the price per grease guns, electric leads, tyres and tubes; (vi) the hirer will not, without prior written of this agreement or does not pay their item and Prices are subject to change without notice (iv) lack of lubrication or non-adherence to other account in the time agreed, notwithstanding normal maintenance requirements that could consent of the owner, tamper with, repair or modify the equipment in any way, or permit anything else herein contained. reasonably be expected of the hirer under another to do so; 12.2 If repossession takes place, the owner the agreement; (vii) the hirer agrees that the equipment complies shall only charge the hire fee up to and (v) disregard for instructions given to the hirer including the time of repossession. by the owner in respect of the proper use with its description, is in merchantable condition and is fit for the hirer’s purpose. 12.3 All costs incurred by the owner incurred of the equipment or in contradiction of the (viii) the hirer agrees that the equipment has been in repossessing due to a breach are to be Manufacturer’s Instructions if supplied with received by the hirer clean and in paid by the hirer. the equipment at the commencement of hire; good working order. 20 21